Things You Must Know Before Getting Married Underwater

Things You Must Know Before Getting Married Underwater
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Since childhood, every girl starts picturizing her dream wedding, but we don’t think any of them ever thought about an Underwater Wedding! Won’t it be a fairytale wedding idea when the couple dons a diving gear to go deep and exchange the vows with the love of their life? Just imagine! 

The best thing is that there are options for every budget, ranging from 5-star properties to affordable beach resorts. In fact, you might actually spend less doing it this way as you get to save your money on flowers and other things. You and your guests will always remember your magical ‘Little Mermaid’ wedding whole life!

What does an underwater wedding involve?

  • There are certain places that require you to be a PADI certified diver first. But don’t worry in case you are not one because there are a number of other scuba diving sites that don’t need any kind of certification. Undoubtedly, you will have a lot more freedom underwater if you are certified. And if you are not, then the instructors will go down with you to assist you under the water.
  • There are some hotels and resorts that offer different underwater wedding package deals to get you and your partner certified before the D-Day. They also provide a few rehearsals. 
  • If you choose to get married in a shallow area, then you can have all your guests around you to witness the ceremony. This could be just four-feet water.
  • To make the wedding legal, the presence of a certified officiator is mandatory. He can be arranged by the resort or the company doing your wedding planning. And since you can’t sign anything under the water, he will give you documents as soon as you both get out of the water.
  • As you can’t say your vows under the water, you can say them ahead of time. You can also choose to write them on a dry erase board or a laminated sheet, and carry it down with you. And if you don’t want to necessarily ‘say’ yes, then you can make use of sign language options. Sounds exciting, right?
  • You can still wear your lovely white wedding dress and classy tuxedo under the waves. It would be so much fun. You don’t have to compromise on anything at all!
  • A very popular and preferred beach resort located in the Havelock Island of Andamans, Havelock Island Beach Resort, is capable of making arrangements of an expert photographer and videographer so that you can capture great shots of your underwater ceremony. The most precious moments of your life deserve to get recorded, and the resort will fulfill this wish of yours. 
  • Are you thinking about how your friends and family will attend your underwater wedding? Don’t worry. The resort’s experienced underwater videographer will stream the live video from down for everyone present back on land. They can watch the entire ceremony on big screens. 
  • You can also choose to bring the best man and maid of honor underwater along with you. 
  • After coming out of the water, the couple can get dressed again and have a high-spirited reception party with all the champagne popping to celebrate with its near and dear ones later. 
  • Havelock Island, which is a great ocean destination, is known for its highly delicious seafood. Luckily, the best on the whole island is served at the Havelock Island Beach Resort. So, your guests are definitely going to remember the food until so many years to come. Hands down, the catering services of the resort are excellent. 

Best places to get married underwater

  • India- Andaman Island, a union territory, is a little piece of marine paradise on earth. The underwater visibility and weather conditions are very good here. Havelock Island is your one-stop destination for having an underwater wedding.
  • Hawaii- Counted among the dreamiest places on the planet, you can choose to have an underwater wedding surrounded by sharks here, in case you are extremely adventurous. 
  • Baja California- The rings are given in a clamshell here. Just right out of a fairytale! 
  • Thailand- A cost-effective option in comparison to many others on this list, this country has been conducting underwater weddings since the early 90s. 
  • Bora Bora- It has a wedding chapel that is thirteen feet under the water. Just wear an underwater helmet and scuba gear, and dive in. You don’t have to be trained to get married here. 
  • Mauritius- Being an amazing destination for an underwater wedding, you can also choose to get married in a submarine here.
  • Cayman Islands- This option is perfect for those couples who are truly daring.
  • The Bahamas- Couples please note that you need to say “I do” before sunset here. There are spots where you can get married in the presence of sharks swimming around you both. 
  • Fort Lauderdale- Here, your guests can attend your wedding ceremony by snorkeling above you. They can watch everything from a spot in shallow waters. 
  • Trinidad and Tobago- According to a rumor, couples getting married in the Nylon Pool get the miraculous gift of a happy life ever after! Who doesn’t want that?
  • Australia- We haven’t found anyone yet who doesn’t want to get married next to the Great Barrier Reef!

These kinds of weddings are considered highly rare and unique, but Havelock Island is India is becoming a great destination for having an underwater ceremony owing to its colorful corals, rich marine life, and incredible natural beauty. If you are an ocean-lover (or not), such kind of a celebration is the wedding of the century for sure. And to help you further with all your planning and arrangements, Havelock Island Beach Resort is always present at your service. The magic of such a wedding will be etched in everyone’s heart for always.   

Things to Keep In Mind Before Planning a Destination Wedding in Andaman
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These days, many of us have started to prefer an intimate wedding in an exotic destination. Gone are the days when one wanted to invite hundreds of guests to their conventional and big fat wedding celebrations. Now, couples want to have special, peaceful, and snug ceremonies that are in some way an extension of who they are. 

Your search ends in Andaman Island if the upper limit of your guest list is somewhere in double digits and if you have always liked the idea of having your wedding on an isolated island. The enchanting beaches revealing the blue hues will give your senses a natural high. 

However, everything is not that easy at all. There are a few crucial things that you should consider before finalising the Andaman Island as your beach wedding destination.  

#1 Weather is God

The climate of this island is tropical. Throughout the year, temperatures remain in the range of 22-32 degrees Celsius. However, monsoons can play spoiler. Ferries and flights are often cancelled or delayed between mid-May and mid-September as it is the period of heavy rains. Thus, you cannot plan a wedding during this time. 

Late November to mid-April is the ideal time period. Months from December to March are sunny with favorable diving conditions and turtle nesting. Thus, the place is relatively crowded during this time. But you can consider planning your wedding here until August.

#2 Don’t expect too much luxury

Everybody has a different idea of luxury. For some, the fanciest car is the true lavishness while for others, it’s all about having a vacation in a cruise line sipping the costliest wine. Then there is one more category of people for whom spending a good time close to nature is the ultimate luxury. If you and your would-be are also one of them, then you will definitely be able to find luxury in abundance in Andamans. The fresh air, cool breeze, palm trees, and vast stretches of the blue ocean are enough to spoil you to a great extent. You would find true happiness by carrying out your wedding ceremonies at a distance from the chaotic city life.

#3 Not overly grand, luxurious & super expensive properties

Andaman Island is not known for excessively posh hotel properties. Rather, it has the most beautiful and delightful boutique resorts in the lap of nature. If you have decided to get hitched here, then we would love to recommend you the best resort for your beach wedding- Havelock Island Beach Resort. You can exchange rings or have a traditional Indian wedding with pheras at this fancy resort that is popular for its private gorgeous sandy beach, an azure ocean, and tropical greenery. This charming property in Havelock Island is perfect for lovebirds to have ceremonies by the turquoise waters. You can customise the wedding menu and have a delicious lunch under the blue sky as well. Its quaintness will make you go weak at your knees. The wooden cottages of the resort are sure to get appreciated by you as well as your guests. It is the perfect spot for an intimate ethereal wedding.

#4 Logistics and suppliers

There are no direct flights to Andaman Island from everywhere. For instance, if you are flying from Delhi or Mumbai, then you will have a layover in Hyderabad or somewhere else. From there, you will be flying to Port Blair, the capital of the island. Its airport is Vir Savarkar Airport. However, there are direct flights also from a few cities such as Chennai, Bangalore, and Kolkata. 

To reach any major island from Port Blair, you will be required to take a government ferry or faster private catamaran. However, the timetables are not predictable and services are slow. Sometimes, it can take up to three to four hours to reach Havelock or Neil Island.

These islands are not that much commercialised and thus, services like that of decorators, etc. are limited. But then, the island is miraculously stunning that it doesn’t need any artificial decorations. A surreal, simple, and organic set up can be created with different varieties of flowers, seashells, and candles. But if you have booked Havelock Island Beach Resort, then you don’t have to worry at all. All the required services will be available here including a photographer and makeup artist as well. Just leave everything to their expert planners and you focus on having the most romantic day of your life. 

#5 A little unconventional entertainment

Andamans offer a different kind of amusement. Shadi band and DJ set up in these farfetched islands is not a good idea because that can be done in your own city as well. So, what’s the point of travelling all the way here? In this little piece of heaven, you should entertain yourself and your guests with diverse activities like snorkeling, diving, kayaking, island hopping, nature walks, and sea walking. If you are an adventure-lover, then this is the best place for you to exchange rings. No wedding can be more memorable than this for anyone who is going to attend it.    

These are a few reality checks that we have presented to just give you a little heads up on what to expect when you are picturising your marriage celebrations in the unbelievably enthralling islands. If you and your partner are of those kinds who want a unique and unconventional sort of wedding, then choosing the magical Andaman Islands would be the best decision ever because nothing can get more delightful than this. 

Having a destination wedding is a dream for many. A splendid destination like a beach where you get to experience crashing waves, beach vibes along with cool, multiple hues in the backdrop is something that would make any celebration unforgettable. Having a peaceful wedding with a small gathering of your close friends and family members far from the hullabaloo of the city life is what you need to experience the best day of your life!

Explore the Unexplored in Rangat Island – Andaman’s!
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A town in the Middle Andaman Island, Andaman Archipelago, Rangat is one of the three counties administrative divisions of the North and Middle Andaman district. Its natural beauty can surprise whosoever visits Andaman and Nicobar Islands- the loveliest union territory of India. The second largest town in Andamans, it is not very popular among travellers yet. Not many people know about its splendid beauty, but those who end up here are left awestruck by the attractions it offers. You can witness gorgeous beaches with volcanic rocks as well as pristine sand, which are perfect for turtle nesting during the season (December to January). The mangrove sanctuaries and awareness centres with the longest walking trails among mangrove forests in the country are sure to leave you spellbound. Wait, there is more!! You can also visit a scenic waterfall or stroll around vast plantations of spices after monsoons here.


All the attraction spots are more or less equidistant from Rangat. So you have to do some planning if you want to cover them all. Speaking of the town, you will see some shops, well-stocked market, food stalls and tea sellers. Locals may get over-friendly as they don’t see crowds of tourists. In our coming sections, we will be giving you more detailed information on what Rangat has in store for you on your visit. 

Things to do and see in Rangat


Take a pit stop in Rangat if you are crossing it to visit any of its surrounding islands. Indulge yourself in a day trip of the attractions that are located in its close proximity. You can explore a few incredible places along with going for water activities like snorkeling and scuba diving also if you spend two days here. There are numerous beaches and points of interest here that you can plan to visit. All these sites have individual significance.  

If you are a true nature lover and want the much-needed ‘me-time’ surrounded by nature out there, then there is a long list of things that you can do and see. Trust us, the list is more than just lazing around in the beaches, soaking in their natural beauty and appreciate the greenery. You can spend your day sunbathing, swimming, watching the superabundant mangroves and most importantly, see the diverse species of turtles nesting in two of its beaches.

  • Morrice Dera Beach- A very unique attraction, the twin rock at the beach presents itself as a rare yet beautiful rock formation. There is a walkway between these rocks that leads you to an eye-catching horizon viewpoint. It is a perfect spot to just sit and relax, and do absolutely nothing.
  • Amkunj Beach- Located in Nimbutala village at a distance of eight kilometers from Rangat, this beach is not less than a tiny piece of heaven. You can swim here and get a perfect tan along with complete peace of mind. It is a lovely place to sit and unwind on a bright sunny day.
  • Dhani Nallah Mangrove Walkway (Nature Walkway)- It is a one-kilometer long wooden boardwalk that twists through the mangrove creeks. This walkway is the longest one of its kind in India. It is perfect to observe the diverse mangrove eco-system at one place.
  • The walkway opens up to the pristine long beach- Dhani Nallah Beach, which is popular as a hatchery ground for sea turtles. There is a small eco-hut, which is named as Olive Ridley, named after the most frequent turtle species of the beach. 
  • Yerrata Creek- Located eight Kilometers away from Rangat, it is known for its abundant mangrove life which makes it a great spot to observe and study a diverse variety of mangroves. The department of environment and forests has established a Mangrove Interpretation Centre here that displays different species of mangroves found on these islands.
  • Curtbert Bay Beach- It is a lengthy sandy beach located at a distance of twelve kilometers from Rangat. It is a well-known turtle nesting ground. The season is normally between December and February. If you want to witness this wonderful marvel of nature, then you should undoubtedly include this in your itinerary.   
  • Panchavati Hills and Waterfalls- These beautiful hills surrounded by rocks fall in the outskirts of Rangat. Trekking is not advised on this small hill as a serene waterfall flows gently through the hills, making the rocks very slippery. The route to reach Panchavati is very scenic and photogenic as it is surrounded by agricultural farms. 

Other sightseeing spots in Rangat include Long Island, Lalaji Bay View and Guitar Island. 

Accommodation in Rangat Island


Hotel Avis and Hotel Ross and Smith are two private properties in Rangat. The latter is a newly introduced hotel that started operating in 2018. Its guests have given decent service feedbacks. Both these hotels are good if you don’t expect excessive luxury or star category facilities while you stay in them.

The Hawks Bill Nest is a resort of the Andaman & Nicobar Department of Tourism. You have to make your booking here in advance during the peak season to ensure your reservation. But we would highly recommend you to secure your bookings here through a local tour operator because online bookings mostly don’t work due to the poor internet connectivity in this offbeat destination. Andaman Island Travels is the one-stop destination for all your bookings for any corner of the whole island. Its expert tour operators will design your Andaman vacation exactly as per your requirements.     

 Some of the other hotels where you can stay are as follows:

  • Hotel UK Nest
  • Hotel Priya International
  • Hotel Laxmi Villa

Restaurant & Food Outlets in Rangat 

If you are a foodie and looking for authentic Indian food during your stay in Rangat, then below-mentioned are the best places for you: 

  • Bodhi Bengali Restaurant
  • Royal Restaurant
  • Sai Kripa
  • Aroma Restaurant
Know More About Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands
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Andaman and Nicobar Islands is a beach destination, which is on the bucket list of almost all types of travel enthusiasts from family vacationers to solo travellers. Port Blair is the capital city of this amazingly beautiful group of islands, which consists of some of the most clearest beaches in the world with an untouched marine life that has a plethora of never seen before underwater creatures, flora and fauna. As per the Government of India, Andaman and Nicobar Islands is a union territory that comprises multiple groups of islands situated at the southeastern end of the Bay of Bengal.  

Andaman Islands was an integral part of the primeval trade route from Myanmar to India, as it was a pitstop for most of the traders and navy personnel’s and was administered by the britishers. And these islands became a union territory of India in 1956 under the independent Republic of India. In addition to that, these wonderfully sumptuous islands are home to some of the most ancient tribal communities that have avoided interaction with outsiders for centuries now. The Andaman and Nicobar Islands catched the eye of the world in the year 2004 because of a devastating tsunami that took place due to a disastrous earthquake. When we talk about the gross area of these mesmerizing group islands known as Great Andaman it is close to 90 Miles (146 Km) wide in total ,which includes over 300 islands. Furthermore, Nicobars include in total 19 islands that lie pretty close to Sumatra, Indonesia.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands Climate and Wildlife

There are sea breezes throughout the year on these gorgeous islands and port Blair weather mainly stays tropical.  The weather is rainy from the month of May till September and there are usually some tropical cyclones in the month of October and November. These climatic conditions are one of the key reasons why these islands are covered with a densely green tropical forest, which consist of a wide spectrum of wildlife that includes a variety of species of trees. All these never seen before kinds of trees are fairly unique and can’t be seen in any of the metropolitan cities or their surrounding areas.     


Most of the islands on this union territory are not inhabited, both Andaman and Nicobar have 12 islands each that support human settlements and are populated. The majority of people residing in Andaman and Nicobar Islands are immigrants from the southern part of Asia. In addition to that, some of the most commonly spoken languages on these islands are Hindi, which is also the national language of India and Bengali, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu that are mainly spoken in the eastern and southern parts of republic of India, respectively.  Furthermore, there are also a plethora of indigenous communities and inhabitants that stay mainly on the nicobar islands like Shompen, Sentinelese, Nicobarese, Onge, Jarawa and Great Andamanese, to name a few. People following Hindu and Christian religion are in majority and the muslim community is also a prominent minority on Andaman and Nicobar Islands.           

Economic Developments and Main Source of Earning

Farming is what most of the locals do on the Andaman Islands and they are one of the key cultivators of crops such as, high quality rice, tender coconuts, betel nuts,palm oil, cashews, rubber, tropical fruits and a diversity of spices like turmeric and cinnamon. And the fisheries are mainly focused towards domestic consumption and at times exporting a bit to Indian mainland.  

Andaman and Nicobar Islands Travel Industry

The hospitality business in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands is growing at a substantial rate at present, with an extensive number of hotels in Andaman Islands, guesthouses and Andaman resorts scattered all across these wonderfully beautiful islands. Most of the tourists that visit this gorgeous vacation destination are from India and southeast asia. Some of the most visited travel attractions of Anadaman and Nicobar Islands are as following, 

  • ·Andaman Cellular Jail, which was completed in 1906 and is situated in Port Blair Andaman Nicobar.
  • ·Corbyn’s Cove Beach
  • ·Light and Sound Show at Cellular Jail as well as Ross Island
  • ·Ross Island 
  •  North Bay Island
  • ·Anthropological Museum
  • ·Samudrika Naval Marine Museum
  • ·Marina Park & Fisheries Museum
  • ·Chatham Saw Mill
  • ·Japanese Bunkers
  • ·Chidiyatapu Beach
  • ·Sagarika Museum
  • ·Zoological Survey of India Museum
  • ·Forest Museum
  • ·Wandoor Beach & Mahatma Gandhi National Park
  • ·Viper Island (Presently closed by govt.)
  • ·Jolly Buoy 
  •  Red Skin Island
  • ·Mount Harriet
  • ·Collenpur Beach
  • ·BadaBalu Beach at Collenpur
  • ·Cinque Island
  • ·Flat Bay
  • ·Sippighat Agricultural Farm
  • ·Campbell Bay National Park
  • ·Murugan Temple

Modes of Transportation

Most of the good quality roads are in the Southern part of Andaman. Port Blair the capital city andDiglipur are two of the busiest water harbours of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, respectively. A ferry and inter island boat facility connects Port Blair with all the other islands. If you are a tourist then you can also opt for private boat service or take a taxi if you are travelling by road. These islands can be reached by flight from almost any part of the world, as there are both direct and connection flights to the Port Blair Airport.     

Health Facilities at Andaman and Nicobar Islands

All the basic health care facilities are offered completely free of charge to all the residents of these Islands. Being away from the Indian mainland, the administrative authorities on Andaman and Nicobar Islands focus on offering healthcare services in almost all the populated areas as well as rural areas with the help of numerous community health-care centers and sub centers, which are spread vastly all across these gorgeous islands.  

We hope that all this information has helped you get a better idea on what exactly Andaman and Nicobar Island has on offer for you, irrespective of the reason for your travel to this ever so gorgeous group of islands. Without a doubt, Andaman and Nicobar Islands have something for everyone from kids to old age people. So, what are you waiting for? Plan a trip to Andaman and Nicobar Islands today and spend quality time with your near and dear ones on the crystal clear blue water beaches of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. This website is a complete travel guide to Andaman islands, do go through it and get a better idea about the gorgeous Andaman and Nicobar Islands.  

Andaman Island Local Cuisine
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The best thing you can do to enlighten your sense of taste when travelling to a new destination is to try out local food indigenous to that area. Andaman is a paradise for sea food lovers, as the staple food includes rice, coconut and lots of sea food freshly harvested from the oceans of Bay of Bengal. Andaman is a home to wide variety of cuisine including South India, Bengali, and Andhra. This culturally diverse tastes permeate high-end restaurants on the beach and less expensive cafes and hotels all over the Island.

If you are heading to Andaman, get ready to fill your tummy with local dishes that this paradise has to offer. Confused what to eat or try? Here are some of Andaman’s most delectable multicultural dishes.

Fish Curry


Fish is the healthiest protein that we can have. The Island being close to Bay of Bengal is a home to many edible fishes. Therefore seafood lovers will never be disappointed here. The fish curry is rich in silky coconut milk, flavored with fennel, peppers, and native spices, the aroma of fresh curry leaves and tartness of tomato makes this dish mouth-watering. Pour the scrumptious gravy onto your plate, mix it with rice to experience the most blissful sauce of life.

Macher Jhol


This curry turns out to be a magical dish by adding the fish masalas prepared in the most natural way.  From the time Bengalis discovered the very essence of their existence, this dish has been complimenting their intangible cultural heritage of Bengal. Hence, the added advantage of Andaman Island falling in the coastal region brings in more joy to the natives as they get to experience the utterly delectable flavors blended with the fish. Never miss to taste the magic of Macher Jhol on your trip to Andaman.

Chicken tikka masala


Chicken tikka masala is a true British national dish but in Indian cuisine it is improvised by adding sauce and some Indian spices. It is a creation of exotic Indian spices and cool British techniques. The major step is to tenderize the chicken by marinating with various spices, yogurt and then bake on a skewer. Then the grilled meat is cooked in a gravy flavored with a myriad of spices making it creamy, spicy and yummylicious! This utterly delicious dish is served with rice, roti or naan depending on the customers’ preference.

Coconut Prawn Curry


Unlike other Indian recipes this is truly very aromatic and exotic! The curry is pretty authentic with spices that are freshly ground making it lip-smacking. The curry is served with steamed rice. This is truly a satisfying meal making you feel like you are home- warm, and safe. Don’t miss this authentic dish during your tour to Andaman, just imagine yourself sitting in a beach tasting this curry!

Barbeque Food


Islands and barbequed fish go hand in hand. You have a wide variety of options in Andaman from whole fish like salmon to shrimp, and lobsters where everything is a mouthwatering choice. Barbeque is a delicious way to enjoy sea food seasoned with lemon, pepper and everything nice. Especially for seafood lovers or foodies this is a great opportunity to relish the delectable taste of freshly available fish barbequed at the sandy beaches of Andaman. Do try it! When you visit Andaman during your next holidays, this pristine beaches has a lot to offer when it comes to barbeque food.

Tandoori Fish


Cooking protein on a tandoor oven is an immensely popular method of cooking in India. Tandoori fish is packed with flavors making it spicy, smoky irresistible. The fish is marinated with yogurt, tomato puree, ginger, garlic, and green chilies before cooking to add a unique flavor to the dish. When served hot with lemon slices and onion salad. It is a must try during your trip to Andaman.

Grilled Lobsters


Lobster is luxury! This luxury is found abundantly in the oceans of Andaman. Buying them live is the best way to guarantee its freshness, which is simple in Andaman. A whole grilled lobster with a simple dressing of chili spiked garlic butter will bring out its natural sweetness. Lobster is the most diverse and extravagant dish but a must try during your trip to keep you healthy all through your vacation

Squid Fry


This melting tender seafood is a perfect appetizer. Squid is cut into rings and mixed with a unique blend of spices to make it taste delectable. Fried squid is crispy, aromatic, and perfectly tender. This flavorful crispy seafood is a pure joy to indulge with on your trip to Andaman.

Khadi Crabs

khali crabs

Why not enjoy eating this cutaneous seafood in Andaman? Eating a portion of this has a lot of incredible health benefits. It is a great source of protein making it a perfect diet for fitness freaks during a vacation. Not only its benefits, when freshly prepared they are a delicacy to rival lobsters.

For Vegetarians


If you are a vegetarian and don’t know what is food available for you on this land of Ocean? Eating healthy vegetarian and vegan meals during your trip is truly important. The island has got a lot of restaurants in and out where you can find yummy and authentic vegetarian food.

Amritsari Kulcha


Amritsari kulcha or stuffed Indian bread is a Punjabi special famous in Amritsar. It is usually stuffed with onions, potatoes, peas, and lentil while the kicked up version is more exotic when stuffed with cottage cheese. This scrumptious bread is rich, sophisticated and most importantly Yum! When served with chickpea and tamarind chutney soaked with onion gives it the additive tangy taste. During your visit to Andaman never ever forget to enjoy the rich flavor of this traditional meal.

Indian Cuisine


If you are unsure about the quintessential Indian cuisine then you must try Indian ‘Thali food’ which is more like a cultural exploration and makes for a complete meal itself. This traditional feast make for the perfect assortment of delicious regional dishes on a single platter. Every region has its own take on thali, with an array of different south Indian delicacies such as Chennai, Kerala, Bangalore, and Karnataka. Don’t miss the taste of South India served in small bowls on a thali. When you order Thali in restaurants and hotels of Andaman you get a large plate containing multiple bowls loaded with food.

Rice, roti, and Naan


Rice is the staple food in Andaman, whereas Indian breads such as roti and naan are the primary menu of most people. Naan is a soft flat bread made of white flour ( all-purpose flour), and roti is made of wheat flour. Rice is harvested in the fields of Andaman so you can find rice in every restaurants and hotels. This combination is a balanced and healthy diet in every north Indian cuisine. One can fine roti, naan and rice in every restaurants and hotels of Andaman served with perfect combination of curries to experience the full splendor of the meal.

Chili Curry


This spicy vegan curry is full of flavor infused with delicious, aromatic Indian spices. The delectable and aromatic freshly ground spices makes this curry truly delicious. Chili curry is very hot and spicy, but it is totally worth trying. A trip to Andaman cannot be fulfilled for vegans without trying this curry so, don’t miss it!

Celebrate New Year’s Event in Andaman Island
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Looking to enjoy an unforgettable new year’s eve in an Island of Andaman? Ringing the New Year in Havelock Island (Swaraj Dweep) is an experience you won’t want to miss. They will be celebrating the start of a new decade the right way. Whether you’re interested in free fireworks on the beach, live music performances, or a banquet at a five-star restaurant, or just in case you need more reasons, we have a perfect line-up of events for you.

Out with the past and in with the future

Every year there is a wide variety of New Year’s Eve parties in the Havelock Island beach resort at Havelock Island. 31st December is celebrated as a festival around the world. People lookup for New Year celebration destinations to spend quality time with their family and friends apart from budget constrains rather than staying at home. You can book in advance for New Year’s Eve events that allow kids, family- friendly New Year’s Eve party, New Year’s Eve party including hotel stay, and more are included in a vacation package during New Year’s Eve in Havelock Island beach resort. You can gather around the world showcase lagoon, for an exciting midnight celebration. So come join us in Havelock Island the best Islands of Andaman, as New Year’s Festival light’s up the city in three countdowns!

The best is yet to come

Andaman Island is the best destination for a great New Year’s party. Pre-booking is suggested during this time of the year to make the greatest memory of your lifetime. If you want to get a jump on the New Year’s Eve, Havelock Island is the place to do it. Maybe waiting hours for fireworks is not your idea then, you can enjoy parties in Havelock island beach resort with great music and premium booze. Just grab a hat, your partner and your best kicks to hit the dance floor where the DJ’s spin the hits at the Nemo café and beach bar at Havelock Island. The specific tour packages made exclusively to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Havelock Island makes sure the essence is captured perfectly. Havelock Island beach resort at Havelock Island is the best destination in Andaman to have a splendid beginning of the year.

Celebrate the beginning with your loved ones

The warmth of exploring the turquoise blue waters, white-sand beaches, the underwater marine life, the sun, adventurous water activities will fill you with life- long remembrance. New Year’s Eve package with cruise travel with your loved ones

can be booked with the click of a single button. Nothing can be more euphoric than celebrating the beginning of the year with your loved ones on a cruise. The Havelock Island beach resort ensures that your whole night on the cruise is filled with love, laughter, fun, and entertainment. Book it to experience one of the best parties unlike other crowded beaches and clubs on New Year’s Eve.

Champaign dinners in Havelock

For the best gourmet, consider a reservation in Havelock Island, a neighborhood that blends upscale dining and a party atmosphere offering you the best of both to celebrate the end of the decade. Book a reservation at Havelock Island Beach resort to savor the elegant cuisine of Sea dragon bar and restaurant, for a trendy ambiance and a memorable candlelight dinner reserve a seat at Nemo Beach café and bar.

The attractions

In between all these festivities, leave some time to dig into the Islands of Andaman. Visit museums in Port Blair to explore Andaman’s cultural curiosity, Havelock Island has got the best beaches to feel the white sand beneath your feet, admire the main attraction- Howrah Bridge the natural bridge formation in Neill island, Explore the limestone caverns- Baratang Island, and venture into the life of the marine creatures underwater by water activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, jet-skiing, parasailing, sea walking and may more.

Capture the moment!

Click! Click! Click! A great way to capture the essence of the New Year’s night. Havelock Island has got the best picturesque view to create memories that last a lifetime. A perfect New Year’s Eve photo captures your spirit of togetherness, but capturing the moment is not always easy. However, this is quite a good opportunity to commemorate the beginning of the year.

Endless possibilities for kids to have fun

Looking for all the best things you can do with your kids? Havelock Island has got tons of activities, attractions, and more  here.  You  can  go  from  marveling  at the dazzling coastline to exploring the outback to hanging with some of the world’s most fascinating marine organisms. Whether they’re younger kids needing something more laid-back and toddler-friendly, teens wanting a thrill, or even kids- at-heart wanting to treat the family, all of our kid’s experiences in Havelock Island

will turn their frowns upside down. The pristine waters of Radha Nagar Beach, glass-bottom boat ride at the kalapathar beach excellent water activities and unlimited fun in Elephant beach, trekking to Elephant Island snorkeling for kids above age 4, Scuba diving or sea walking for kids above 7, last but not the least, building a sandcastle on the beach, will keep your children engaged all through the new year vacation.

Airline booking usually opens a year in advance. As the proverb goes “the early bird catches the worm”, early booking-cheaper everything. Not only it’s cheaper, but you also have many more options on where, when, and how you travel. However, in a last-minute booking, you have to compromise in everything. After all, vacations are meant to make the experience more memorable. If you make an early booking, your package will be included anything from a complimentary flight upgrade to a reduced advance deposit. Also, you don’t have to make the full payment in the early booking.

We all want the best things in life, so why not indulge and spend New Year’s Eve in the best Islands of India –Havelock Island of Andaman. Don’t start the year with regret! Get your tickets now to be the part of The Havelock Island’s New Year’s Eve Celebration.

5 Reasons Why Ross & Smith Islands Must Be In Your Andamans Bucket List
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One of the most sought after destinations in Northern Andamans, Ross and Smith Islands live up to the hype and mind you, that is not an easy thing to say. If you are pondering, why these islands must be in your travel itinerary to Andamans, here’s the response. Palm-fringed beaches, long shores, emerald ocean, and scenic wonders should rest the case. There is absolutely no dearth of fun to be had in the famed Twin Islands.

Imagine walking over from one island to another via a slim fifty-meter long natural sand bar while being surrounded by crystal clear tranquil sea! While the pictures of cerulean waters, white sand bar, secluded beaches, and lots and lots of selfies with a palm-fringed backdrop on Instagram serve as a daily dose of inspiration, Twin Islands have so much more to offer. Behold, the top five reasons as to why Ross and Smith Islands must be a stopover in your Andaman travel itinerary!

1. Straight Out Of A Postcard

Marooned in the north of the Andamans Islands the mystic twin islands are generously blessed by mother nature. Littered with captivating sea-shells these islands receive a fair share of travellers and honeymooners on board every year. The Ross-and-Smith Islands or ‘Twin Islands’ should not be confused with the more popular Ross Islands, also known as Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Dweep. The unique selling proposition of these “twin islands” is that they are two different islands connected via a strip of white sand. Visible only during low tides, the crescent-shaped “Sandbar Beach” gets submerged during high tide isolating the two islands.

Wondering what to expect once you step on the island? Tropical forests envelop the virgin beaches that are dotted with a few beach chairs, tree houses, bamboo huts and changing rooms keeping travellers in mind. The crystal clear water makes it an ideal place for spotting beautiful coral reefs and colourful species of fishes underwater. The islands offer an engulfing solitude where visitors can spend hours sunbathing in solace along with other aquatic experiences.

2. The Ocean & the Adventure

There is nothing more ardent than walking along the beach to the sight of waves crashing on the shore; but, if you’re looking for something besides this, twin-islands have more in store for you. The crystal clear water surrounding Ross & Smith Islands is ideal for

snorkelling and swimming. In order to preserve the landscape, commercial activities have not yet been permitted on the island. Nevertheless, in the absence of service providers for the same, you should bring your snorkelling gear to explore the hidden underground beauty.

If you are a novice at swimming, one side of the sand bar has shallow water, making it easier and safe for beginners. While talking about the aquatic delights of Ross & Smith Islands, we can not miss the highlight of the island, Marine Sanctuary. It is the perfect place for spotting gorgeous coral reefs underwater and a rare collection of colourful fishes.

3. Happy Island Hopping

If you are on the verge of deciding whether to visit Andamans or not, a mere photograph of Ross & Smith Islands is enough to make you do it. But here is another reason to add to your list. Twin Islands seem like a little piece of tropical utopia right out of a dreamy picture postcard. If you visit Ross Island in a non-peak season, you can experience having the beach exclusively to yourself. Smith Island is apt for island camping, enjoying village life and hiking a lovely nature trail among the tropical forests. At times the wild elephants that reside in the forests can be found bathing in the sun.

While Ross Island is wild and rugged, Smith Island is catered and manicured for the tourists. These islands in all their wilderness and glory invite you to take in memories that’ll last longer than those tan lines. If we had to sum up what to expect while visiting the Twin Islands, we would probably tell you this. Strolling on the beach, walking barefoot on the fine powdery sand, island hopping from one island to the other, swimming in the clear waters, and just soaking up the sun! Sounds like an ideal day in Ross & Smith Islands.

4. Solace in Solitude

Floating in the Bay of Bengal, the Andaman archipelago lies in the east of the Indian mainland. Imagine being approximately 320 kilometres away from the hustle-bustle of the capital, Port Blair, drinking in the calm of the green and blue hue of the ocean. Ross & Smith Islands offer exclusivity and privacy to travellers. You can spend hours sipping on your coconut water without a soul to disturb your solace. Smith Island, as mentioned earlier in the blog, is ideal for experiencing village life.

The Island houses a small village with nearly 60 families, and accommodation is offered by the Directorate of Tourism. Bookings are tricky to arrange during the peak season, owing to increased demand. Tucked away far away from the cacophony of mundane city life, these exotic islands give a substantial competition to Maldives and Seychelles. The waves do not roar while crashing against the shoreline and are rather calm and demure.

Leave your worries aside as you witness this vast beauty of sea; lazily reaching out over miles and rippling in different tints of blue.

5. Instagram-Worthy

A few years ago, visiting a destination solely because it was Instagram worthy, would be rare, today, not really. In fact, social media has crawled into our lives and has been an intimate part of our lives ever since. Travel is no different. We see a place online, read about it, and eventually put it on our bucket list. Ross & Smith Islands is that very destination that you would have seen on tabloids and magazines, earning it a reputation of ‘a slice of heaven’.

An aerial shot of two oh-so-beautiful islands surrounded by emerald waters connected by a strip of sand has made rounds in several publications and social media. It’s a palette of green and blue, on land as well as sea. The islands serve as a diverse backdrop for your photographic memories, one that’ll be apt for your polaroids. Remember to bring your camera along. To capture the sky changing its colours, the notoriety of the water, and the tranquillity of the beach. Carpe Diem!

Plan this summer holidays in the Andaman Islands
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Craving gorgeous beaches, stunning landscapes, picturesque view? Then look no further than the Andaman Islands. Did you know there are 572 islands out of which 37 are inhibited? They all have something to offer whether its adventure water activities, scenic lookout point, or gorgeous beaches you are looking for. Imagine yourself plunge into the spectacularly exquisite coral reef to snorkel or scuba dive, you get greeted by a shoal of bannerfish, lobsters, turtles hammerhead and kohl ray. Islands of Andaman offers a range of vacation experiences, from all-inclusive resorts to activities like hiking, scuba diving, jet-skiing, and snorkeling. It all comes down to what you wish for, so make a list of the things you are looking for, to do during this summer holiday. 

From exotic flora and fauna to blue Ocean and charming sunset views to moon-lit walks on the beach Andaman Island will reward you with magnificent memories. Here’s a compilation of reasons why you should plan your next holiday to Andaman Island.

Feel as free as the wind

Close your eyes and take a deep breath- to feel the beauty, magic, and miracles in the Islands of Andaman. It’s an amazing feeling when on a hot summer day, you stay where the wind is so strong. Your need to salty-sweet smell, cool breeze, and sunlight can be fulfilled by a beach holiday. When you hear the sound of the ocean waves, soft sand beneath your feet while cool breeze gushes through your hair, this makes you feel light and spark the sense of freedom in you. 

Emotional well-being

The view of the Ocean water, actually calms our mind says, psychologists. Have you ever felt your problems melt away by just staring at the view of the Ocean? A sense of peace overcomes our mental stress here. This is the best time of the year to spend an entire day in a dreamy hammock on a pristine idyllic Island. Can there be anything more blissful than lying down on the beach, spending quality time along with your loved ones, or just some precious me-time? Also, treat yourself to a rejuvenating spa treatment, read a book while sunbathing, listen to the waves, collect precious shells, build sandcastles. Just whisk away all your worries and stress here. 

Embrace your love with kids in the Beach 

Kids love to build sand-castle and create memories with their parents during summer vacation. A great time to leave the technology in your hotel rooms and spend some quality time, after all, summer vacation is for your kids. It’s pure fun for your child! While you get fit and healthy without even knowing. Spending uninterrupted time with them boosts a child’s self-confidence and self-worth. Your child’s brain goes to seeking and exploring when exposed to different scenery. It’s the right time to improve the cognitive, motor, and social skills of a child. They enhance creativity and feed the imagination.

Explore the life underwater

The pristine blue waters will tempt you to take a dip in the sea. However, an Island vacation is incomplete without experiencing scuba diving or snorkeling. There are more dive shops because of the shallow coral reef located just offshore. Get mesmerized with schools of beautifully patterned fishes, and aquatic species that cross your path while scuba diving, snorkel to admire the beautiful coral in the area. Whether you are on a romantic trip with your significant other or a family holiday you can enjoy water adventure together. Also, there are many other water activities like kayaking, Jet skiing, Parasailing, Boat riding for less adventure.

Go for some shopping

The Island is bound with markets, there are loads of things to buy in Andaman Island- good for shopaholics. There are particular shopping areas to explore, everyone from vintage sweethearts to bargain hunters and outlet darlings to luxury shoppers can satisfy their tingle to shop. Looking for pearls to gift someone special, aromatic spices for your own home, shells, timber craft, jute items, coconut handicrafts, sarongs, and hats then you shouldn’t miss shopping during your summer holidays in the Andaman Islands.

Lip smacking local cuisine

Indigenous Andaman Island cuisine incorporates diverse and delicious influences with an abundant array of fish and seafood harvested from local waters. The cuisine is determined mainly by its diverse population from Bengal, South India, North India, and Burma. Fresh fish and seafood graces every restaurant table headline and is a part of Andaman tourism packages. Some of the most common dishes you can taste are Lobsters, Khadi crabs, Prawns, Tandoori fish, and Squid fry. The Andaman barbeque is very important in Andaman cuisine. No matter, the pace of your trip or the size of your appetite, the World’s Most Delicious Island-Andaman guarantee to impress even the most particular taste buds.

Click some great pictures

Vacations are the best time of the year, meant to be lived to the fullest and remembered for years to come. The memories that live in our minds and hearts fade with time, hence documenting the trip digitally helps you to remember the trip further down the road. Your family and friends may want to know your experiences during the vacation so, when they see your photos, they experience the joy and sights of the travel with you.

Staying in Andaman is a blissful experience, you can wake up every day seeing the beautiful blue ocean waiting outside just for you. The best memory of a holiday is to return home with something new. Escaping from work and from all the pressure can help parents focus on ensuring their kids have the best time. Are you planning a beach vacation this summer holiday? You should definitely go to the Andaman Island with your family, reap all these benefits, and collect happy and fond memories together.

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