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Mayabunder Island may be simple compared to other islands in the Andaman chain by way of sights and tourist activities Andaman. Still, it sure has its own unique experiences instore. One of the oft-visited spots here is the German Jetty Mayabander Island, which can be found within the APWD Guesthouse premises. Its rocks and waves are outstanding to behold. Flora and fauna add to Mayabunder’s natural beauty and wonder, detailed below. Tourism is still going strong on Mayabunder Island, owing in large part to its unique and distinct experiences


Andaman has been divided into three segments: North, Middle, South. You will find Mayabunder Island in Middle Andaman’s northern portion. Want to know how to reach the Mayabander Island Andaman islands? If you find yourself in Port Blair, Mayabunder is 242km away by road and 136km if you take the ferry. And if you are traveling from Rangat, it takes only three hours to get to this beautiful island; 72km away. It is about the same distance from Diglipur, namely 79km.


Aside from long stretches of sandy beaches, Mayabunder Island is known for its mangrove creeks and forests. Freshwater sources are not unheard of either. Case in point: a cave on the island’s western coast is one such source. Turtles use Mayabunder as one of their main nesting grounds. The location in question is Karmatang Beach. The island hosts many an uninhabited zone. Avis, for instance, is only home to an extensive coconut plantation. This is one of the calmest sightseeing spots at Mayabander Island Andaman Islands.


Seeing as how Mayabunder Island sits in Middle Andaman, it comes under the purview of The District of North and Middle Andaman, which was founded in August 2006. The district’s total jurisdiction covers 3483 sq.km. Mayabunder is one of its three sub-divisions, the other two being Rangat and Diglipur. These are also referred to as the three ‘Tehsils.’


As per the 2011 census, Mayabunder’s total population stands at 25,788. If this number has remained unchanged to date, Mayabunder ranks third in the North and Middle Andaman district. Similarly, it ranks fifth in the Andaman and Nicobar Island archipelago. A culturally varied demographic can be found here, with several people working in hotels and resorts at Mayabander Island Andaman Islands.

History of Mayabunder Island

To understand the history of this magnificent place, one must remember that its cultural roots are diverse. From Bangladeshi settlers, a Burmese tribe, to ex-convicts, Mayabunder has been shaped by each in its own way. Its recorded history goes back to British colonial times. You can choose an enjoyable sightseeing tour of Mayabunder Island to take you to all the most significant locations.

Tourism on Mayabunder Island

A) Karmatang Beach

Just half an hour away from Mayabunder is the tropical hut-ridden sandy paradise called Karmatang Beach at Mayabander Island Andaman Islands. Whether you plan to go on a romantic trip or wish to picnic or party with family or friends, this beach should be your main port of call.

Take advantage of the hammocks between palm trees to soak up that singular tropical vacation feeling. If you are visiting with kids, there is a small park perfect for them toenjoy. The beach, especially during late evenings or nights, becomes a party haven.

You can still swim in the waters here despite the sand being slightly ‘muddy’ in appearance as compared to white-sand beaches in other locales. It is a protected turtle nesting site (season: December-February), so be sure to follow all the guidelines put in place.

B) Ray Hill

Ray Hill Mayabander Island is one of the most sought after hotspots in the area. From rock climbing (mostly for children) and wilderness trails to elephant safaris, angling, and a library, you can do a lot more at Ray Hill than in most other places in Mayabunder.

Being one of the most recently developed eco-tourism destinations in the Andaman chain, tourists will certainly appreciate the ambiance of the distinct eco-guesthouses present here. Trips and treks into the forests hereabouts make for a magical experience.

C) Avis Island

Commonly called ‘coconut island,’Avis Island Mayabander Island Andaman Islands is all but uninhabited because a resort owner once leased the location, which then met with some legal trouble. Today, local administration maintains a vast coconut plantation here, one that tourists can indeed visit.

Avis Island is 20 minutes away from Dunghi. You will find no resorts or hotels here, which has rendered it special and unique among Mayabunder’ssundry attractions. You can enjoy the water and natural scenery, even host picnics.

D) Austin Bridge

This is a sightseeingfavorite. The bridge stands over Austin straits in Mayabunder. If you ever travel to Diglipur from Mayabunder, mainly by bus, you are bound to cross this bridge. The views across the river are peaceful and serene.

The history of Austin Bridge is a recent one. It was only in 2002 when the 0.5km long bridge was inaugurated. Before then, a ferry ride took people across the creek, specifically between Mayabunder Jetty and Kalighat Creek in North Andaman.

E)Interview Island

A powerhouse of tourist activity, Interview Island is one of the most visited places on Mayabunder. It is around 7 hours from Port Blair by road and 3 hours by ferry. The thick mangrove forests are a delight to explore, primarily via Dongi (a traditional wooden boat). Trekking at Interview Island Mayabander Island Andaman Islands offers a thorough tourist experience.

Many a freshwater source originates here, one of which can be found in a cave that stands on the island’s western coast. You can see the freshwater gushing out of an opening; visits are only permitted during the day.

Interview Island at Mayabander Island Andaman Islands is technically part of the Interview Group of islands. Situated to the west of Austen Strait, this 101 sq. km landmass boasts a high rocky point, towering at 7m. It remains mostly uninhabited and naturally pristine. Coast guards, police, and forest wardens do the rounds to keep poachers at bay.

Elephants are also present, mainly to help with lumbering and timber work. The sort of flora that tourists will find here includes littoral forests, semi-evergreen forests, marshlands, and of course, mangroves. Animal life includes Andaman wild pigs, common palm civets, three-striped palm squirrels, spotted deer, and Andaman masked palm civets, to name a few.

Being a birdwatcher’s paradise, you will find flyers like Andaman Crakes, Andaman Treepies, White-bellied Swiftlets, Andaman Woodpigeons, Andaman woodpeckers, Andaman Serpent-Eagles, Andaman Drongos, and Andaman Bookbooks; to name a handful.

How to reach MayabunderIsland

1. Government, STS Bus Terminal

  • Port Blair, near the police station
  • Timing: 5.30 am
  • 1 Bus daily; no service Monday
  • Around 8 hours to reach Mayabundar Jetty (240 km)

2. Private Bus services, Port Blair to Mayabunder

  • Anand and Geetanjali Private Ltd.
  • Opposite Government bus Stand
  • Timing: 4.30 am to 7.00 am. (Daily; no service Monday)
  • 4 Buses daily; no service Monday
  • Extras: Push-back seating and DVD home theatre systems

3. Helicopter services, Port Blair to Mayabunder

  • Around 45 minutes to reach
  • Provider: Pawan Hans Helicopter Limited
  • No daily availability, owing to this being a private service

4. Ferry services, Port Blair to Mayabunder Jetty

  • Around 10 hours to reach
  • 5 days in a week availability
  • Address: Port Blair Jetty
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