Best Restaurants at Baratang Island

Restaurant & Food Outlets in the Baratang Island

Baratang Island comes under the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It lies between the Middle and South Andaman Islands and is located around 110 kms from Port Blair. Baratang Island is majorly characterized by its mangrove creeks, dense forests, tribal habitat, boat rides, beaches, caves, and birds. The biggest attractions of this island are the Limestone Caves, Mud Volcano, and Parrot Island. To explore all the top highlights of this island, the tourists would have to at least have an overnight stay there. There are multiple hotels and resorts present in the island, where people can easily book their stay. Being a popular tourist spot, there are adequate options available to wine and dine in Baratang Island as well.  

Major cuisines of the Baratang Island

The top cuisines of Andamans largely influence the cuisine of Andaman Island. The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are additionally characterized by featuring a beautiful fusion of Indian Culture, which is also reflected in its local food and cuisine. The Andaman cuisine has been majorly influenced by the diverse cultures that came into contact with the region. The influence of Christian, Hindu, Muslim, and even Sikh religions in traditional food is especially quite strong here. The Andaman cuisine would be quite a delight for people fond of seafood, as they would get to taste lip-smacking lobster, khadi crabs, prawns, tandoori fish, and squid fry here. There are a lot of options for eating out in Baratang Island, which includes both premium restaurants and street-side food stalls.

Seafood is especially quite popular in all of the Andaman, including the Baratang island. People can especially find extremely delectable fish curry in any of the top places to dine in Baratang Island. There are a plethora of options available here when it comes to the variety of fishes, and most of the dining spots here serve a distinctive spicy and flavorful fish curry. 

Chilli Curry is another delicious dish that is typical of the Andaman Islands. This hot and spicy dish is filled with the scrumptious flavors of tomatoes, onions, and a host of spices. 

While there are tribal communities present at the Baratang island, not much has been discovered about the food they eat, and their indigenous dishes are not served at the local restaurants. Most of these tribal communities, however, are known to eat a variety of meats, including the wild boars, fishes, and turtles of the island.  

The top restaurants in the Baratang Island

There are a number of restaurants in and near Baratang Island where people can enjoy an incredible dining experience during their visit to this gorgeous tourist destination. The following points provide a brief insight into the Baratang Island restaurant menu, location, price range dining experience, and so on.

A.R Restaurant

This is among the best restaurants in Baratang Island, and is located near its Sr Sec School. The A.R Restaurant is considered the perfect destination to enjoy a hearty meal on the island, and can perfectly satiate the tourists’ food cravings. People can find a number of popular cuisines available at Baratang Island, and it also has seating available for quite a large number of diners. The A.R Restaurant is characterized by its strategic location and often attracts people visiting Braratang, Oralkatcha, and Port Blair. The A.R Restaurant welcomes guests from 9:30 am to 9:00 pm, and its price range ranges from Rs 500 to Rs 1000. The average cost of dining here would be Rs.700 for two.


This is a famous Baratang Island eating spot, and is quite renowned for serving pure vegetarian cuisine. Xalxo is located near the Baldura beach of Baratang Island and hence is commonly visited by the tourists coming to visit and explore this prominent tourist site. Xalxo welcomes guests from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm, and its price range ranges from Rs 500 to Rs 1000. The average cost of dining here would be Rs.750 for two.

Dew Dale restaurant

This restaurant is a part of the Dew Dale Resort located at the Baratang Island. This resort was developed with the key aim of promoting Rural Tourism in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It is located at a distance of about 105 Kms from Port Blair town in Sundergarh village of Baratang Island. This resort additionally features a multi-cuisine open restaurant where people can enjoy an absolutely delectable dining experience.

Jetty Canteen

The Nilambur jetty of the Bratang Island has a quaint little canteen where one can try “macchi suruva” and ”bhaath”, which basically refers to fish curry and rice. This local delicacy is a top favorite of the tourists visiting the region and would be a perfect hearty meal to fill up the stomach after a long day of sightseeing.

In addition to the above-mentioned restaurants and bars in Baratang Island, there are several dining spots nearby as well. One can especially find multiple small dhabas around the Nilambur jetty where they can relish the scrumptious taste of the local Andamani food. The dishes available in these food stalls and dhabas basically are a blend of cuisines belonging to distinguished parts of the nation, as this island has settlers belonging to all parts of India. There are dhaba thalis available here that serve a mixture of dishes from Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Bengal. They also serve a number of local snacks like “Goli”, which is a sweet and savory item often had with tea and is prepared by frying a paste of refined flour mixed with sugar.

Most of the restaurants in Baratang Island, as well as the food stalls located there, are quite pocket friendly. Hence, people won’t have to make a hole in their pockets when gorging on delectable delicacies there. In addition to delectable meals and dining options, a lot of refreshments are available across the island to help beat the heat. The tourists must try out coconut water during their visit to Baratang Island, in order to feel refreshed after a long day of sightseeing. One can also find street vendors selling spiced cucumbers and buttermilk at diverse places around the island.

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