Beaches in Neil Island

Places to visit in Neil Island (Shaheed Dweep)

With rich bio-diversity, pristine beaches, azure waters, tropical green forest, vegetation, coral reefs, sunsets, sunrises and simple local markets, Neil Island (Shaheed Dweep) qualifies to be called a paradise. Though tiny in the area compared to Havelock Island (Swaraj Dweep) and Port Blair, it has so much to be explored and, most of it is untouched.

Sitapur Beach

Located at the tip of the Neil Island, hosting limestone formation, greenery, white sand, long stretch and crystal clear waters, this beach renders utmost beauty. If you have the love for sunrises then, Sitapur Beach should be on top of your wish list. The view of the sun rising from the sea is undoubtedly one of the highlights of Neil Island. The high tides add more charm to the beauty of this place which also makes it unsafe for swimming. So, head to Sitapur Beach, witness the sunrise, rest a while and head to Bharatpur Beach if you wish to swim.

Bharatpur Beach

Nearest to the Neil Jetty, Bharatpur Beach is famous for coral viewing, swimming and adventure water sports. The other beaches are rocky and have high tides but, Bharatpur Beach in Neil Island is the only beach where you will spot swimmers have some fun in the water. Most importantly, if there is a place where you can witness the magic of the underwater world, then it is in Bharatpur Beach. Scuba diving, snorkeling, glass-bottom boat ride, banana boat ride, Jet Ski and speed boat are a few water sports activities you can attempt here under the guidance of certified instructors. To experience the best of the Bharatpur beach, you have to get up a little early and walk up to the beach to indulge in your favorite water sports.

Laxmanpur Beach

Where Sitapur Beach boasts sunrise, Lakshmanpur Beach offers the best sunset. Mostly deserted, the beach suddenly gets crowded a few minutes before the sunset. The sun paints the sky orange and then, slowly emerges into the water, leaving everyone in awe. With white sand, dead corals around and long stretch, this beach is a perfect place for evening walks with your loved one or a bunch of friends. Since sunset draws people to this beach, you should reach little early to witness the silence and for some sunbathing.

Natural Rock Formation/ Howarah Bridge

When you visit here, you may mostly find photographers capturing the beauty of this place. Locally known as Howrah Bridge, this natural rock formation is a result of dead corals and seawater dissolving the ridges of rocks in Laxmanpur Beach 2. The natural rock formation is the best wonder of Neil Island. If you are lucky to visit the bridge during low tide, you may find turtles, urchins, fishes and corals at the pond near the natural rock formation.

Sir Hugh Rose Island

A wildlife sanctuary with turtle nesting ground, Sir Hugh Rose Island is a tiny island at the southern tip of Neil Island and is called as ‘Chhota Neil’ by the islanders. If you manage to get the permit from the forest department then, you are only a few kilometres away from some wildlife adventure on a scenic island. You can visit Sir Hugh Rose Island after relaxing a bit in Sitapur Beach as they both aren’t far away from each other.

Ramnagar Beach

If you yearn for some shade while enjoying the bright sun, sky blue waters and white sand, the Ramnagar Beach is the destination you should stop at. It does not only have a laidback vibe like other beaches on Neil island but has beautiful resorts from where you can enjoy the amazing beach view throughout the day. Also, the beach is mostly popular amongst islanders and hardly registers any footfall, which makes this beach worth visiting to spend some peaceful time.

Neil Kendra

Sprawling around a large area between Bharatpur beach and Laxmanpur beach, this is the main market on Neil Island. Standing here, you get to see an arc-shaped view of the beach which is not possible to witness from any other corner of this beautiful island. Apart from enjoying the best view, you can also meet locals and learn about its culture more authentic way.

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