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About Andaman

If endless white sandy beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters, pristine tropical rainforests and romantic sunsets are the words that aptly describe your dream holiday, there is no better destination than the Andaman Islands.

Andaman & Nicobar Islands are blessed with a unique tropical rainforest canopy, made of a mixed flora with elements from Indian, Myanmarese, Malaysian and endemic floral strains. So far, about 2,200 varieties of plants have been recorded, out of which 200 are endemic and 1,300 do not occur in mainland India.if we go to the history of Andaman we find archaeological evidence yet documented goes back some 2,200 years,however, genetic and cultural studies suggest that the indigenous Andamanese people may have been isolated from other populations since the Middle Paleolithic. In that time, the Andamanese have diversified into distinct linguistic, cultural and territorial groups.

Havelock Island

The Island (often just called Havelock) is one of the most beautiful islands of Andaman Island and is a placid heaven like no other. Situated 57 km north east of the South And About 38 kilometers northeast of Port Blair, Havelock Island is a hidden jewel, which offers a breathe taking trail of nature expeditions. It hosts two of the world's most renowned beaches; Vijaynagar Beach and Radhanagar Beach. Time magazine in 2004 rated the islands Radhanagar Beach (Beach No. 7) as the finest in Asia. The beach is extremely gorgeous with its brilliant, pristine and blue water. Walking on the pristine sands along the shore, one can hear the sound of waves gently splashing against the beach. The Island is extremely gorgeous with its brilliant, pristine and blue water and also has the biggest concentration of breath-taking diving and snorkeling sites, thus acting as a paradise to marine world explorers.

How to Reach
Water Sports Activities

By Air:

The nearest airport is in Port Blair from there you can either take a ferry to Havelock Island or fly in an amphibious 8-seater Cessna seaplane from Port Blair to Havelock and back every day except for Sunday.

By Sea:

Ferries are the best way to reach this island and you can take ferries from Port Blair and Rangat. The schedules and timings of these may vary according to the season hence it is advisable to enquire locally about ferries.


Banana Ride:

Surrounded by the dark blue sea, Andaman and Nicobar Island is a glorious destination for water sports. The curves of Marina beach enclose a breathtaking area of protected water, making it the best location for beginners on Andaman Sea. Beyond the bay, the open sea presents a challenge to the more expert participant.

Glass-bottom boat rides:

The Glass-bottom boat rides allow visitors to experience several fascinating aspects of marine life, and provide them a bird's eye view of the aquarium. Starting with the spectacular sight of Cownose Rays, which circle in flocks near the surface, the rides also offer an unprecedented overview of the various habitats of the diverse aquatic animals. Glass-bottom boat rides, which replicates an ocean environment, have their own marked territories at different levels of the tank, as they do at sea. Nurse Sharks, Fantail Rays, Guitarfish and all the small reef associated species are commonly found on the ocean's bed while the sharks prefer to be in the darker rocky areas and caves. Rays have a preference for being near the water surface, where they flap their wings and glide on in perfect poise.

Adventure Activity:

Big game fishing in Andaman Islands, one of sport fishing last frontiers. Here you have a very realistic chance of catching the fish of your life time. Andaman Islands offers world class popper casting for Giant Trevally and Yellowfin Tuna and also fantastic marlin fishing action.

Game Fishing:

Game fishing in Andaman Islands, one of sport fishing last frontiers. Here you have a very realistic chance of catching the fish of your life time. Andaman Islands offers world class popper casting for Giant Trevally and Yellow fin Tuna and also fantastic marlin fishing action.

Sightseeing Places in Havelock:

Radha Nagar Beach
Radha Nagar Beach situated 12kms from Havelock's ferry pier is undoubtedly one of the beat beaches of Andaman Islands. Fine white sand, turquoise blue waters and a lot of peace and serenity are the hallmark of this beautiful landmass. The water at the beach is of exceptional quality as there is almost not turbidity and wave action. Radha nagar Beach is a best beach in Asia awarded by Times Magazine. The sports lover could go for a plethora of activities like Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Game Fishing, Swimming and many more that have been recently started there. In fact, Radha Nagar beach has some of the best dive centers of Andaman Islands.
Vijay Nagar Beach
Vijaynagar beach is a beautiful beach in Havelock island of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It has a superb stretch of white sands for walking and nice calm waters for swimming. Apart from the sparkling waters and white sand, there are many things that set the beach apart. There are rocky sections on the beach which one might occasionally bump into. The beach line is a perfect setting for a quiet beach walk. One very unique thing about the islands is that there are a lot of Mahua trees which grow several feet along the ground before taking up virtual heights.
Kalapathar Beach
Situated on one corner of Havelock Island, one of the growing tourist spot in Havelock, is best place for relax. An elephant training camp is located nearby this Island and is sometimes open for visitors.
Elephant Beach
Elephant beach is one of the unique beaches located in Havelock Island. The coral in this beach is simply the best on the island, making it a magnificent spot to enjoy snorkeling. It is easily accessible by walking from Beach no 7, also known as Radha Nagar Beach or by fishing boat from the eastern side of the island. Many resorts here also provide snorkeling and diving trips
Where is Andamans?

Andaman & Nicobar Islands are a group of 572 islands located in the Bay of Bengal. It is around 1000 miles away from the Indian subcontinent down South-East.

How can I reach Andaman?

Port Blair is the Andaman's major gateway which is well connected by air & sea while regular passenger ship services are available to Port Blair from the India's major cities like Chennai. But the major source of Accommodation is air service which takes 2 hour from Chennai by flight. But if somebody takes the sea root from Chennai it takes around 50 to 60 Hours to reach Andaman.

What is the best time to holiday in Andaman Islands and How is the weather there?

The best time of the year to visit the Andaman & Nicobar Islands is between October and May. It is also the time for the annual tourism festival. The waters are clear and relatively placid after the monsoons making them perfect for snorkelers and swimmers. The islands have a tropical climate with only minor fluctuations in temperature (23-30°C) and 80% humidity all around the year. There is medium to heavy rain during the monsoons twice a year from the month from May to mid September and November to mid December.

What is the formalities to enter Andaman?

All foreign nationals can stay in the islands for 30 days. This can be extended by another 15 days with permission. They require a permit to stay from the immigration authorities. In addition, permits can also be obtained from: Indian Missions Overseas, Foreigner's Registration Offices at Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Calcutta and the immigration authorities at the airports at Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta and Chennai.


Indian nationals need no permit to visit Andamans. However, permits are required to visit Nicobar Islands and other tribal areas, which are given in exceptional cases. Application on a prescribed form may be addressed to the Deputy Commissioner, Andaman District, Port Blair.

What is the Currency used in Andaman?

Indian Rupees is used in Andaman Islands. You can exchange currency at the airport, from the banks or currency dealers. Also, you can withdraw Indian Rupees from the ATMs there.

Is is safe/secure to travel to Andamans?

The quantum of tourist inflow to the islands is a testimony of how safe tourists feel in the islands. These islands are one of the safest places to live/travel in the country.

can I get seafood there?

The islands are known for their exquisite sea food delicacies and one can find a Burmese and Thai influence in the cooking. A variety of sea foods such as prawns, fish, lobsters; crabs and so on are available at most local joints. Seafood might be a little on the expensive side but it is well worth the extra cost. Most of the hotels have their own restaurants and every island will have something different to offer.

Popular Hotels

Hotel Silver Spring Havelock
Hotel Silver Spring is a true delight for discerning travelers who visit Andaman. With its aesthetically pleasing ambience, Hotel Silver Spring has wonderful hospitality and top quality service in st Read More
Rs 3500/-
AVG Night Rate Select
Silver Sand Beach Resort
In the heart of Havelock Island, Andaman stands its finest resort, Silve rSand Beach Resort. Fenced with the oldest stretch of white sand beach (Beach No 5), interspersed with swaying palms, clear bl Read More
Rs 8000/-
AVG Night Rate Select
Symphony Palms Beach Resort
A beach resort in Havelock is the best place in terms of Beach View, Transportation, Luxury, Food and hospitality. We understand that our guests would like to enjoy and relax in the palms of nature a Read More
Rs 4500/-
AVG Night Rate Select
Seashell Beach Resort Havelock
The Sea Shell Beach Resort offers the soothing atmosphere of a beach front resort, with palms around and the rustic charm of a simple, but exotic living. The Sea Shell Beach Resort features wonderful Read More
Rs 5000/-
AVG Night Rate Select
Munjoh Ocean Resort
There are spacious Luxury Villas for accommodations, which are designed with open patios, maintained with loungers. The Blue Betel Cafe, serves delightful seafood along with World cuisine and the BO Read More
Rs 7000/-
AVG Night Rate Select
Holiday Inn Beach Resort
Holiday Inn Beach resort is situated on Havelock No 3 - South Andaman. The hotel has very Basic amenities for comfort.
Rs 4000/-
AVG Night Rate Select
Barefoot Resort
Barefoot at Havelock has been voted as Second Runners up in the Best Hotel Resort Category - Readers Choice - Lonely Planet Magazine India Awards 2012 If endless white sandy beaches, crystal clear Read More
Rs 9000/-
AVG Night Rate Select
TSG Blue
TSG Blue is situated just two minutes from Beach # 7, Radhanagar offering eco friendly lodging in the form of well appointed Cluster Accommodation and Independent Cottages. TSG BLUE RESOT is captives Read More
Rs 6000/-
AVG Night Rate Select
The Wild Orchid Resort
Each cottage at the Wild Orchid Resort is a spacious oasis, tastefully decorated with shells, bamboo and cane. The hammock outside your cottage invites to relaxing afternoons with a book. Your privat Read More
Rs 5000/-
AVG Night Rate Select
Hotel Kingdom
The Kingdom is situated at Govind Nagar in Havelock, South Andaman. Havelock Harbour is less than one km away.
Rs 3500/-
AVG Night Rate Select