Mayabunder Island: A General Overview

Nestled at the junction of the Andaman sea and Bay of Bengal, the Andaman and Nicobar islands are known for comprising of various heavenly islands. Of them, Mayabunder island is the most unique and culturally rich paradise. This small tehsil impresses travellers with its crystal clear waters, abundant mangrove and coconut plantations, spectacular natural terrain and a plethora of adrenalin pumping adventure sports which showcase the bright and colourful marine life.


Mayabunder island is the administrative headquarters of the Northern area of middle Andaman Island. It is spread over an expanse area of about 1340 square kilometres and comprises of small eco-friendly villages. Well-connected from Port Blair, it is at a distance of approximately 240 kilometres and can be covered by road transport, ferries as well as helicopter services.

Key Attractions:

Mayabunder Island is a dream destination for the discerning as well as enticing for solo travel, families, friends as well as couples. You can take a sightseeing tour of Mayabunder island that covers all the key attractions which will engage you into the gushing thrills of the landscape.

Both, culturally as well as naturally, some of these must include Interview island, Avis island, Karmatang island, Ray hills. Austin X beach and the historically rich German jetty – an ancient ruin left behind from the British era.

Top Adventure Sports Offered at Mayabunder Island

Mayabunder island has a trove of adventure sports on land as well as thrilling aquatic activities in the ocean. Snorkelling is a popular sport on the island where you can get a glimpse of the bright and exotic underwater world. Adrenalin junkies will find this island both fulfilling and exciting as there are adventure sports in Mayabunder for both swimmers as well as non-swimmers. Below mentioned activities should be indulged with in addition to visiting all the glorious sightseeing spots in Mayabunder island.

1. Boating – Go boating amidst the mighty mangroves dotted all around the beach borders. Cruising through the serene backwaters and dense green, you will be beyond mesmerized by the canopy of these trees accompanied by the melodious chirping of exotic bird sound. This is a sterling experience and brings about a peaceful vibe.

2. Elephant viewing– From spotting wild elephants to deer, there are safaris and excursions dedicated to allowing you to observe this beautiful fauna, of course, under the supervision and from a safe distance. You can also engage in guided elephant rides that will take you from the beach to the forest, giving you an unimaginably adventurous vibe. Interview island in Mayabunder is a popular place to engage in safaris and elephant spotting.

3. Trekking – The lush forest trails allow for some of the most challenging treks in all of the Andaman islands. In Mayabunder, you have the ultra-unique combination of being able to trek from the beach to the hills within minutes, considering its diverse landscape. Take a few of these treks to compete with your inner stamina while finding harmonious flora during the journey.

4. Observing Turtle Nesting – Not so much a sport but an adventure as you get to observe nature’s purest phenomenon when you witness turtle nesting in Mayabunder island. In Karmatang beach, you can see the turtles coming on the beach, digging nests for their eggs, and then laying them. If you are lucky, you will also get to witness the little hatchlings free their way out of the eggs and make their way into the ocean. This overnight activity is best done between October – March to further your chances of being able to see it.

Why Try Out Adventure Sports?

When it comes to adventure sports in Mayabunder island, trip-goers are spoilt for choice. There are just so many offerings that it would be criminal not to try them out. While some challenge fears such as acrophobia and aquaphobia, others just enjoy the ride-along, adding that extra pizzazz to their holidays. Whether you are young, old, man, woman or child, you should try out adventure sports in Mayabunder due to the following mentioned reasons;

  • They act as a stress-buster, and you end up leaving all your worries behind, living in that moment.
  • They help in allowing you to overcome your fears no matter where they are stemming from.
  • These activities help you come out of your comfort zone by testing your limits.
  • A sense of excitement releases hormones from your body and help in boosting healthier mental health.
  • Adventure sports are often done with others thrill-seekers, creating new friendships and lifelong memories.
  • Adventure sports in Mayabunder are quite different from the generic ones you will find all over, mainly due to the island’s exotic ethnicity. Engaging in any of the activities in this island will create a one-of-a-kind experience which you will never forget.

The Best Opportunities for Adventure Sports at Mayabunder Island

The emerald and blue waters are welcoming, and the wide array of activities are enticing. With a rich marine life and unequalled stunning topography, there is just about no stone left unturned when it comes to entertaining travellers. Adventure sports at Mayabunder island are conducted by professionally trained individuals and your safety is ensured. Some of the best opportunities you can enjoy are;

Ray hills – Elephant rides and trekking

Austin X beach – Deer spotting, boating, snorkelling

Karmatang beach – Boat rides and observing turtle nesting during season time

Avis Island – Snorkelling through the placid waters while witnessing a jaw-dropping oceanic landscape

Interview island – Jungle safaris, challenging treks, and wild elephant spotting

An island that will leave its rich heritage, charming eccentricity, and sheer panache etched in your memories for a lifetime, Mayabunder island is a proverbial haven. Home to the Burmese tribes whose roots go back to the British colonial era, you will experience a unique holiday. The adventure activities of Mayabunder island are an absolute delight and can cater to people of all ages and kinds.

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