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Date : 30 May 2020
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Craving gorgeous beaches, stunning landscapes, picturesque view? Then look no further than the Andaman Islands. Did you know there are 572 islands out of which 37 are inhibited? They all have something to offer whether its adventure water activities, scenic lookout point, or gorgeous beaches you are looking for. Imagine yourself plunge into the spectacularly exquisite coral reef to snorkel or scuba dive, you get greeted by a shoal of bannerfish, lobsters, turtles hammerhead and kohl ray. Islands of Andaman offers a range of vacation experiences, from all-inclusive resorts to activities like hiking, scuba diving, jet-skiing, and snorkeling. It all comes down to what you wish for, so make a list of the things you are looking for, to do during this summer holiday. 

From exotic flora and fauna to blue Ocean and charming sunset views to moon-lit walks on the beach Andaman Island will reward you with magnificent memories. Here’s a compilation of reasons why you should plan your next holiday to Andaman Island.

Feel as free as the wind

Close your eyes and take a deep breath- to feel the beauty, magic, and miracles in the Islands of Andaman. It’s an amazing feeling when on a hot summer day, you stay where the wind is so strong. Your need to salty-sweet smell, cool breeze, and sunlight can be fulfilled by a beach holiday. When you hear the sound of the ocean waves, soft sand beneath your feet while cool breeze gushes through your hair, this makes you feel light and spark the sense of freedom in you. 

Emotional well-being

The view of the Ocean water, actually calms our mind says, psychologists. Have you ever felt your problems melt away by just staring at the view of the Ocean? A sense of peace overcomes our mental stress here. This is the best time of the year to spend an entire day in a dreamy hammock on a pristine idyllic Island. Can there be anything more blissful than lying down on the beach, spending quality time along with your loved ones, or just some precious me-time? Also, treat yourself to a rejuvenating spa treatment, read a book while sunbathing, listen to the waves, collect precious shells, build sandcastles. Just whisk away all your worries and stress here. 

Embrace your love with kids in the Beach 


Kids love to build sand-castle and create memories with their parents during summer vacation. A great time to leave the technology in your hotel rooms and spend some quality time, after all, summer vacation is for your kids. It’s pure fun for your child! While you get fit and healthy without even knowing. Spending uninterrupted time with them boosts a child’s self-confidence and self-worth. Your child’s brain goes to seeking and exploring when exposed to different scenery. It’s the right time to improve the cognitive, motor, and social skills of a child. They enhance creativity and feed the imagination.

Explore the life underwater

The pristine blue waters will tempt you to take a dip in the sea. However, an Island vacation is incomplete without experiencing scuba diving or snorkeling. There are more dive shops because of the shallow coral reef located just offshore. Get mesmerized with schools of beautifully patterned fishes, and aquatic species that cross your path while scuba diving, snorkel to admire the beautiful coral in the area. Whether you are on a romantic trip with your significant other or a family holiday you can enjoy water adventure together. Also, there are many other water activities like kayaking, Jet skiing, Parasailing, Boat riding for less adventure.

Go for some shopping

The Island is bound with markets, there are loads of things to buy in Andaman Island- good for shopaholics. There are particular shopping areas to explore, everyone from vintage sweethearts to bargain hunters and outlet darlings to luxury shoppers can satisfy their tingle to shop. Looking for pearls to gift someone special, aromatic spices for your own home, shells, timber craft, jute items, coconut handicrafts, sarongs, and hats then you shouldn’t miss shopping during your summer holidays in the Andaman Islands.

Lip smacking local cuisine

Indigenous Andaman Island cuisine incorporates diverse and delicious influences with an abundant array of fish and seafood harvested from local waters. The cuisine is determined mainly by its diverse population from Bengal, South India, North India, and Burma. Fresh fish and seafood graces every restaurant table headline and is a part of Andaman tourism packages. Some of the most common dishes you can taste are Lobsters, Khadi crabs, Prawns, Tandoori fish, and Squid fry. The Andaman barbeque is very important in Andaman cuisine. No matter, the pace of your trip or the size of your appetite, the World’s Most Delicious Island-Andaman guarantee to impress even the most particular taste buds.

Click some great pictures


Vacations are the best time of the year, meant to be lived to the fullest and remembered for years to come. The memories that live in our minds and hearts fade with time, hence documenting the trip digitally helps you to remember the trip further down the road. Your family and friends may want to know your experiences during the vacation so, when they see your photos, they experience the joy and sights of the travel with you.

Staying in Andaman is a blissful experience, you can wake up every day seeing the beautiful blue ocean waiting outside just for you. The best memory of a holiday is to return home with something new. Escaping from work and from all the pressure can help parents focus on ensuring their kids have the best time. Are you planning a beach vacation this summer holiday? You should definitely go to the Andaman Island with your family, reap all these benefits, and collect happy and fond memories together.


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