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Aroma Restaurant in Rangat Island

Overview of Rangat Island


Situated in the outskirts of the capital city of Port Blair, Rangat Island is a recent find for people who have been frequenting middle Andaman. The city is another addition to middle Andaman after Baratang and is 210 kms away from Port Blair. There are a lot of revenue districts and Tehsil. If you are wondering how to reach Rangat Island, you can take a ferry from Port Blair or hire a speedboat. If you want to travel by bus, there are public buses running to and fro.


Talk about a mixture of culture, the island is representative of India in every way. More than one community have been living there for over a decade now and in harmony. People from Tamil Nadu and Kerala and West Bengal have their culture imprinted on every place in that island. They are hardworking people and mostly work either as fishermen or farmers. With the awareness of sustainability growing everywhere, the islanders have taken to creating a sustainable environment and have promoted eco-tourism.

Major Tourist Highlights

Rangat looks like an unending horizon of blue. If you do have a couple of days at your disposal and you want to find out Sightseeing Spots at Rangat Island Andaman Islands, these are the places that you can visit.

Guitar Island

  • Reinforces the idea that the less trodden is more beautiful.
  • If you want to take a Trip to Guitar Island from Long Island Andaman Islands on a small boat you are likely to see a lot of crabs and hear the melody of birds.
  • It is not far away from Long Island and the island opposite to it is called Little Guitar Island

Yerrata Mangrove Park & Yerrata Creek

  • The mangrove park augments the idea of sustainability and awareness
  • There is a watch tower that has been erected from which people can gauge the beauty of mangroves around them
  • There has also been the introduction of a mangrove interpretation panel which disseminates information about mangroves and the flora and fauna in it.

Amkunj Beach

  • If you are looking for a place to sunbathe with your family and friends then this is the beach to be in
  • In the early months of the year and the closing months, the beach becomes a nesting spot for all kinds of turtles.
  • If you want to return home with pictures that you remember for the rest of your life, then this is the spot you want to explore.

Panchavati Hills

  • Most people from this place are natives of Tamil Nadu and Kerala and they have made this place their own.
  • They have their own farmlands are they are very happy to show people around
  • There is a waterfall there which has become quite popular with time and the scene after sunset is pretty happening.

Dhaninallah Mangrove Nature Walkway

  • A walkway stretching more than 700 metres and is considered to be the longest in India
  • The walkway directs you straight to the beach where turtles hatch in numbers.

Reasons to visit Rangat Island

This is the place to be if you are stuck in a soul-sucking job and you just want to get away for a change of scene. The food and fruits are so fresh that they are going to act as palate cleansers.

Interacting with people from different cultures is surely going to open new windows for you. The island is relatively affordable than a typical Andaman trip. Spots like Merk Bay Beach in North Passage Island near Long Island Andaman Islands and adventures like Scuba diving and Snorkeling at Long Island Andaman Island, is sure to pique your interest.

Major Cuisines of Rangat Island

Rangat doesn’t only have reserves of deep sea fishes and other top-notch seafood, it also boasts the cultivation of fresh fruits from orchards and organically grown vegetables which add to the cuisine. Rangat is fully covered in terms of regional and international food.

Tips to find the perfect restaurant in Rangat Island

You can peruse a lot of travel websites before traveling just to have a fair idea about the eateries present there but in order to have an authentic experience you really need an opinion of the locals or analyze the reviews of fellow tourists. One restaurant that you can safely try out the is Aroma restaurant in Rangat Island

Aroma restaurant in Rangat Island

The restaurant is located by the side of Andaman Trunk Road and functions as a fast food corner primarily. They start early at seven in the morning.

The best dishes

  • You can try their authentic north Indian dishes such as Nan and butter chicken
  • They also specialize in Chinese and other non-vegetarian items


  • Their interiors are pretty well lit and enhance the appearance of the place
  • They use traditional Indian cutlery in their service which adds to the simplicity of the place,


  • They provide both dine-in service and takeaway facilities as well
  • Make sure that you carry modest amount of cash because they don’t accept online payment
  • The way they serve their food and the garnishing and the decoration on the food is sure to stir up your appetite
  • Their follow-up service is pretty solid; they make sure if the food was according to your liking.


There are a lot of online reviews available for this place which talks in great deal about how this place is great for family dine-ins and gatherings in large numbers. They have enough staff to cater to large groups of people and with ease. People had only positive reviews of their tea and their beverages in general. Given it has got two floors, there is less chances of overcrowding.

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