Avis Island Mayabunder

A Brief Overview of Mayabunder Island

Mayabunder Island is one of the most unique and offbeat places that will satiate every traveller with its eccentricity and unequalled beauty. This relatively uninhabited destination is famous for its coconut plantations, turtle nesting ground, the German Jetty, Mangrove dotted beaches and plenty of lush forest terrain. The diversity of its offerings is what makes sightseeing at Mayabunder Island experience to etch in your memory forever.


Small but not insignificant, Mayabunder Island has a gushing of tidal creeks, exotic wildlife and stunning beaches that draw holiday-goers to it. Reaching Mayabunder Island is not a difficult task once you get to Port Blair. Various modes of transport will take you on the approximately 240 kilometre stretch with ease. The tehsil is located in the Northern portion of Middle Andaman Islands. It spreads over a land area of around 38 hectares. 

Major Tourist Highlights

A tourist’s absolute delight, Mayabunder Island is an earthly paradise – never ceasing to amaze with its clear turquoise waters and cyanic skies above. Various sightseeing spots in Mayabunder Island include Avis island, Interview island, German Jetty and Karmatang beach, which is also the nation’s only turtle nesting ground. Ray hills is known for adventure activities along with taking elephant rides while Austin X is known for its virgin woods, offering challenging trekking trails. There are also star rated hotels and resorts in Mayabunder island, making it an all-rounder destination in a nutshell.

Avis Island in Mayabunder Island

One of the most popular places to visit in Mayabunder Island is Avis Island. Famous for its serenity, placid waters and isolated charm, Avis Island in Mayabunder is a tropical abode – lush with sun-soaked beaches and a glamorous coastline. It is also called ‘coconut island’ due to the abundantly planted coconut trees on Avis beach – a marooned beach located in an unpopulated part of the island.

A fun fact about Avis is that it is a privately owned island by the Co-op society limited plantation – which means that you might need to get a prior permission to enter. This is relatively easy as local agents or even your travel agent will sort it out.  It has only one village and the locals engage in activities such as growing paddy, vegetables, spices, coconuts and horticultural crops. Easy to get to and full of fun activities to do, Avis island in Mayabunder is famous for snorkelling.

How to get there

Reaching Avis island is a relatively hassle-free task and makes a great day trip from Mayabunder island. Mayabunder Jetty has boats, locally called ‘dunghis’ to transfer you Avis island. The choppy ride takes around 20 odd minutes one way and makes a wonderful journey. Due to the sheer natural beauty of the water, one can practically see-through into the ocean world during their trip. From Port Blair, it is at a distance of 140 kilometres, and that route too has numerous travel options.


Calm waters, a creamy beach and hundreds of coconut trees make the Avis island experience beyond sterling. Taking in the rays of the golden sun while being sheltered by the plantations, you can spend hours marvelling at the beauty of this spellbinding entity. Heaven for shutterbugs, you can indulge in beachcombing and find yourself some lucky charms or souvenirs and take an unforgettable mental picture back home.

Prominent Attractions at Avis Island

It is established that the uniqueness of the island and its famous Coconut plantations are one of the most prominent attractions at Avis Island. In addition to picture-perfect sunsets, transparent waters and lavish sanded beaches, there is also that added factor of it being a place which very few lucky people get to visit. Just embarking on that experience in itself makes Avis island stand apart from its peers.

Its sheer beauty allows you to peek into the underwater world, which will leave you remarkably captivated. Snorkelling is the most participated activity because of the ocean life you will see. Ranging from a variety of bright corals and the synchronised frolicking of fish, you will be in for an experience of a lifetime – quite unlike any other you will have ever had.

Some nearby sought-after attractions include Karmatang beach, Havelock island, Interview island, Barren island and Neil island.

Best time to Visit Avis Island

Enjoying a tropical and moderate climate all year round, the best time to plan your vacation to Avis island is late October to early May. These months usually fall in the winter months and allow for good weather conditions. Since it is a primarily beach-oriented destination, monsoon season can be avoided as the roads are usually muddy in addition to the constant rain pelting down. Summer season is hot and a boon for those who are looking for some solace from the cold. However, it can get extremely humid and stuffy.

For the best weather experience, winter months are ideal. The three seasons in Avis island enjoy different temperatures as stated below:

  • Summer – 24°c –  36°c.
  • Monsoon – 23°c – 35°c.
  • Winter –  20°c  – 30°c

Avis island in Mayabunder is one of the most well-rounded holiday destinations – especially for beach bums and nature lovers. The ocean world there is spectacular and will definitely enrich you with a stellar experience to go home with and boast about. All-in-all, it’s a combination of sun, sand, landscape and wonderfully weird characteristics make it a sure shot on your travel bucket list.

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