Best Restaurants at Mayabander Island

Restaurants and Food Outlets- Mayabunder Island

Overview of Mayabunder Island

Snuggled in the crevices of the North Andaman, Maybunder islands is a treasure box overflowing with resplendent gems that shine on their own accord. Dense mangroves sprout hither and thither of its pristine creeks. Apart from being a secure pouch for some of the world’s greatest sea turtles, the shiny sands of its calm beaches add a generous sprinkle to this island’s serenity. 


One of the 37 popular islands of Andaman, how to reach Mayabunder islands can never be an issue given its excellent road, air and water connectivity. 

A 9-10 hour bus ride from Port Blair to Mayabunder Jetty does all it can to avoid dents in your pockets. Clusters of Jarawa tribes are a common sight as you snake your way through the pastoral forests of the Andaman Trunk Road. If you are on an island-hopping spree, daily buses operating from 4 AM to 11 PM is at your beck and call. 

For those who want to savour the Andaman ripples, ferrying is the one-stop option. From Port Blair’s Phoenix Bay Jetty to Diglipur, an 8-9 hours ferry ride feels like a luxurious voyage. It proves to be a slightly inconvenient choice for those who are on a tightly packed schedule as they operate only twice weekly. The rides are at the mercy of weather conditions and availability. 

Reasons to visit Mayabunder Island

Sightseeing tours in Mayabunder Island can be squeezed into the tightest of schedules. With the luxury of being able to visit any day, an hour or two is ample time for one to explore the sightseeing spots at Mayabunder islands. 

Karmatanag beach

Kayaking through the rich mangrove-lined waters of Mayabunder islands will lead you to Karmatanag beach at Mayabunder Island– a paradise with cushions of turtle hatchling spots. Tiny huts perched in its watery confines are a perfect sanctuary for you to loosen your shoulders and draw breath from the salt-kissed air. If you want to hit the roads, ditch kayaks and opt for a 30-minute hired-bicycle ride to get completely immersed in the exotic beauty of the towering green trees sprinkled along its way. 

Ray Hills

Freshly included in the Andaman eco-tourism spots, Ray Hills at Mayabunder Island is an ideal place for one to trail through its virgin woody patches. Rock climbing, trekking and elephant rides in its preserved biodiversity- a twenty minute boat ride from Mayabunder islands let you into this haven for creating an infinite family memories. 

Avis Island

It is inevitable to witness coconut trees scattered in every nook and corner of Avis Island at Mayabunder Island. Lying on your back on the shiny sands and gazing at the serene waters- Avis Islands’ beach is the gateway to puff away all the fatigue. A permit is all that’s required to embark on a fifteen-minute boat ride to this secluded islet nestled amidst tropical shrubs.

Austin X islands 

Peppered with vineyards and orange shrubberies, Austin X island at Mayabunder Island remains ever so faithful to the eco-friendly Mayabunder trait. Paddling across the saline waters of its mangrove fringes makes one close-knitted to the pristine diversity. Upon catching sight of deer sip water from tiny creeks, resisting the urge to pat their heads will go in vain.  

Interview island

A three-hour dunghy ride from Mayabunder to Austin strait gives way to Interview islands at Mayabunder Island.

Housing the largest wildlife sanctuary in Andaman,

Interview islands provide leeway for wild elephants to occupy its tropical

peripheries. The vast littoral patches inhabited by white-headed starlings in

this 101 km area islet make jungle safaris and trekking at Interview islands a must-do in your itinerary.

Major cuisines of Mayabunder Island

The sensual pleasure of sipping coconut water is an experience that can be felt even if you go to the smallest of shacks on this island. Fish curry doused with mustard and green chillies. 

Prawn embalmed with native spices and bathed in a splash of refreshing coconut milk. Chilli curry with a generous dosage of onions and tomatoes. Amritsari Kulcha stuffed with chillies and a plethora of spices. Mayabunder cuisines are an interplay of all the cultures that brush past each other in this region- Christian, Sikh, Muslim and Hindu. Skewers arranged with sardines, lobsters and squids in every restaurant adorning this islet will make your hunger pangs shoot up to the sky. 

Being an island unaccustomed to people thronging towards, the solitary surroundings of Mayabunder have a handful of fresh eateries to their credit. The main market is well-equipped with juicy fruits and vegetables. Vendors in the Mayabunder streets selling titbits are always present to cater to one’s hunger cravings. 

 The top restaurants in Mayabunder Island 

It is a general word passed off by many to carry food and drink from Port Blair before making way towards Mayabunder. Even if you forget to stop by a restaurant and procure food items, don’t let that unnerve you. The hotels and resorts at Mayabunder Islands induce a touch of quaintness to their culinary delicacies. 

Hotel Sea N Sand

If one wants their taste buds to be exposed to an array of delicacies transgressing international boundaries, Sea N Sand restaurant is at your disposal. From serving simple homemade food to sensational seafood delicacies, it can make you feel at home and in another world at the same time.

About a kilometre away from Mayabunder junction, Sea N Sand restaurant serves fresh food right from the grill. A bar attached to the eating joint makes chugging a glass of wine in merry-making moments an absolute possibility. With spacious seating and parking facilities available, waiting for steaming hot dishes arriving a little late is worth it. The warm hosts of this restaurant are the pioneers of rendering Mayabunder tourist services. 

Carlo Restaurant And Bar

A well-equipped restaurant with luminous lightings and plush seats stashed across each other, Carlo Bar and Restaurant is a well-loved restaurant in Mayabunder.

Hotel Payel Garden And Bar

Open from 11 AM to 11 PM, Payel Garden and bar is a restaurant situated in the Mayabunder vicinities. Lip-smacking dal tadkas served here make for a heavenly treat. Facilities, service standards and cost-effectiveness seem to garner quite good ratings from customers visiting this food outlet.

A myriad of eateries may not be a normal sight within the precincts of Mayabunder islands. Relishing seafood skewers in the low-key restaurants sprinkled across a few spots in Mayabunder islands is sure to satisfy your hunger qualms.

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