Baludera Beach Baratang Island

Baludera Beach in Baratang Island


When it comes to tourist attractions, India, as a country, has a lot to offer to the whole world. Starting from a rich heritage to aesthetic values, it has a myriad of options for tourists all over the world. Among these places, the Andaman and Nicobar Island stands tall in terms of the diversities it offers to the visitors.

While most of the islands across the Andamans are well known for their beautiful landscapes, golden beaches, and watersports activities, etc., there are a few more secluded developing islands with a lot to offer in terms of picturesque sceneries and lush greeneries. One of them is Baratang Island.

One of the best-kept secrets of the Andamans, Baratang, is more of secluded beauty. It is located 150km north of central Port Blair with Middle Andaman located at its north and South Andaman at its south. A part of Rangat Taluk of the Middle Andaman Island, It consists of 12 villages with around 6500 inhabitants. The majority of those inhabitants are the Jarawa tribes.


Also known as the Ranchiwalas Island, natives of the Baratang Island are mostly migrated from Ranchi, well settled at the island for decades now. Around the nineteenth century, owing to the political unrest at Ranchi, some of the local people over there converted to Christianity and requested refuge at the local missionaries around Ranchi. The then-ruling Britishers then sent these refuges to Baratang Island for farming and other cultivations. Around 1985, a lighthouse was built and commissioned at the eastern entrance.

The other inhabitants of the islands are the Jarawas, who are one of the oldest tribes and mostly avoid tourist interaction. As the Jarawas stay in the dense forests and are mostly dependent on the forest trees and animals, marine life for food, they shun outsider interactions. There are instances of Jarawas attacking outsiders once they step into the Jarawa territory.

However, over time, the Jarawas have started opening up with the outsiders. However, owing to different instances of exploitation of the Jarawas by the tourists and visitors, the Supreme Court of India had banned the human safaris across the island, which was later on revoked due to the local authorities making changes in their policies strictly prohibiting interaction with the Jarawas.

Major Tourist Highlights:

Unlike the other known islands across the Andamans, Baratang is a less known and more secluded island with a still much-underdeveloped infrastructure. However, for visitors looking for close-to-nature experiences and tranquility, this place is a heaven on earth. It also has rich coral reefs and some of the watersport adventures available at selected locations. There are many places for sightseeing across Baratang Island, even the packages for Baratang Island tour bookings are very much cost-effective. Let’s have a look at some of the major tourist attractions across the island:

Mangroves: The major part of Baratang is filled with lush tropical greeneries and mangrove creeks. Honeymooners from all around come to Baratang for boating through these tunnels through the mangrove creeks amidst the tranquil atmosphere.

Mud Volcanoes and Limestone caves: The mud volcanoes can be found only in Baratang across India. These are a pile of bubbling muds formed by the emission of natural gasses from underground. Another major attraction of Baratang Island is its limestone caves, which are caves with different structures all around formed due to the natural compression of coral lives collectively over a large period of time.

Parrot Island: Another major place to visit in Baratang Island, Parrot Island, is home to one of the largest collections of different varieties of parrots and other exotic birds. Many birders across the world visit this place to listen to the birds as well as to enjoy the famous sunset over the island.

Beaches: Baratang is also home to some of the best white sand and golden beaches with pristine water, beautiful landscapes, and a tranquil atmosphere. Some of the beaches also provide different water sports activities for visitors.

Top beaches across Andaman:

Apart from the tropical forests, mangrove creeks, and landscapes, the Andamans is well known for its beaches all around. While there are many beaches across the island, some of them are well known for their rich coral reefs, unspoilt blue water, and different water sport activities they offer. Let’s have a look at some of the major beaches around Andaman:

Radhanagar Beach: Ranked as one of the best beaches in India as well as all over the world, Radhanagar beach is located at Havelock Island. The white sands, clear blue water, palm vegetation, and watersport activities make it a perfect place for the tourists to visit and stroll around.

Elephant Beach: Another beautiful beach located in Havelock Island, Elephant beach, is famous for its calm surrounding, rich coral reefs, and water sports activities.

Bharathpur Beach: If a beach with the cleanest blue view possible is your preference, it’s the Bharathpur beach that you are looking for. Famous for its flora and fauna and one of the richest coral reefs conservation, the beach is nothing short of blue beauty. It also provides different water sport activities to visitors.

Baludera Beach: The Baludera Beach in Baratang Island is one of the few beaches across the Andaman with mangroves and clean water. It is also famous for its serene atmosphere and elephant rides across the shore. After a full day sightseeing across the island, visitors mostly prefer a visit to the Baludera beach for relaxing.

Merk Bay Beach: One of the most beautiful beaches around the Baratang Island, the Merk Bay beach is famous for its white sands, clear blue water, tranquil surroundings and different water sports activities it offers.

Baludera Beach:

After a full day sightseeing across Baratang Island, tourists usually prefer a trip to the Baludera beach for its calm and serene atmosphere. Baratang Island is more of a deserted island as compared to other islands across Andaman, Baludera beach is mostly hidden from the visitors. It is one of the few beaches with mangrove vegetation with small eco friendly tree top huts all across the beach for relaxing.

While it doesn’t provide water sports activities unlike other Andaman based beaches, visitors can still indulge themselves in swimming, elephant riding as well as small picnics around the beach.

How to reach:

Baludera beach is around 100 km away from Port Blair airport. Visitors can get a bus or cab on NH223 to reach the beach. Some of the visitors who prefer to go by boat can set a trip to Nilambur Jetty, which is very much near to the beach.

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