News Latest Information on Travelling to Andaman Islands?
  • A four week long curfew on the islands

    Updated: 26 May 2021

    There is an ongoing four-week long curfew on the island owing to rising COVID-19 cases.

  • Tourist attractions closed till further notice

    Updated: 29 May 2021

     Tourist attractions attracting large gatherings closed till further notice.

  • RT PCR report on arrival

    Updated: 29 May 2021

    A negative RT PCR report has to be presented by all passengers on arrival.

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  • All passengers will be required to go through thermal screening.
  • All incoming passengers have to carry the RT-PCR negative test report issued from an ICMR approved lab. The test should have been taken within 48 hours. RT-PCR timeline begins from the swab collection time. Any passenger without it will be sent back to the origin. Also, handwritten reports are not acceptable.
  • Along with having the negative RT-PCR report, all incoming passengers will undergo Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) upon arrival at designated testing centers that are located within two kilometers of Veer Savarkar International Airport, Port Blair.
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  • Activities attracting huge crowds such as the Light and Sound Show at Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Island and National Memorial Cellular Jail, water sports, beaches, and other such activities have been suspended across all three districts for another four weeks starting from May 20, 2021.
  • A new standard operating procedure for adventure water sports has been issued.
  • Travelling to North and Middle Andaman Islands, Nicobar group of islands, and Little Andaman Island is not allowed for tourism purposes as of now.
  • The ongoing night curfew has been extended by one hour from 9 pm to 5 am.
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  • Even if the test of the result conducted on arrival is negative, all passengers still have to home quarantine for a week.
  • Any passenger with a positive test result will be sent for institutional quarantine for further treatment.
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  • Regular flights to Port Blair (the capital of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands) are operational now.
  • There are direct flights from Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, and Delhi.
  • Public transports like cabs, taxis, and bus services are also functional.
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Travellers should carefully follow social distancing norms and wear masks as well. Also, before making any booking, they should refer to the latest travel news on the government website of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

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Jetty Hotel

A brief overview of Baratang Island

Do you wish to escape the tumult of your busy life? Want to go someplace serene and idyllic? Craving to witness the magic of sands and blues while lazing under cover of palm and coconut trees?

Then look no further from Baratang Island as a trip to this place may successfully satisfy all your desires. This chunk of heaven island is more than enough to rejuvenate and relax your body and mind, a place where you can set your venturesome spirit free.

And for all this, you need the Best place to stay in Baratang Island.


Baratang is a tiny island situated in the North and Middle district of Andaman in the archipelago of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, an Indian Union Territory. Spread across an area of 242.6 km2 with a coastline of about 117 km, Baratang is an ideal place for those who yearn to experience tropical islands with a mix of escapades.

Baratang is approximately 150 kilometers away from the capital city of Port Blair and is the 3rd most famous place to visit in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Hotel booking in Baratang Island may be a complication because there aren’t many hotels here.


Baratang Island is definitely one of nature’s undisturbed retreats that offer incomparable experience when it comes to connecting with unspoiled beaches, unique aquatic species, and a tranquil environment. Yet, it still has something more to offer its culture.

The original inhabitants of Baratang Island are the Jawara tribe, one of the Negrito tribes, among the oldest human races. As a result, Baratang is less developed when compared to its siblings like Port Blair and Havelock. The Jawara settlements span across the Great Andaman Trunk Road.

People of Baratang speak many different languages, but the influence of Malayalam is predominant. Local cuisine mainly includes seafood dishes like crab curry, prawn curry, fish barbeque, etc. Regarding religion, one can find people of all faiths here.

Major tourist highlights

Baratang has everything from enthralling beaches to islands with unique traits that will set anyone on a holiday craze. The topic “Major attractions of Baratang Island” can go on without an end in sight, but there are certain places that are definitely worth visiting during your stay at Baratang.

Limestone caves, Parrot island, Mud Volcanoes, Guitar island, Strait island, Mangrove creek, Baludera beach, Bluff Island, Merk bay beach are some of them.

But to enjoy these hotspots, you have to Book hotel room in Baratang Island.

Best time to visit Baratang Island

Though one can argue that the island of Baratang is perfect for visiting all year round, November to March is considered as the peak time for tourists. As the island is located near the equator, it has a hot and humid climate with torrential rainfall for the better part of the year.

The winter season especially is the best time to visit Baratang, as the sea remains pacific with minimal currents, and the temperature hovers around a pleasant 26-30 degrees. Apart from lounging in the glamour of this enticing island, that can even capture the worst of workaholics, one can indulge in water sports, with a plethora of options.

It is advised not to visit Baratang during the rainy season as incessant raining can heavily tamper with sightseeing and to get Room bookings in Baratang Island pre-visit.

How to reach Baratang Island

The island is only accessible from the capital, and the distance between them is about 150 km. Boat and bus services are available from Port Blair.

It takes about 5 hours to reach Baratang by boat and 4 hours by bus via the Great Andaman Trunk Road. Private and government buses are available from the Mohanpura Bus Terminal in Port Blair and leave for Baratang at regular intervals, about 8-10 times a day. One can also book a taxi at the Veer Savarkar Airport.

Importance of staying at a good hotel during a vacation

To enjoy sightseeing and traveling, suitable accommodation is a crucial prerequisite. You may, unfortunately, miss some of the best sights that Baratang has to offer if you are tired from traveling or previous excursions.

As mentioned earlier, Baratang is less developed due to minimal interaction with the outside world. As a result, getting hold of accommodation can get tricky. But this aspect of Baratang is also one of its pros, as one can enjoy the isolation.

One can try staying at Port Blair and traveling back and forth from Baratang, but it can get tedious. So, finding Top hotels in Baratang Island becomes a necessity. Baratang is not one of the Best place to stay in Andaman if pre-booking is not considered, but this can be fixed through local channels.

Jetty Hotel in Baratang Island

As there are few hotels and Resorts in Baratang Island, finding the right place to stay can pose a problem for tourists. Also, selecting a hotel close to transportation hubs becomes a priority. During these seemingly tricky times, Jetty comes to the rescue!

Jetty Hotel is one of the Top hotels in Baratang Island, if not one of the best hotels in Andaman.


The Jetty Hotel in Baratang Island is a classy and cozy yet cheap hotel on the island of Baratang. Jetty Hotel room bookings in Baratang Island are quite simple. Both the basic as well as deluxe rooms of the hotel can be pre-booked by calling the reception.

The hotel is open year-round. All rooms have quality mattresses and beds with a teapoy and 1 or 2 couches depending on the type of room. The lighting is excellent in all of the rooms and halls. 

Jetty has the only vegetarian restaurant in Baratang, and the food here is great too. It offers vegetarian dishes with various mouthwatering fast foods. The food is known to be simple and healthy here. Speaking of hygiene, it passes summa cum laude with every recognition. Room service is optimum, and all of the personnel here are friendly.


The hotel is located between Jertatang and Baratang and comes just after the Jawara National Reserve. One can enjoy great views of the sea from the hotel as it is located near the coastline. Thus, regarding the location of the hotel, it is situated near the center of Baratang.

The hotel is easily accessible through road, as it is situated near the GAT Road, which goes up till Diglipur, and sea, as it is also close to the local boat transportation center.

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