Amkunj Beach

Amkunj Beach in Rangat Island

Overview of Rangat Island

  • Location

Spread out over an enormous topography, Rangat Island is a territorial fragment of the famed Middle Andaman island. Stationed at about 210kms away from the capital Port Blair, the island was an accreditation of a vacationing place in 2006. This contributed to the creation of Middle Andaman as a comprehensive vacation spot with Baratang and Diglipur added to the list and Mayabunder as well. If you are wondering as to how to reach the place you can always look it up but Port Blair runs government operated jetty and private speedboat services. There are public buses and private cabs as well.

  • Culture

The culture of the place is a character in itself and demonstrates how people with differences function successfully. The folks of this island are rooted in various cultures and ethnicities from all over India but the more populous groups are those that have settled from Tamil Nadu and Kerala in the South and West Bengal. It has the semblance of the perfect kind of India we envision because of its cultural pluralism. People have educated themselves on the burning topic of conservation which is why there is a boost to eco-tourism in this place.

  • People

Residents who had arrived from different linguistic and ethnic communities have adjusted themselves to different callings to empower themselves

Some have taken to fishing, some are engaged in cultivation and farming while others have resorted to feeding tourists and hospitality ventures. Since people hail from diverse places they are conscious about community sentiments and are welcoming. In an effort to reinforce the ideas of ecological balance they have brandished several undertakings which include the Dhaninallah Mangrove nature walkway (seasonal Turtle Breadding) at Rangat Island Andaman Islands.

Reasons to visit Rangat Island

If you have been an avid traveler and have run out of holiday destinations, Rangat is the place for you. Since it has only been in vogue for the last decade and a half there are a lot of places that you can explore. The serene and lonely beaches have become a haven for couples on a getaway and other sightseeing activities include things that you can do with your family. This being a modern place you can get regional and international cuisine at affordable prices.

Beaches in Rangat Island

Rangat exhibits Middle Andaman’s most pristine and well-kept beaches and even other beaches which haven’t been trodden on by a lot of people yet. If you expect all the beaches to be held up prominently on the map then you will be let down because these are virgin beaches, however all of them are out worldly, alluring and is throbbing with life. The Raman Bagheecha Beach is laced with a scenic surrounding, and its isolated position in Rangat has made this a getaway for partners. The Amkunj Beach at Rangat Island Andaman Islands has an appearance that renders time transfixed. This is one of the more frequented spots of Rangat and it has gained its appeal due to the suitability it provides for snorkeling and scuba diving. As a word of caution, submerged boulders makes these endeavors challenging and unsafe.

The Amkunj Beach

Also known as the eco-friendly beach of Rangat, the beach has won plaudits for its mesmerizing coastline. Apart from Moorys Dare, this beach along with Panchavati forms the aesthetic trinity of Rangat. The color of the beach is that of rocks and tar and yet it appears beautiful all day long. Even though it is more populated than the Cuthbert Bay Beach, you will find a strange solace during your visit there. The beach is situated at a distance of 8km from Rangat and is accessible to the public throughout the day.

Activities in Amkunj beach

The water being not too deep you can take a dip in the emerald hue of the waters or you might sit on the beach for a quite hour of contemplation without being disturbed. The coastline would propel you to walk along it as the sun calls it quits for the day. The coastline is so beautiful that it is like a living creature breathing on your shoulder. If you do want to go for snorkeling, then you could but with proper precautions because of the existence of boulder and debris.

If you are into birds and ornithology, then this is just the place for you because this place also lets you sight exotic birds. You can closely see mangroves being lined up as well. The place is close to Dhaninallah Mangrove Nature Walkway and the Cuthbert Bay beach as well. Travelers should make sure they carry small amount of food because this place is not blessed with shops. Don’t dive in headfirst into the sea because the water is shallow and there are rock linings on the bed. There aren’t many water friendly sports to engage in either and sunblock is essential to avoid sunburns here.

Experience at Amkunj beach

People visiting the Amkunj are often on the way to Diglipur from Port Blair and as such this place has become a respite for travelers as well.

How to visit Amkunj beach

The beach is very close to the Andaman trunk road and is accessible throughout the day.  It is barely 100 metres from the main road and once you are on the beach, a 2-3-minute walk will take you closer to the shoreline. There are sit-in facilities available in the form of eco-huts which you can use as well. Most people catch a break here while they are traveling from Port Blair.

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