Things You Must Know Before Getting Married Underwater

Date : 18 Jul 2020
Categories: Andaman Travels

Since childhood, every girl starts picturizing her dream wedding, but we don’t think any of them ever thought about an Underwater Wedding! Won’t it be a fairytale wedding idea when the couple dons a diving gear to go deep and exchange the vows with the love of their life? Just imagine! 

The best thing is that there are options for every budget, ranging from 5-star properties to affordable beach resorts. In fact, you might actually spend less doing it this way as you get to save your money on flowers and other things. You and your guests will always remember your magical ‘Little Mermaid’ wedding whole life!

What does an underwater wedding involve?


  • There are certain places that require you to be a PADI certified diver first. But don’t worry in case you are not one because there are a number of other scuba diving sites that don’t need any kind of certification. Undoubtedly, you will have a lot more freedom underwater if you are certified. And if you are not, then the instructors will go down with you to assist you under the water.
  • There are some hotels and resorts that offer different underwater wedding package deals to get you and your partner certified before the D-Day. They also provide a few rehearsals. 
  • If you choose to get married in a shallow area, then you can have all your guests around you to witness the ceremony. This could be just four-feet water.
  • To make the wedding legal, the presence of a certified officiator is mandatory. He can be arranged by the resort or the company doing your wedding planning. And since you can’t sign anything under the water, he will give you documents as soon as you both get out of the water.
  • As you can’t say your vows under the water, you can say them ahead of time. You can also choose to write them on a dry erase board or a laminated sheet, and carry it down with you. And if you don’t want to necessarily ‘say’ yes, then you can make use of sign language options. Sounds exciting, right?
  • You can still wear your lovely white wedding dress and classy tuxedo under the waves. It would be so much fun. You don’t have to compromise on anything at all!
  • A very popular and preferred beach resort located in the Havelock Island of Andamans, Havelock Island Beach Resort, is capable of making arrangements of an expert photographer and videographer so that you can capture great shots of your underwater ceremony. The most precious moments of your life deserve to get recorded, and the resort will fulfill this wish of yours. 
  • Are you thinking about how your friends and family will attend your underwater wedding? Don’t worry. The resort’s experienced underwater videographer will stream the live video from down for everyone present back on land. They can watch the entire ceremony on big screens. 
  • You can also choose to bring the best man and maid of honor underwater along with you. 
  • After coming out of the water, the couple can get dressed again and have a high-spirited reception party with all the champagne popping to celebrate with its near and dear ones later. 
  • Havelock Island, which is a great ocean destination, is known for its highly delicious seafood. Luckily, the best on the whole island is served at the Havelock Island Beach Resort. So, your guests are definitely going to remember the food until so many years to come. Hands down, the catering services of the resort are excellent. 

Best places to get married underwater



  • India- Andaman Island, a union territory, is a little piece of marine paradise on earth. The underwater visibility and weather conditions are very good here. Havelock Island is your one-stop destination for having an underwater wedding.
  • Hawaii- Counted among the dreamiest places on the planet, you can choose to have an underwater wedding surrounded by sharks here, in case you are extremely adventurous. 
  • Baja California- The rings are given in a clamshell here. Just right out of a fairytale! 
  • Thailand- A cost-effective option in comparison to many others on this list, this country has been conducting underwater weddings since the early 90s. 
  • Bora Bora- It has a wedding chapel that is thirteen feet under the water. Just wear an underwater helmet and scuba gear, and dive in. You don’t have to be trained to get married here. 
  • Mauritius- Being an amazing destination for an underwater wedding, you can also choose to get married in a submarine here.
  • Cayman Islands- This option is perfect for those couples who are truly daring.
  • The Bahamas- Couples please note that you need to say “I do” before sunset here. There are spots where you can get married in the presence of sharks swimming around you both. 
  • Fort Lauderdale- Here, your guests can attend your wedding ceremony by snorkeling above you. They can watch everything from a spot in shallow waters. 
  • Trinidad and Tobago- According to a rumor, couples getting married in the Nylon Pool get the miraculous gift of a happy life ever after! Who doesn’t want that?
  • Australia- We haven’t found anyone yet who doesn’t want to get married next to the Great Barrier Reef!


These kinds of weddings are considered highly rare and unique, but Havelock Island is India is becoming a great destination for having an underwater ceremony owing to its colorful corals, rich marine life, and incredible natural beauty. If you are an ocean-lover (or not), such kind of a celebration is the wedding of the century for sure. And to help you further with all your planning and arrangements, Havelock Island Beach Resort is always present at your service. The magic of such a wedding will be etched in everyone’s heart for always.

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