How to Reach Avis Island

Date : 23 Oct 2020
Categories: Andaman Travels

A public island beach for those willing to spend some time away from crowds, you should visit Avis Island if you want to spend some ‘me time’. It is an uninhabited beach that makes it perfect if you are looking for some isolation. Avis Island is known for its crystal clear and calm waters that further enhance the serene ambiance of the beach. The island is also known as the coconut island due to the organic coconut plantations there. 

Located about a twenty-minute boat ride far from Mayabunder jetty, this is a pristine and untouched island. The coconut plantation further enhances the beauty of this tiny island. It is surrounded by resting clear waters and has a small beach as well. It is not habited and closed for tourists. So, special permission from the forest department has to be taken for a day visit to this secluded island. Avis Island is closed to tourists in general and those wishing to visit the beach require prior permission from local authorities.

How to reach Avis Island?

Avis Island is nearby Mayabunder Island. So to reach Avis Island, you have to first reach Mayabunder. From there, you can easily reach Avis Island by Dunghi. It will take around twenty minutes from there. You can reach Mayabunder via buses from Port Blair (capital of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands) that head daily on Andaman Trunk Road via Rangat and Baratang. The buses leave from Port Blair at around 4 am and are available till 11 am. It is a tiring nine to ten hours’ bumpy ride through parts of dense jungle and with ferries linking the islands. On the ATR, you may also spot the Jarawa tribe. But you should not click their photographs, give them anything or communicate with them in any way. Such behavior is legally punishable. 

Taking a ferry from Phoenix Bay Jetty in Port Blair to Diglipur (via Mayabunder) is a more comfortable option. Depending on the weather conditions, the journey takes about eight to nine hours. There are two weekly ferries that leave on Monday and on Friday, but you should check the timetables online or at the ticket counter as they do often change. Before getting into the queue, don’t forget the photocopies of your permit, visa, and passport. Mayabunder has the facility of harboring passenger ships from the mainland. The origin to start your journey to Mayabunder via any mode of transport is the capital of Andaman Island- Port Blair. Reaching there is quite easy. You can opt for any mode as per your comfort and budget.

  • By bus- Direct government-operated buses and buses run by the private sector
  • By government ferry- Direct ferry from Port Blair and combination of ferry and bus
  • By private cab



Best time to visit Avis Island 

The weather in Avis Island is like that of the rest of the Andamans. It includes a hot and humid summer season lasting from March to May and has an average temperature ranging from 25 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees Celsius. The monsoon season lasts between June and September. The rain during this duration ranges from moderate to extremely heavy. At last, the time from October to February is the winter season and the average temperature stays at a cold 20 degree Celsius. While planning a visit to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, tourists generally avoid monsoons as there are mainly beaches that become inaccessible or dangerous due to the harsh rainfall. The best time to visit Avis Island is in the winter months of October to March.

What to expect while visiting Avis Island?

Popularly known for its coconut plantations, Avis Island was previously meant to be home to a famous hotel chain. Owing to legal ramifications, it fell into the hands of the national authorities who deemed the island for coconut plantations. Apart from that, there is an incredibly beautiful beach as well. 

While you are at this magical island, don’t forget to click fantastic photographs with the lovely sunrise or sunset, azure waters, and the coconut trees as the background. The calm waters are so clear and brilliant there that you can also spot fishes. The little bursts of colour are visible through the surface. Swimming on Avis Island Beach is not recommended. There are pebbles and stones covering the water bed that hinder swimming. As a result, someone might get hurt. The shore also offers a great view and shoreline where you can take long walks on the beach or strolls. Avis Island Beach can be used as an isolated picnic spot for the gathering if you are with your friends or family. 

Where to stay in Avis Island?

The island is uninhabited and there are no hotels or resorts there. Thus, going there early in the morning is always a good idea. But you can stay in Mayabunder instead. But please know in advance that being a very remote destination just like any other island in the North and Middle Andaman Island, you should not look for any luxurious stay. So you should not expect services like television in rooms, room service, wifi connection, etc. while staying here. Some of the best places to stay here are mentioned below: 

  • RG Hotel
  • Hotel Aashna
  • Sea and Sand 
  • Hotel Landfall
  • Blue Bird Resort
  • APWD Guest House 



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