News Latest Information on Travelling to Andaman Islands?
  • A four week long curfew on the islands

    Updated: 26 May 2021

    There is an ongoing four-week long curfew on the island owing to rising COVID-19 cases.

  • Tourist attractions closed till further notice

    Updated: 29 May 2021

     Tourist attractions attracting large gatherings closed till further notice.

  • RT PCR report on arrival

    Updated: 29 May 2021

    A negative RT PCR report has to be presented by all passengers on arrival.

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  • All passengers will be required to go through thermal screening.
  • All incoming passengers have to carry the RT-PCR negative test report issued from an ICMR approved lab. The test should have been taken within 48 hours. RT-PCR timeline begins from the swab collection time. Any passenger without it will be sent back to the origin. Also, handwritten reports are not acceptable.
  • Along with having the negative RT-PCR report, all incoming passengers will undergo Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) upon arrival at designated testing centers that are located within two kilometers of Veer Savarkar International Airport, Port Blair.
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  • Activities attracting huge crowds such as the Light and Sound Show at Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Island and National Memorial Cellular Jail, water sports, beaches, and other such activities have been suspended across all three districts for another four weeks starting from May 20, 2021.
  • A new standard operating procedure for adventure water sports has been issued.
  • Travelling to North and Middle Andaman Islands, Nicobar group of islands, and Little Andaman Island is not allowed for tourism purposes as of now.
  • The ongoing night curfew has been extended by one hour from 9 pm to 5 am.
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  • Even if the test of the result conducted on arrival is negative, all passengers still have to home quarantine for a week.
  • Any passenger with a positive test result will be sent for institutional quarantine for further treatment.
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  • Regular flights to Port Blair (the capital of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands) are operational now.
  • There are direct flights from Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, and Delhi.
  • Public transports like cabs, taxis, and bus services are also functional.
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Travellers should carefully follow social distancing norms and wear masks as well. Also, before making any booking, they should refer to the latest travel news on the government website of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

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Kalipur Beach


Among the reigning landscapes of Andamans, Diglipur’s crowned glory lies the tranquil village of Kalipur. What comes to mind when we talk about Kalipur are images of famed Kalipur beach, volcano grey sand, and turtle nesting. Kalipur beach is one of the few beaches in the world, where four rare species of sea turtles, Olive Ridley, Leather Back, Hawksbill and Green Turtles, come to nest their eggs. When the tide is low, the usual serene beach looks glum with corals scattered throughout and some mangrove trees embracing the coast. There are amenities rendered by the Forest department for turtle nesting at Kalipur beach. Infact, it is one of the few beaches where the government has built a hatchery for solely this purpose.

Wherever you go in Andamans, crystal clear water follows, making it perfect for swimming and snorkelling. Kalipur beach is no exception to it. Snorkelling and scuba diving here offers a chance to dive deep in an ocean of rich coral reefs, fishes, and endangered species of turtles. Jellyfish, dead corals, mangrove plants at the beach shore grants it a warm and subtle vibe. Kalipur beach is a blend of sand and rock shores with a fishing village nearby. Visitors are advised against sunbathing as sandflies frequent the beach often. Despite the reports of spotting saltwater crocodiles around the stretch, no crocodiles have been found for quite some time now.

How to reach

The tourist season in North Andaman is between November and March in a year. 90% are domestic tourists, and the rest are foreign nationals. Kalipur Beach is 300 kilometres from Port Blair, just 18 kilometres from Diglipur and is easily accessible via taxis or local buses. Tourists can take the bus from the main market (bazaar) in Diglipur to reach the beach as it lies behind the idyllic village of Kalipur.


With an endless number of turtles that belong to rare species, Kalipur Beach in Diglipur is a beautiful beach where these magnificent creatures arrive annually to lay eggs. The beach relishes the geographical advantage that ensures the annual visits by four kinds of the turtles, namely Olive Ridley, Leather Back, Hawksbill and Green Turtles. Turtle nesting takes place during the winter season, and visitors can witness this must-see occurrence between October and March. Female turtles lay their eggs late at night, and baby turtles begin crawling in morning hours. Visitors can expect to watch a plethora of hatchlings crawling through the soft sand towards the ocean for the first time. A sight to watch, if lucky, people can witness both phenomenons, the nesting and the hatching.

Wondering what to do on Kalipur Beach?

  1. A twenty-minute swim away from the beach lies Craggy Island where the water is clear as a crystal and one can see fishes swimming beneath it. With vibrant coral reefs that are home to a range of colourful fishes and sea beings, Craggy Island is a beautiful sight to behold, swim and relax in.
  2. The beach is famed for its turtle nesting, and four kinds of turtles come here to lay their eggs. The site is preserved, and security guards are present 24×7 to ensure the safety of the turtles. One might need a guide at night to witness turtle nesting.
  3. If you want to witness the picturesque coral reefs in abundance and a variety of marine animals, then you must go for snorkelling and scuba diving at Kalipur beach. You might even get to see an octopus or a sea turtle deep in the water if you get lucky. If water adventures are not your thing, one may also enjoy swimming along the seashore. The ambience of the beach and lush mangrove backdrop makes swimming a surreal experience indeed.
  4. A few kilometres ahead of Kalipur beach lies Lamiya bay beach and aesthetic eco-friendly huts, watchtowers have been set on the shoreline for the tourists to relish the beauty of sun, sand, and shade on a sunny and bright day.
  5. Saddle Peak, which is the highest point in the Bay of Bengal lies in close vicinity to the beach, and visitors can either trek to the peak or simply get the view of the same from the Kalipur Beach. You can see Kalipur Beach, Craggy Island and Lamia Bay once you reach the top.

Fringed by dense forest and sparkling sapphire waves, the grey-sand beach at Kalipur is one of the most loved spots for locals and tourists alike in Andaman and Nicobar Island.

  • Getting there: Kalipur Beach can be easily reached from Diglipur by either hiring a car or travelling in public buses that run from Diglipur Bazaar.
  • What to do: Snorkeling, scuba diving, turtle nesting, craggy island.
  • What not to miss: Witness what the beach is famous for, turtle nesting.
  • Best time to visit: Turtle nesting season is between October to March making it the best time to visit the Kalipur beach to have experience of this natural phenomenon. Being close to the ocean, the climate remains pleasant throughout, welcoming visitors throughout the year.
  • What to carry: Bottled water, sunglasses, cap/hat, flip flops, and swimwear to enjoy beach time. A camera to capture mesmerizing moments spent at the beach. You can get snorkeling gear from rental hire in Diglipur Town or Kalipur Beach.
  • Essential Info: Medical Facilities in Kalipur Beach- There is no medical facility near the beach, the closest community Health Centre is at Diglipur and the nearest medical facility is the G.B.P Hospital at Port Blair offering a team of super-specialized Doctors in the various departments.
  • Timings: Kalipur Beach remains open throughout the day. The turtle nesting occurs most often at night.
  • Mobile Connectivity: You might find a functional 2G network, and experience call drops, voice breaks during calls throughout.

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