Islands To Visit at Andaman Island

Islands To Visit at Andaman Island
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The pristine white beaches on the picturesque Andaman Islands have an otherworldly allure to them. And it’s not just about the sandy shores of Andamans, this little piece of heaven has luscious forest cover and balmy but beautiful sunsets to offer as well. 

Here’s why the dazzling islands in the Andaman archipelago should be next on your list of places to travel.

Port Blair

Port Blair, the official capital of Andaman (and the largest city), serves as the gateway to everything that the islands are famous for. Known for its rich history, there are places of historical significance to explore, such as the Cellular jail of Port Blair, Japanese bunkers, and various museums in this city.

Marina Park is another popular tourist attraction in Andaman that aims to educate people on the diverse marine life Andaman has to offer with intricate displays of organisms and their habitats.

Port Blair is well connected to the rest of the islands, by ferries, helicopters, and roadways.

Havelock Island – Swaraj Dweep

Now officially known as Swaraj Dweep, Havelock island is known to host some of the most secluded and primeval beaches. Havelock Island resorts are known to offer some of the most dreamy and luxurious vacationing experiences. 

From romantic candlelight dinners at Havelock Island Beach Resort or couples kayaking, it has everything that a couple is looking for. Coral reefs on the Elephant beach are world-renowned for their mesmerizing beauty.

If you wish to explore the scenic beaches and tourist destinations of Havelock Island, then do plan for a 3 to 4 day trip as that would provide you with ample time for both sightseeing and lazing around at luxury resorts.

Jolly Buoy

Another island known for its pretty coral reef and surreal beauty is the Jolly Buoy Island. Filled with rainforest and mangrove cover, this island is considered under the Mahatma Gandhi Marine Park.

 Tourists need to take a permit from Wandoor to get to Jolly Buoy Island in Andaman. Situated 30 km away from Port Blair, it takes about 40 minutes to reach Jolly Buoy from Wandoor. 

If you wish to go snorkelling or take a glass bottom boat ride in Andaman, then do enjoy these activities at Jolly Buoy.

Neil Island – Shaheed Dweep

Now officially known as Shaheed Dweep, tiny but pristine and rustic, Neil Island is known for its breathtaking hiking trails. Time seems to slow down in this place as you get just to laze around. The island also supplies fruits and vegetables to the rest of the islands. 

Neil Island attractions include the luscious jungles on the Laxmanpur Beach, Natural rock formation on the Howrah bridge, the caves in Sitapur beach, and scuba diving on the shores of Bharatpur and Ramnagar. 

Ross and Smith Island

Ross and Smith twin islands, connected through a slim sand bar only 100 metres long, are a sight to behold. A special permit has to be authorised from the forest office of Diglipur for visiting these one of a kind beaches. 

The emerald green waters and sun-kissed Smith Island beach are far away from the liveliness of the main cities. Thus, perfect for a secluded yet peaceful excursion. 

Apart from the usual water sports, these islands are also famous for their hiking trails and trekking expeditions and small museums. Availing a Ross Islandtour package is a must for anyone thinking of visiting the Andaman.

Cinque Island

The only way to reach the secluded beaches of Cinque Island is through chartered boats or ferries from ChidiyaTapu. It is again located inside the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, which means that there are no tourist resorts on this island. 

Scuba diving in Cinque Island is the most dreamlike experience, because of the rich fauna and flora. Tourists often fall in love with the untouched splendour of this place.

Baratang Island

Did you know the only mud volcanoes in India can be found at the Baratang Island?

This island is a delight for nature enthusiasts and sought after by wildlife and nature photographers. The reasons which make Baratang Island famous among tourists are its expansive mangrove swamps, mud volcanoes, an abode for parrots, and limestone deposits.

If you want to swim around the green blue waters around the island then do visit the Baludera beach in Baratang. The island is located around 100 km from Port Blair, do plan your trip keeping in mind the travel time.

North Bay – Coral Island

Also known as the Coral island, because it is home to some of the most dazzling coral reefs in Andaman.

North Bay Island water sports are surreal, if getting enamoured by diverse marine life is on your wish list, then do indulge in activities like scuba diving and snorkelling. However, the best way to experience marine fauna is to go up close and personal through submarine coral safari. 

Fun fact: The North Bay lighthouse was featured on the old 20 rupees Indian note.  

Diglipur Island

Diglipur Islandis a tiny little town in North Andaman. The place connects to other tourist attractions such as Kalipur beach, Saddle peak, Pathi level beach, and the twin islands of Ross and Smith. 

Untouched ethereal beauty is what Diglipur has on offer. If you are planning on a vacation away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, then a visit to Diglipur should be on your bucket list.

You need to first head to Diglipur in order to reach the beaches like Karmatang and Aamkunj in order to experience the spectacle of a turtle nesting site.

Barren Island

Barren Island volcano is the only active volcano in the whole of South Asia, which is why this island is completely deserted (hence the name!). The most recent eruption was back in 2017, which has made it an attractive destination for tourists. 

The unique conditions that this island offers have led to the diversification of marine wildlife. As the entry to this island is restricted, and no one is allowed to stay over for the night, the trip to Barren islands has to be planned way in advance. 

Little Andaman

The two waterfalls, White Surf and Whisper waves from Little Andaman, are straight out of a fairy tale. For reaching these waterfalls, one can go on an elephant safari or trek from Hut Bay. 

Little Andaman hotels are close to some of the most scenic limestone caves, Butler bay, and even a substantial red palm plantation. The place is home to some crocodiles too, which is why the island is littered with warning signs. 

Mayabunder Island

Mayabunder Island is one of the farthest tourist spots from Port Blair, which is why it is never bustling with tourists. The Karen tribe from Mayabunder worked as labourers for British colonisers. 

Now, Mayabunder tourist attractions include adventure sports in Ray hills, the turtle nests on the Karmatang beach, tranquil waters of Avis island, and more.

WHERE TO EAT- Mayabunder Island
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Mayabunder is a place to engage in offbeat experiences. Home to beautiful beaches, this developing tourist destination is bestowed with natural scenic beauty. Charming locals, uninhibited in their generous hospitality welcome tourists to visit Mayabunder – a place that they have made a home for centuries. Known for its mangrove forests, shallow crystal clear beaches, turtle nesting grounds, eclectic food, vast white sand beaches – Mayabunder is unlike a regular tourist destination – and that’s why it is charming. It’s a place to find solidarity, comfort, tranquil and infinite peace in the lap of nature. How to reach Mayabander Island Andaman islands is never an issue given the connectivity from Port Blair via road or sea.


Located in Middle Andaman, towards the Northern part, Mayabunder is 242 km away from the capital city of Port Blair. For the North and Middle Andaman region, Mayabunder is an administrative headquarters. 

Sightseeing Spots at Mayabander Island Andaman Islands is plenty. Mayabunder is full of farmlands. Being a seaport that was inhabited by a hill tribe named Karen, who was originally from Burma, the agrarian culture is depicted here in vivid detail. Rice paddy fields, teaming forests, blend harmoniously with the gleaming ocean. 

When visiting here, there are plenty of eco-huts beside the beach to spend time looking at the ocean and finding peace. There is an observation tower on Karmatang beach from where one can witness the scenic landscape. 


The culture of Mayabunder is representative of the amalgamation of different ethnicities from East Pakistan, Myanmar and ex-convicts from Mainland India during the British colonial period. The culture is eclectic, to say the least. Languages spoken in Andamans are spoken here too. This includes Andamanese, which is the indigenous language of the Andamans. Being an agrarian culture, the lifestyle of people, cuisine, festivals, and general demeanour is rustic, hospitable, friendly, and accommodative. The locals thrive on the tourism economy, so expect good and safe treatment from them. The all-encompassing culture, by virtue of it being multi-ethnic, creates a unique way of life in Mayabunder where people of all faiths live in harmony. 


Rampur Beach – From Danapur Junction, reaching this place takes about 30 minutes. Danapur Junction has a bus stand, so if anyone wishes to take a bus to Rampur Beach can do so from here. Although small, the Rampur Beach is stunning to say the least. From the beach, the view of the Mangrove forest is a highlight attraction.

Karmatanag Beach at Mayabander Island Andaman Islands – Considered to be the best beach to visit in Mayabunder Islands, it is in the spotlight always for it is a turtle nesting ground. Green Turtles of the Andaman and the Olive Ridley Turtles can be seen here on the vast stretches of white sand flanked by crystal clear waters.

German Jetty Mayabunder Island – This is essentially an old harbour. When on a visit here, one can see huge rocks beside the sea. The waves splashing on the rocks creates thunderous music. The jetty is a structure that juts out from the land into the water. A German engineer built it during the Second World War.

Some other attractions here are Avis Island Mayabander Island Andaman Islands, Ray hills Mayabander Island, AustinX Beach at Mayabander Island Andaman Islands, and Interview Island at Mayabander Island Andaman Islands. Most tourists don’t forget Trekking at Interview Island Mayabander Island Andaman Islands – it is considered amongst the finest in Andamans. 

Famous cuisine of Andaman/ Mayabunder Islands

The cuisine of Mayabunder is similar to the cuisine of Andaman in general. Serving food that has the delicious flavours of traditional Indian cooking, along with the local flavours, the Indian food here has a unique taste. When sauntering along the island on foot or a personal vehicle, one can find numerous food stalls lined along the small roads. These are called Dhabas here – but the food may not be typical of an Indian Dhaba – the ‘Dhaba’ moniker is suggestive of the place being a roadside eatery. Local people run most of these eateries. 

So what to expect at these eateries? The menu can include an amazing variety of food! Starting from Fish Curry, Chilli Curry, Amritsari Kulcha, to Tandoori Fish, Coconut Prawn Curry, and Macher Jhol. No one is left looking for alternatives – such is the culinary experience here. And eating amidst a sea of greenery, a spellbinding ambience, and amiable eatery staff is a delightful experience. 

Tips to find the perfect restaurant

Anywhere on the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, one is not far away from good food. No Sightseeing Tour of Mayabander Island is complete without food! There is food for everyone – vegetarian, non-vegetarian, and exquisite seafood. No one goes away from the islands without having a soulful culinary experience. 

Even on Mayabunder Islands, there is no shortage of good eateries. Run by locals, the food has a homemade characteristic to it. For those who dote on homemade food or something similar, can enjoy the delicious food on offer at the numerous stalls, dhabas and private eateries. 

There are restaurants too – the trend in Mayabunder, however, is to eat-on-the-go. Whether it’s travelling on the island by foot or by vehicle, stopping by a food stall and engaging one’s taste buds with some delicious, fresh food is a common activity. Can add such experiences in one’s food journal – of travelling for food, and food for travelling! 

The best places to eat at Mayabunder Islands

There are plenty of Hotels & Resorts at Mayabander Island Andaman Islands. Hotel Sea and Sand, Tamil Nadu Restaurant, Middle Andaman Mayabunder, Chakraborty Hotel, Jaya Lakshmi Hotel, Hira Hotel, and Dolphin Restaurant are some of the many restaurants here. And then there are the scores of eateries, private food stalls, take-away stores, dhabas. All of it combined, Mayabunder has a lot of places to eat. 

The cuisine on offer is an eclectic mix. A culmination of native island food, integrated flavorfully with mainland Indian food, presents an exotic variety of food. Although the food name could indicate a popular Indian dish, the tastefully done dish can assimilate local native flavours, giving it a unique taste. This can be said of all Indian food that is available here. Not just Indian food, even International cuisine is available here. Remember that Mayabunder, just like any other place to visit in Andamans, is a prominent tourist destination for travellers from all parts of the world.

Where to stay Mayabunder Island
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Mayabunder is a serene island, with an agglomeration of ethnicities inhabiting its spellbinding terrain. There are innumerable places to visit in Mayabunder. The fascinating landscape, with splendid beaches, where the shores are generously dotted with mangroves, is a captivating experience. Volcanic sand, grey and glistening, stretches across the shores, providing a sight to behold, one that never fades away from memory. Shallow waters, brimming with peace and tranquility, accompany the blissful beaches, enabling revelers to enjoy the harmonious setting. 

An archipelago, Mayabunder tourism has plenty of secluded islands to plan grand escapades into undisturbed ecosystems, teeming with the riches of nature. In these joyful wildernesses, are opportunities to enjoy breathtaking visuals; the free-spirited can snorkel in the inviting waters and experience the grandeur of a thriving marine ecosystem. 


Located in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands, at a distance of 242 km from the capital city of Port Blair, Mayabunder is accessible from Port Blair via the Andaman Trunk Road. For those who love ferry rides, can reach Mayabunder by ferrying over a distance of 136 km from Port Blair. Of places to visit in Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Mayabunder is amongst the finest. 

Part of the administrative district of North & Middle Andaman’s Mayabunder Tehsil, the Mayabunder village, comes under the jurisdiction of a gram panchayat. Spread across an area of 37.69 hectares, the sparsely populated village of just over two thousand people, has only about 800 odd houses. 

This scenic tourist destination also has an anthropological aspect to it. How to reach Mayabunder is never an issue given the excellent connectivity by air and ocean from Mainland India. 

When it comes to sightseeing Spots at Mayabander Island Andaman Islands, there are innumerable destinations. Avis Island Mayabander Island Andaman Islands is bestowed with coconut plantations. Karmatanag Beach at Mayabander Island Andaman Islands is for lovers of mangrove-lined beaches. German Jetty Mayabander Island is a Second World War jetty made by the Germans. There are many other places to explore and revel in!


A largesse of greenery provides simplistic comforts, unaffected by the materialistic possessions of the urbanized world. Simple living and happy faces notwithstanding, the general tone and tenor of this place is about finding oneself amidst the lap of nature. Inhabited for centuries by assimilation of cultures, the distinct flavors of the culture prevailing in Mayabunder is evident from the moment one arrives here. Inhabited by people from erstwhile Burma, East Pakistan, and ex-convicts from the era of British-ruled India, the current population is generously bestowed with a unique, blended culture. 

Sometimes referred to as little Myanmar, the Karens, who are native to this region, have made these mesmerizing environs their home. A small community of people, chiefly involved in agricultural activities, their 90-year history in these islands is on display courtesy of their unique lifestyle.

Amidst the beckoning bounties of a paradisiacal place lay hidden small pockets of villages, snuggled and cocooned in tall flora, where sunlight is milder than the mildest dewdrop. In these idyllic settings is brewed a culture that embraces various faiths, co-existing in harmony, and carrying forward the legacy of unity in diversity. 


  • Ray HillsRay hills Mayabander Island is ideal for trekking, water sports, picnicking, elephant rides, and frolicking family getaways. An eco-village, the mangrove creeks, and pristine rivers are perfect spots to enjoy relaxing moments. A plastic-free area, this protected treasure trove of nature, is maintained by the Plantation Development Corporation Ltd.

  • Austin X – Adventure sports and photography enthusiasts can have a whale of a time here. Filled with wildlife, it is common to see deer walking with abandon and freedom here. Trekking trails are galore here, some of them challenging ones – fit for those seeking thrilling sightseeing foot expeditions.

  • Karmatang Beach – One of the sought-after vistas in Mayabunder, notable activities to do here are boat rides and water sports. Also, a turtle nesting area, witness a huge sprawling turtle population, gently investing their time in creating off-springs. Enjoy the scenic views on offer from the shore; lap into the delights of the shallow waters.

  • Avis Island AustinX Beach at Mayabander Island Andaman Islands is unlike no other. Coconut trees, crystal clear waters, and golden sands are distinguishing characteristics of this place. Beachcombing and picnicking in the coconut plantations are activities to engage in. Filling one’s senses with the smells and sounds of a pristine place can have a divine effect.

  • Interview Island – Elephants and amazement of flora and fauna await when visiting Interview Island at Mayabander Island Andaman Islands. Untamed elephants trumpeting in glory, running amok with freedom in the dense jungle, are sights to capture when trekking at Interview Island Mayabander Island Andaman Islands

Importance of choosing the perfect place to stay during a vacation

Mayabunder has multitudes of avenues for relaxation. Each of these places is filled with naturalistic treasure troves of flora and fauna. Depending on the type of activities one wants to focus on, a place of stay can be chosen. 

  • If elephant rides, jungle safaris, trekking, jungle camping, bonfires are something that is a top priority, then choosing a place to stay closer to the wildlife helps. Especially when going on early morning jungle safaris.
  • For those who like beach visits, being close to the shore, enjoying activities such as snorkeling in the shallow waters, can choose a place closer to the beach.
  • A perfect place is one that not only has excellent accommodation facilities but tour advisory, training, food, medical facilities, etc. 
  • The place of stay has to be children-friendly. The ambiance should be clean, relaxing, and non-intrusive. 

Elements to look for in a perfect hotel

Some of the factors to consider before choosing a hotel are as follow:

  • Location
  • Amenities/facilities
  • Accessibility
  • Value for money
  • Testimonials/reviews of the hotel

List of the best hotels and resorts to stay

  • Sea N Sand

Sea N Sand is one of the most beautiful places to stay with warm and hospitable owners and spacious rooms.  The hotel can also help you out with planning your visit to nearby attractions like German Jetty, Karmatang Beach, etc.

  • Blue Bird Resort

The resort, situated near Mangrove Park, is also very close to German Jetty. It offers aesthetically designed rooms with all modern amenities.

  • Hotel Ashna

The place offers exquisitely designed rooms.  The stay is also insured with Acko, so you do not have to stress about anything.  The place is close to Rampur beach and also has a bar.

  • RG Hotel

RG Hotel boasts of hygienic and well-cleaned rooms with ample space to keep your belongings and even walk around.  The place is also wheelchair friendly.

  • Hotel Landfall

You have the option of visiting beaches and old forts, which are located in close vicinity.  The rooms are tastefully decorated with wooden storage space, a dressing table, and a clean and well-maintained washroom.

Most Hotels & Resorts at Mayabander Island Andaman Islands are economically priced. They are ideally located – which means getting to most places of interest from any of these hotels is possible. 

Mayabunder is an ideal place to plan a vacation, either on a personal sightseeing tour of Mayabander Island or with family. Considering the numerous things to do, see, and experience here, it is an excellent place for enjoying a hard-earned vacation! How to reach/go Mayabander Island Andaman islands is never a problem given the excellent connectivity between Mainland India and Port Blair. 

Where To Stay in Rangat Island
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The first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Andaman and Nicobar Islands is a pristine, sun-kissed, luxurious, and tranquil holiday with your loved ones, especially for people who are looking for serenity and peace. 

Location of Rangat Island:

Rangat Island is an eco-tourism destination and is the second largest in the Andaman Islands, covering almost 75 small villages with people from Tamil Nadu and Kerala. With an enthralling flora and fauna and abundant opportunities to relax, meditate, swim, and sunbathe, Rangat Island is a unique place with scenic waterfalls, freshwater streams and beaches giving a panoramic view of mangroves and adjacent forests and hills.

Culture of Rangat Island:

There are many things to do in Rangat Island. You have to be in love with the gusty breezy winds and the crusty sea waves to be a tourist at Rangat island and it is crucial to pre-decide where to stay in Rangat island so that all the things one plans to do should be nearby. With lush vegetation and clear skies, the middle Andaman island is an ideal destination for long relaxing vacationers who look forward to making beautiful, unforgettable memories and indulging in entertaining and fun-filled activities like visiting the eco hut and witnessing turtle breeding and nesting of turtles at the sanctuary. 

Attractions at Rangat Island:

Top tourist attractions in Rangat island are Cuthbert Bay Beach and the Panchvati hills, which are famous for their waterfalls, scenic beauty, agriculture, and mesmerizing nature. One can feast the eyes on the breath-taking nature and its gifts, appreciating the sprawling agricultural fields and admiring the natural process of breeding and nesting of turtles. Another place to visit is Amkunj Beach, which is a photographer’s delight. The beach provides an enriching experience of vivid colors and the freshness surrounding the rocky beach. The view from the watchtower is of amazing beauty and tranquillity, and one can be drowned in the admiration of the natural scenic glam offered by this place. The island is famous for the dolphins that frequently visit and entertain tourists. The mangrove forest surrounding the island is a must-visit while at Rangat Island. One can also visit the Merk Bay Beach on North Passage island, take a trip to the guitar island, or visit the famous Lalaji Beach.

The walkway at Dhani Nallah Mangrove Nature is one of its kind giving an amazing experience of the mangroves, nesting of turtles. It is one of the scintillating places which has turned out to be a crowd puller. One can also visit Moorys Dare for trekking, Yerrata Mangrove park, and Yerrata creek to admire the natural environment and surroundings of the eco-friendly island. The island’s proximity with Baratang island and Havelock island creates many options for where to stay in Rangat island and various entertainment and recreation for tourists.

Some of the other things to do at Rangat Island are trekking, observing the massive agricultural layout, and admiring the waterfalls, beachcombing, sunbathing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and much more.

Importance and elements of choosing the best place to stay during a vacation:

Several factors can affect the decision to select the most suitable option while vacationing at Rangat island:

Budget: Many people prefer a luxurious stay while many others look for a budgeted hotel and spend the money saved on exploring the place better. Both options should be provided to a tourist, and Rangat Island comprises the most lavish, decent, and budgeted hotels.

Amenities: Facilities like a swimming pool, free breakfast, spa and laundry, children’s play area, and free wifi are among the many facilities which are provided by hotels as complementary.

Location: It is important to choose an accommodation which is near to the city, airport or station and to the recreational sports of the island. Tourists would not prefer to spend on transport to travel from the hotel to tourist attractions, so the location which has a positive and a tranquil ambiance is one of the most critical parameters to choose the best hotel.

Best Resorts in Rangat Island

Some of the best and most luxurious resorts and properties in Rangat Island are:

  • Hotel Ross and Smith – This luxurious hotel is in middle Andaman with modern interiors and luscious exteriors and amenities. It’s a brand-new property comprising of 21 rooms, 14 double bed AC rooms and 7 triple bed AC rooms. It is a value for money resort located close to the beach. With spacious and well-kept rooms and suites, inhouse spa and other modern amenities and with innumerable close-by attractions, this is quite a hit in Rangat Island.

  • Hotel UK West – Located at 1 km from Rangat bust stand. The hotel which is in Port Blair is 9 km from the Rangat Jetty and 166 km from the Veer Savarkar International Airport. This English style hotel exhibiting the ancient culture and the comfortable luxury of the Golden era of India, is quite an eye-catcher. Quite reasonable as compared to our luxurious resorts, this hotel gives the comfort of modern and easily accessible amenities and is very close to most of the adventurous and recreational activities that one can indulge in while at Rangat Island.

  • Hotel Avis – This is another luxonic property which is quite close to the recreational centres of the city and offers a great customer experience. This is a perfect combination of charm, placidity and convenience. Well knows for the impeccable customer service provided by the staff of the hotel, it has garnered great customer reviews and feedback. The hotel is enroute to many exotic and adventurous tourist sports of Rangat Island.

  • Hotel Priya International – Located at one of the most renowned locales, offers a luxurious stay for families in Sabari which with a breath-taking view and ambience. This hotel is well known for entertainment for children and sumptuous food. This hotel is also the best choice if the tourist wants to break his journey from Port Blair to North Andaman.

  • Hotel Laxmi Villa – This hotel is located in Port Blair which is 1 km away from Rangat. The locations I quite accessible with beautiful surroundings. Not a very expensive stay at Rangat Island, but it provides a reasonable stay and basic amenities. This is also one of the most booked hotels in Rangat Islands.

Besides the above, one can explore other homestays, hotels, and apartments which fit the budget well.

Once in Rangat island, when holidaying with family or friends one tends to look for luxury, admiring the awesome amenities and stay opportunities. If budget is a priority, then Rangat island offers a myriad of various homestays and cottages. One can book a high-end resort which caters to the enticing and lavish style of accommodation or a budget stay to enjoy the adventures and sight-seeing of Rangat Island.

Where To Eat in Rangat Islands?
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For all those who are bit by the travel bug, Andaman and Nicobar Islands are dream location to enjoy the sun, sand, sea, beaches, corals, and much more.

Many know about places to visit in Andaman like Havelock Island, Long Island, Diglipur, Mayabunder, and others.But just like a pearl hidden in an oyster, some treasures lay hidden behind the already famous locations.These lesser-known destinations are not having their place in the itinerary but are lying unmarked and impossible to miss.

Rangat Islands at the Andaman Islands is such a less known and highly underrated destination that deserves exploration. It has been treated as a transit point while one is visiting Long Island or Diglipur or Mayabunder. But Rangat Islands deserve more than a stopover. 

Rangat Islands Andaman are home to flawless beaches, turtle nesting grounds, picturesque nature, evergreen waterfalls, and a unique and diverse mangrove ecosystem. There is also a nature walk through Rangat Islands, an example best known for the ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ model.

Location of Rangat Islands

The middle and south Andaman Islands mark the location of the Rangat Islands. It has connectivity with the Great Andaman Trunk Road passing through the Andamans. If you want to reach Rangat Islands by road, it is at an approximate distance of 180 km from Port Blair, and it is 50 nautical miles or around 90 km by sea. The island has an approximate area of 1070 sq. km 

Rangat Island location has good connectivity from Port Blair. It acts as a transit point between many major Islands like Mayabunder, Long Island, and Diglipur by road and by sea from Port Blair. 

Culture of Rangat Islands

Rangat Island or Middle Andaman spreads across 75 villages and 14-gram panchayats. The population consists of people from Bengal, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu. The main occupationof these people is fisheries and cultivation.  To know more, one can be a part of the Rangat Island Culture Festival held every year.

Famous Cuisine of Rangat Island

Rangat Andaman and Nicobar Islands are a fusion of various Indian cultures. Since the Islands have inhabitants from Bengal, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu, Rangat Island’s cuisine sees a dominance of the South Indian, Bengali, and Andhra cuisine. 

Over the years, many people from several communities in India like Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, and Christians have been visiting the Islands for various reasons. Therefore, Andaman cuisine, like any other Indian cuisine, is heavily influenced by these culturesformed by the Rangat Island communities. One can thus find an exotic blend of tasty and spicy food in Andamans.

The History and Geography of the Andaman Islands have a lot to say. Even today, the Tribal Communities are the occupants of the Andaman Islands, and they have a stronghold on them. These tribal people still hunt wild animals for food like wild boars and turtles along with fishes from the abundant sea.Rangat Island tribe Andaman is still in the habit of eating uncooked or lightly cooked food. Therefore, one finds unusual varieties of raw meat for those with extreme taste buds.

Rangat middle Andaman is a heaven for seafood lovers due to a wide variety of seafood resources like fish, crab, prawns, lobsters, and so on. The Andamans are surrounded by deep, blue ocean on all sides, making a variety of seafood readily available. People who are non-vegetarian and adore seafood are likely to find their tour to Andamans as something more of a gastronomical journey. 

However, getting vegetarian food on Rangat Islands is a bit of a hassle. The reason being the dominance of non-vegetarian as well as seafood cuisine is due to the locally available ingredients. One does get a choice of fruits like mangoes, bananas, pineapple, guava, and a lot more. Also, one finds the ever exotic and revitalizing coconut water in abundance on the island. There is a Rangat Island Vegetarian Food Festival held every year for veggie food lovers on the island.

What and where to eat in Rangat island? Well, the answer is seafood, but along with it, one does get popular items like Amritsari kulcha, chili Curry, macherJol, fish Curry, coconut prawn Curry, tandoori fish, great lobsters, and barbecues. 

Tips for finding the perfect restaurant

Azure waters influence everything in Andamans and so its cuisine. No visit to Andaman is complete without giving a try to its gastronomical kitchen; mainly, it’s delicious seafood. Due to its migrant population from Bengal, Kerala, Burma, and North India, they profoundly influence the cuisine. But often wonders as to “Where to eat in Rangat Islands?”

Here are some tips for finding some good restaurants in Rangat Islands as well as the Andamans – 

  • Look for a pleasant ambiance and a clean place to eat
  • Availability of local and international cuisines
  • Indoor and outdoor dining area to enjoy those breathtaking views of the pristine ocean
  • Food services available even at odd hours or late nights
  • Outdoor bonfire and camping facilities

Fresh seafood is available in most of the restaurants, cooked in both local and western styles. 

One also finds small eateries and local restaurants that closely resemble a Dhaba. A unique canteen concept is serving excellent and tasty food at reasonable prices. Though seafood is the specialty of the Rangat Island cuisine Andaman, one can also get vegetarian food varieties in these eateries.

Best places to eat at Rangat Islands

So, the question “Where to eat in Rangat Islands?” remains unanswered. Rangat has got a lot more to offer than expected. Beaches, mangroves, waterfalls topped with lip-smacking cuisine makes a holiday in Rangat Islands memorable.

Though Rangat in Andaman does not offer too many choices of restaurants, they are enough for a person to get a satisfying meal. There are plenty of food stalls and small cheap eateries that dot the main bazaar serving mainly South Indian and Bengali dishes. Almost every corner has its share of refreshments, snacks, and tea.

Let us solve an all-time concern of “Where to eat in Rangat Islands?”. Let’s find some of the best places to eat your heart out at Rangat Islands. Here are some hotels in RangatAndaman – 

  1. Hotel Ross and Smith restaurant, Rangat
  2. Aroma Restaurant
  3. Royal Restaurant
  4. Hotel Priya International

The food here reflects the Islands itself, which is fresh and tropical. The pure and clean flavors of the sea tickle your palate with every tempting bite. If one goes enquiring about “Where to eat in Rangat Islands?” then they will be treated with an array of flavors that are a perfect fusion of the Islands and the mainland at various restaurants in Rangat Andaman. One can make the most of their gut-gullies by attending Rangat Island Food Festival held every year.

Immerse yourself in the sea and exotic seafood only at the Rangat Islands at Andamans

Why You Should Have A Beach Wedding? Know Top 6 Reasons
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Are you already hearing the wedding bells? Well, we know that you must have planned everything inside your head by now. You want it to be the best day of your entire life. As they say, “This marriage is made in heaven”, so why not actually make it one? We know that the bride and groom go through a lot of mental breakdowns to just decide what should be the venue of their biggest day. Of course, they want to make their dream wedding come true but not at the cost of their own joy. In simple words, they want a ceremony where their close ones can enjoy and they should also be able to have the time of their lives. Is that too much to ask? Absolutely not! Here’s arises the idea of ‘Beach Wedding’.   

Along with various decisions regarding invitations, guest list, menu, décor, outfits, gifts, etc., the most crucial decision is to finalise the place where you want to tie the knot. Isn’t it? It’s quite challenging to pick up the best location for you and your would-be to exchange the vows, but let’s just picturise this: You and your life partner standing in front of a vast ocean, the sound of waves calming your soul, the soft, white sands under your feet, you can feel the breeze on your face, the backdrop right out of a fairy tale, the surrounding coconut trees further enhancing the gorgeousness of the whole place. And in midst of all this, you both say those magical words, “I do”. How does that sound? Dreamy, right? Well, this is something that you can actually have in your life- A Beach Wedding.

There are a number of reasons why you should celebrate your wedding on the beach. Imagine the gentle waves hitting the shore, the scent of salt in the air, the hues of a sunset brightening your cheeks… If you want to do a destination wedding, then the perfect setting is definitely a beach wedding. Read on to know why you should spend your D-Day on the beach.

#1 Graceful, Casual, and Comfortable

There is a myth that couples choosing a beach wedding have to sacrifice an elegant wedding. That’s absolutely untrue. It’s up to you only to make your wedding as classy and sophisticated as you want. A beach wedding remains chic and graceful even when your attire changes as per the temperature and environment. Obviously, one prefers softer fabrics over stuffy materials thereby giving way to comfort. Also, you can leave your uncomfortable stiletto heels at home and dance a little longer freely. Even men can wear light-colored suits which they usually can’t do at ceremonies. A beach wedding is an excuse for everybody to do what their heart says. 

#2 Money on Elaborate Décor is Saved

Having a beach wedding lets you save a lot of money on grand decorations. The natural splendor of the beach will be your decorations. Simple becomes exceptionally beautiful at such a wedding. The white sands, the green palm trees, and the azure ocean provide the perfect background setting to your beach wedding. And the best part is that it doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.  

#3 A Romantic Setting

Couples choose a beach wedding above any other destination wedding because it is the most romantic setting. You and your partner will begin your life of happiness together with the ocean in the background, delightful sea breeze, and the sunlight beaming off the ocean waves. Imagine how miraculous would that be. You can spend your evenings strolling along the shore, holding hands, watching the moon and stars in the sky. That would be romantic beyond your imagination for sure!

#4 Vacation for your guests

Your guests will always thank you for giving them such a beautiful vacation irrespective of where they are coming from. A few will surely grab the opportunity of spending a few days in this heaven before or after your ceremonies. They will have a good time amid countless natural attractions and activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, parasailing, surfing, paddleboard, and many more. Your wedding would be the best celebration for your near and dear ones as well. 

#5 Your Beach Wedding at a Fancy Resort

You can make the whole process of getting married enjoyable and stress-free if you celebrate your wedding at a luxurious property like Havelock Island Beach Resort located in the Andaman Islands. Its experienced staff will help you with all the elegant details you wish to have. You should be able to enjoy your day the most. Forget your worries. Just handover your dreams to the onsite planners and you focus on having fun with your life partner. Along with all that, its proficient planners will also arrange romantic candlelight dinners for you. And a little bit of adventure is also needed in any relationship. That’s why, you can also go for onsite scuba diving, sea walking, or other water activities to feel that adrenaline rush. It is sure to give you something that is more than just an experience. It will give you a lifetime of magic!   

#6 All-Inclusive Weddings

If you have decided to have a beach wedding, then you don’t have to worry about renting the wedding hall, hiring a catering service, searching for a good wedding photographer, a florist, an audio system, tables, chairs, etc. The list never ends, we all know. But having vast expertise, Havelock Island Beach Resort will offer you packages inclusive of everything. These fit all kinds of requirements from couples. Its skillful team is passionate about what it does. When it organises a wedding, its planners do everything keeping one thing in mind- to make the couple’s dreams come true. 

You along with your guests enjoy a vacation of excitement and adventure together if you opt for a destination wedding at the beach. Your family members and friends will thank you always for giving them this unforgettable time. Moreover, you always have the option of combining your wedding and your honeymoon in one.  

Know More About Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands
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Andaman and Nicobar Islands is a beach destination, which is on the bucket list of almost all types of travel enthusiasts from family vacationers to solo travellers. Port Blair is the capital city of this amazingly beautiful group of islands, which consists of some of the most clearest beaches in the world with an untouched marine life that has a plethora of never seen before underwater creatures, flora and fauna. As per the Government of India, Andaman and Nicobar Islands is a union territory that comprises multiple groups of islands situated at the southeastern end of the Bay of Bengal.  

Andaman Islands was an integral part of the primeval trade route from Myanmar to India, as it was a pitstop for most of the traders and navy personnel’s and was administered by the britishers. And these islands became a union territory of India in 1956 under the independent Republic of India. In addition to that, these wonderfully sumptuous islands are home to some of the most ancient tribal communities that have avoided interaction with outsiders for centuries now. The Andaman and Nicobar Islands catched the eye of the world in the year 2004 because of a devastating tsunami that took place due to a disastrous earthquake. When we talk about the gross area of these mesmerizing group islands known as Great Andaman it is close to 90 Miles (146 Km) wide in total ,which includes over 300 islands. Furthermore, Nicobars include in total 19 islands that lie pretty close to Sumatra, Indonesia.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands Climate and Wildlife

There are sea breezes throughout the year on these gorgeous islands and port Blair weather mainly stays tropical.  The weather is rainy from the month of May till September and there are usually some tropical cyclones in the month of October and November. These climatic conditions are one of the key reasons why these islands are covered with a densely green tropical forest, which consist of a wide spectrum of wildlife that includes a variety of species of trees. All these never seen before kinds of trees are fairly unique and can’t be seen in any of the metropolitan cities or their surrounding areas.     


Most of the islands on this union territory are not inhabited, both Andaman and Nicobar have 12 islands each that support human settlements and are populated. The majority of people residing in Andaman and Nicobar Islands are immigrants from the southern part of Asia. In addition to that, some of the most commonly spoken languages on these islands are Hindi, which is also the national language of India and Bengali, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu that are mainly spoken in the eastern and southern parts of republic of India, respectively.  Furthermore, there are also a plethora of indigenous communities and inhabitants that stay mainly on the nicobar islands like Shompen, Sentinelese, Nicobarese, Onge, Jarawa and Great Andamanese, to name a few. People following Hindu and Christian religion are in majority and the muslim community is also a prominent minority on Andaman and Nicobar Islands.           

Economic Developments and Main Source of Earning

Farming is what most of the locals do on the Andaman Islands and they are one of the key cultivators of crops such as, high quality rice, tender coconuts, betel nuts,palm oil, cashews, rubber, tropical fruits and a diversity of spices like turmeric and cinnamon. And the fisheries are mainly focused towards domestic consumption and at times exporting a bit to Indian mainland.  

Andaman and Nicobar Islands Travel Industry

The hospitality business in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands is growing at a substantial rate at present, with an extensive number of hotels in Andaman Islands, guesthouses and Andaman resorts scattered all across these wonderfully beautiful islands. Most of the tourists that visit this gorgeous vacation destination are from India and southeast asia. Some of the most visited travel attractions of Anadaman and Nicobar Islands are as following, 

  • ·Andaman Cellular Jail, which was completed in 1906 and is situated in Port Blair Andaman Nicobar.
  • ·Corbyn’s Cove Beach
  • ·Light and Sound Show at Cellular Jail as well as Ross Island
  • ·Ross Island 
  •  North Bay Island
  • ·Anthropological Museum
  • ·Samudrika Naval Marine Museum
  • ·Marina Park & Fisheries Museum
  • ·Chatham Saw Mill
  • ·Japanese Bunkers
  • ·Chidiyatapu Beach
  • ·Sagarika Museum
  • ·Zoological Survey of India Museum
  • ·Forest Museum
  • ·Wandoor Beach & Mahatma Gandhi National Park
  • ·Viper Island (Presently closed by govt.)
  • ·Jolly Buoy 
  •  Red Skin Island
  • ·Mount Harriet
  • ·Collenpur Beach
  • ·BadaBalu Beach at Collenpur
  • ·Cinque Island
  • ·Flat Bay
  • ·Sippighat Agricultural Farm
  • ·Campbell Bay National Park
  • ·Murugan Temple

Modes of Transportation

Most of the good quality roads are in the Southern part of Andaman. Port Blair the capital city andDiglipur are two of the busiest water harbours of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, respectively. A ferry and inter island boat facility connects Port Blair with all the other islands. If you are a tourist then you can also opt for private boat service or take a taxi if you are travelling by road. These islands can be reached by flight from almost any part of the world, as there are both direct and connection flights to the Port Blair Airport.     

Health Facilities at Andaman and Nicobar Islands

All the basic health care facilities are offered completely free of charge to all the residents of these Islands. Being away from the Indian mainland, the administrative authorities on Andaman and Nicobar Islands focus on offering healthcare services in almost all the populated areas as well as rural areas with the help of numerous community health-care centers and sub centers, which are spread vastly all across these gorgeous islands.  

We hope that all this information has helped you get a better idea on what exactly Andaman and Nicobar Island has on offer for you, irrespective of the reason for your travel to this ever so gorgeous group of islands. Without a doubt, Andaman and Nicobar Islands have something for everyone from kids to old age people. So, what are you waiting for? Plan a trip to Andaman and Nicobar Islands today and spend quality time with your near and dear ones on the crystal clear blue water beaches of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. This website is a complete travel guide to Andaman islands, do go through it and get a better idea about the gorgeous Andaman and Nicobar Islands.  

Andaman Island Local Cuisine
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The best thing you can do to enlighten your sense of taste when travelling to a new destination is to try out local food indigenous to that area. Andaman is a paradise for sea food lovers, as the staple food includes rice, coconut and lots of sea food freshly harvested from the oceans of Bay of Bengal. Andaman is a home to wide variety of cuisine including South India, Bengali, and Andhra. This culturally diverse tastes permeate high-end restaurants on the beach and less expensive cafes and hotels all over the Island.

If you are heading to Andaman, get ready to fill your tummy with local dishes that this paradise has to offer. Confused what to eat or try? Here are some of Andaman’s most delectable multicultural dishes.

Fish Curry


Fish is the healthiest protein that we can have. The Island being close to Bay of Bengal is a home to many edible fishes. Therefore seafood lovers will never be disappointed here. The fish curry is rich in silky coconut milk, flavored with fennel, peppers, and native spices, the aroma of fresh curry leaves and tartness of tomato makes this dish mouth-watering. Pour the scrumptious gravy onto your plate, mix it with rice to experience the most blissful sauce of life.

Macher Jhol


This curry turns out to be a magical dish by adding the fish masalas prepared in the most natural way.  From the time Bengalis discovered the very essence of their existence, this dish has been complimenting their intangible cultural heritage of Bengal. Hence, the added advantage of Andaman Island falling in the coastal region brings in more joy to the natives as they get to experience the utterly delectable flavors blended with the fish. Never miss to taste the magic of Macher Jhol on your trip to Andaman.

Chicken tikka masala


Chicken tikka masala is a true British national dish but in Indian cuisine it is improvised by adding sauce and some Indian spices. It is a creation of exotic Indian spices and cool British techniques. The major step is to tenderize the chicken by marinating with various spices, yogurt and then bake on a skewer. Then the grilled meat is cooked in a gravy flavored with a myriad of spices making it creamy, spicy and yummylicious! This utterly delicious dish is served with rice, roti or naan depending on the customers’ preference.

Coconut Prawn Curry


Unlike other Indian recipes this is truly very aromatic and exotic! The curry is pretty authentic with spices that are freshly ground making it lip-smacking. The curry is served with steamed rice. This is truly a satisfying meal making you feel like you are home- warm, and safe. Don’t miss this authentic dish during your tour to Andaman, just imagine yourself sitting in a beach tasting this curry!

Barbeque Food


Islands and barbequed fish go hand in hand. You have a wide variety of options in Andaman from whole fish like salmon to shrimp, and lobsters where everything is a mouthwatering choice. Barbeque is a delicious way to enjoy sea food seasoned with lemon, pepper and everything nice. Especially for seafood lovers or foodies this is a great opportunity to relish the delectable taste of freshly available fish barbequed at the sandy beaches of Andaman. Do try it! When you visit Andaman during your next holidays, this pristine beaches has a lot to offer when it comes to barbeque food.

Tandoori Fish


Cooking protein on a tandoor oven is an immensely popular method of cooking in India. Tandoori fish is packed with flavors making it spicy, smoky irresistible. The fish is marinated with yogurt, tomato puree, ginger, garlic, and green chilies before cooking to add a unique flavor to the dish. When served hot with lemon slices and onion salad. It is a must try during your trip to Andaman.

Grilled Lobsters


Lobster is luxury! This luxury is found abundantly in the oceans of Andaman. Buying them live is the best way to guarantee its freshness, which is simple in Andaman. A whole grilled lobster with a simple dressing of chili spiked garlic butter will bring out its natural sweetness. Lobster is the most diverse and extravagant dish but a must try during your trip to keep you healthy all through your vacation

Squid Fry


This melting tender seafood is a perfect appetizer. Squid is cut into rings and mixed with a unique blend of spices to make it taste delectable. Fried squid is crispy, aromatic, and perfectly tender. This flavorful crispy seafood is a pure joy to indulge with on your trip to Andaman.

Khadi Crabs

khali crabs

Why not enjoy eating this cutaneous seafood in Andaman? Eating a portion of this has a lot of incredible health benefits. It is a great source of protein making it a perfect diet for fitness freaks during a vacation. Not only its benefits, when freshly prepared they are a delicacy to rival lobsters.

For Vegetarians


If you are a vegetarian and don’t know what is food available for you on this land of Ocean? Eating healthy vegetarian and vegan meals during your trip is truly important. The island has got a lot of restaurants in and out where you can find yummy and authentic vegetarian food.

Amritsari Kulcha


Amritsari kulcha or stuffed Indian bread is a Punjabi special famous in Amritsar. It is usually stuffed with onions, potatoes, peas, and lentil while the kicked up version is more exotic when stuffed with cottage cheese. This scrumptious bread is rich, sophisticated and most importantly Yum! When served with chickpea and tamarind chutney soaked with onion gives it the additive tangy taste. During your visit to Andaman never ever forget to enjoy the rich flavor of this traditional meal.

Indian Cuisine


If you are unsure about the quintessential Indian cuisine then you must try Indian ‘Thali food’ which is more like a cultural exploration and makes for a complete meal itself. This traditional feast make for the perfect assortment of delicious regional dishes on a single platter. Every region has its own take on thali, with an array of different south Indian delicacies such as Chennai, Kerala, Bangalore, and Karnataka. Don’t miss the taste of South India served in small bowls on a thali. When you order Thali in restaurants and hotels of Andaman you get a large plate containing multiple bowls loaded with food.

Rice, roti, and Naan


Rice is the staple food in Andaman, whereas Indian breads such as roti and naan are the primary menu of most people. Naan is a soft flat bread made of white flour ( all-purpose flour), and roti is made of wheat flour. Rice is harvested in the fields of Andaman so you can find rice in every restaurants and hotels. This combination is a balanced and healthy diet in every north Indian cuisine. One can fine roti, naan and rice in every restaurants and hotels of Andaman served with perfect combination of curries to experience the full splendor of the meal.

Chili Curry


This spicy vegan curry is full of flavor infused with delicious, aromatic Indian spices. The delectable and aromatic freshly ground spices makes this curry truly delicious. Chili curry is very hot and spicy, but it is totally worth trying. A trip to Andaman cannot be fulfilled for vegans without trying this curry so, don’t miss it!

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