Adventure Sports in Rangat Island

Rangat Islands – A general overview

Nestled within the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, lies a quaint island, that not many people have heard of. The Rangat Islands, Andaman does not have a lot of glamour to offer. There are no five-star resorts to boast of, no celebrity sightings to speak of.

What it does have to offer instead is lots of solitude and excitement.

It offers what every other island does, but without any of the rush or steep prices. From trekking on The Moorys Dare to venturing onto the Dhaninallah Mangrove nature walkway to witness seasonal turtle, Rangat Islands has it all.


Rangat Islands is located in the Middle Andaman Islands. It is 210 km from Port Blair and 70 km to the south of Mayabunder. It is accessible and can be reached by road and sea routes, so you don’t have to be confused about how to reach Rangat Islands, Andaman.

Key attractions

For people in love with nature, Rangat Islands serve as an abode. Other than the obvious aspects of blue seas and sandy beaches, it has other attributes to speak of.  These are a few sightseeing spots at Rangat Islands, Andaman:

  • Cuthbert Bay Beach at Rangat Islands, Andaman- Known for its turtle nesting grounds, it has flora and fauna and a sanctuary. A perfect place to soak up some nature. During the months of winter, you may see turtles paddling towards the beach.
  • Panchvati Hills at Rangat Islands, Andaman- Also well-rooted in nature, Panchvati Hills is famous for its waterfall and its agriculture.
  • Amkunj Beach at Rangat Islands, Andaman-Rocky Beach, and the watchtower are the sights to look for here.
  • Long Islands at Rangat Island, Andaman-This is an isolated island that boasts of scenic beauty. Everything here is carefully conserved, and if you’re in luck, and you might come across a few dolphins too!

Why try out adventure sports?

Whether you are an adrenaline junkie or even someone who enjoys much milder versions of it, this island is the right place for you. The activities offered range from a high level of risk and activity to lower levels with more passive activity. Adventure sports would be a valuable use of time, if looking for things to do around Rangat Islands, Andaman.

Top adventure sports in Rangat Island -An introduction

There are several adventure sports you could try in Rangat Islands, Andaman. Banana Boat rides, scuba diving, snorkeling, parasailing, jet-skiing, undersea walking, speed boating, glass-bottom boating, sport fishing/angling, seaplane ride, kayaking, swimming,  and mangrove kayaking.

Turtle nesting visit- Cuthbert Bay beach

Located 12 km from Rangat islands, this beach has a tropical forest bordering it. This is known for its total nesting during the month of December and January, sometimes extending into the next month. It is also a wildlife sanctuary And is also known as one of the most important turtle nesting beaches in the islands of Andaman and Nicobar. If you come here during the season, you may see turtles paddling towards the beach. The process of turtle nesting is simple and interesting. Turtles lay eggs on the beach, dig pits in the sand, and go back into the sea. This happens during the night. This is a regular occurrence, and this can be viewed in the sanctuary. Also, one may even get the chance to release these turtles back in the sea, contributing to turtle conservation efforts. The species of turtles mostly known to visit here is the Olive Ridleys. This is one of the best places to visit on the Rangat Islands. The turtles making occasional visits would be the Green Sea Turtles, Hawksbill and Leatherback turtles.

Panchvati hills, Rangat Islands

If trekking is more up your alley, Panchvati Hills on Rangat Islands would be the perfect destination. This spot is an embodiment of tranquility due to its view, silence, and breathtaking waterfalls. This place is also known for its fishing and agriculture.

The culture in this place South Indian and Bengali, as they make up most of the population of this island.

Tourists can go on this moderately easy trek and even take a dip in the waterfall on this trek. Other than that, there are several things you can do on this trek, other than exploring the greenery. Photographing the wildfire and scenic locations would make for great photographing due to the vivid colors and lush greenery. Since this place is also a hotbed of agriculture, you could explore the nearby farms and get an idea of how the local farms operate and their farming procedures. Commercial fishing is also something you’re likely to come across, so by all means, get to know how these livelihoods form.

Waterfall at Panchvati

This is a view to behold, as this waterfall makes its way down the small hill of Panchvati Hills. It is quite famous for its beauty and serenity. Tourists have been known to take a dip here. Therefore it’s safe to assume that it is allowed. It is advisable to dress in light and warm clothes and take a change of clothes if taking a dip is on the agenda.

The best opportunities and time for adventure sports in Rangat Islands, Andaman

The best opportunities for visiting Rangat Islands would be to see the turtles nesting, adventure sports, trekking, and the agriculture and fishing processes.

The best time to visit would be from October to May. This is because this island enjoys a tropical climate, and visiting during these months would ensure that you’d be visiting at a pleasant time of the year. Therefore, October to May ensures that the weather is pleasant, and all the suggested activities can be performed. Sightseeing, water sports, and beach excursions are perfect for this time of the year. The other months are not ideal because of heavy rainfall and unpredictable tidal waves. Keep in mode that Rangat Islands, Andaman is more secluded than the surrounding islands, so there is no pressure to avoid the rush, as there isn’t any.

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