About Rangat Island

About Rangat Island

An overview of Rangat Island


A part of the middle and the southern part of the Andaman archipelago, the Rangat Island is one such island that is comprised of various linguistic and ethnic groups, dominated mostly by Tamils and Bengalis. Despite apparently being in the middle of nowhere, it is well connected by sea and land routes.


The size of the island amounts to around 1070 sq. km and is mostly comprised of waterfalls, ostensibly maintained beaches under the azure sky and clusters of smaller islands which are unique in their own way.

Over the years, Rangat has developed as a kind of a transitional spot for travellers moving from one place to another within the archipelago. This is one of the prime reasons as to why one is bound to pass through Rangat. People visiting Mayabunder or Long Island will come across Rangat, and once you are in, the beauty of its beaches will take your breath away. Among such famed and decorated beaches is the Ambkunj beach


The district of North and Middle Andaman of which Rangat is a part was carved out in the year 2006 and extends from Baratang to Diglipur. The population of the place is slightly above one lakh according to the last census and is subdivided into Rangat, Diglipur, and Mayabunder. There are more than hundred revenue villages.


The communities that dominate the island are mostly Bengalis and Tamils, and their major source of income is fishing and cultivation.

History of Rangat Island

A testament to the inaccessibility of the culture and language of the island can be found in a book called Book of Wonders which talks about this island being inhabited by wolf-like humanoid creatures. Andaman, in general, has a lot of history because of its antiquated status and endangered languages spoken but given that Rangat was established only more than a decade ago, it is relatively untouched by history.

Tourism in Rangat Island

Over the years, the surreal beauty of the island has led to the establishment of popular tourist attractions. Here are the 8 best places to visit at Rangat Island.

Dhaninallah Beach and Mangrove Nature Walk Away

  • The Dhaninallah Beach and Mangrove walk away is situated 18kms away when you are travelling from Rangat to Mayabunder
  • The boardwalk which is one of its kind and is erected on the top of a swamp that leads to the Dhaninalla Beach
  • With a whopping 713-metre length walk, it is the biggest of its kind in the country
  • The beach is famed for being a turtle nesting in the first and last quarter of the year

Yerrata Mangrove Park

  • On your way from Yerrata jetty to Long Island, you will find the creek which is a living breathing example of how blessed this place is with its scenic beauty
  • This park also houses the only watchtower in the entirety of the Union Territory and was built to inculcate curiosity and a culture of a better understanding of mangroves in general
  • The government has also built the Mangrove interpretation centre to disseminate better knowledge about the forest

Panchavati Hills

  • The hills have a lot of small water bodies and springs that act as a water source to the majority of Middle Andaman
  • There is also a coffee farm that was built way back in 1959 which has become a rich reserve of flora and intrigues botanists today

Cuthbert Bay

  • Located at a distance of about 12 km away from Rangat
  • Olive Ridleys frequent the length of the beach, and Green Sea turtles and as such has become a seasonal breeding ground for those creatures
  • There are other attractions as well which include an elephant training camp which is popular among tourists

Amkunj Beach

  • This beach is located 8kms away from Rangat and about a km away from the helipad at Mayabunder.
  • Given its locational advantage, this is the most visited beach where people come to hang out and sun bask and try their hand at swimming.
  • The forest department of the place has built many groves and eco-huts and treehouses so that people can have a closer look at the miracle of sea animals and corals during low tide.

Long island

  • One of those natural spots which have managed to preserve itself because of its isolated status.
  • The closing down of the industries have been a blessing in disguise as it has prevented pollution.
  • Major tourist attraction includes a visit to Lalaji Bay Beach or a trip to Guitar island from Long Island Andaman Island.

Moorys Dare (trekking)

  • Merk Bay Beach in North Passage Island near Long Island Andaman Island is a rocky terrain located opposite to Amkunj Bay.
  • It is a very famous trekking spot to satiate the adrenaline junkie in you.
  • It is open throughout the day, and there is no charge on entry.
  • The exhilaration that the trekking sights give you is unmatched in scenic beauty. 

North passage Island (Merk Bay Beach)

  • Sometimes the charm of lonely beaches and clear waters are overpowering.
  • Merk Bay Beach is an example of one such beach and is a frequented spot by enthusiasts of scuba diving and snorkelling.
  • Since this is not a densely populated place, one is suggested to carry their own supplies and stay in the well-furnished Hotels & Resorts of Rangat Island Andaman Island.
  • Since monsoon won’t let you enjoy all the facilities of the island, summer is the advised time for you to visit.

These are the things you can do if you want a Sightseeing Tour of Rangat Island.

How to reach Rangat Island?

People curious about how to reach the place needn’t fret too much, given its locational advantage, you can avail ferries from Havelock, Neil, and Long Island or those who are into speed boats, they can avail one for themselves. The government runs speedboat services for four-five days and week, and the journey duration is approximately five hours. one can easily avail the bus service from Port Blair as well, but it will take the best part of six hours. Brisk boat rides might take you through the Yerrata Creek, and you will land up at Yerrata jetty. There are also auto-rickshaws and bus services that are available.

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