Curthbert bay Beach

Cuthbert Bay Beach in Rangat Island

Overview of Rangat Island

  • Location

A sprawling fragment of the Middle Andaman, Rangat is situated at about 210kms away from the capital city of Port Blair. Originally found in 2006, Rangat has become a major attraction for tourists following the establishment of Baratang island. Right now there are a lot of revenue districts within the fold of Rangat. If questions regarding how to reach cloud your mind, you always have plenty of options available. You can take a government run ferry from Port Blair, or you can avail a speedboat ride. You can also choose to take a bus which leaves daily from Port Blair at regular intervals.

  • Culture

Rangat is characterized by its cultural diversity. It is a microcosm of India in the sense that every second person speaks a different language, belongs to a different place and yet the stay in harmony. Most people who are stationed as a resident of Rangat belong to the south Indian states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala and the eastern province of West Bengal.

  • People

The people in Rangat are a pretty conscious bunch of people. They are mostly engaged in occupation of fishing or cultivation or hospitality but they are pretty concerned about the environment as well. People in Rangat have always promoted eco-tourism and sustainable development specially in the wake of rising pollution levels. They try and make the tourists informed more and more about the benefits of forests and the ecological balance. The Cuthbert Bay Beach at Rangat Island Andaman, has promoted the use of eco-huts.

Reasons to visit Rangat islands

If you have exhausted your time at Andaman and yet you want to take a short trip, then Rangat is the place. Mostly used as a transitional hub for the first few years, you can complete the Sightseeing Tour of Rangat Island in a couple of days.

The food is absolutely organically grown so you won’t have any complaints regarding that and the people are warm and helpful. Also because it is a modern town, there are a number of choices available to you as far as food is concerned and rest assured Rangat has one of the best assortments of natural landscapes that any place can offer.

Beaches in Rangat Island

Rangat is a home to the country’s most beautiful beaches and most of them haven’t been even properly explored yet. They are not very well connected because these are virgin beaches but nevertheless most of them are beautiful mystical and vibrant. The Raman Bagheecha Beach is adroit with scenic views, and because of its isolated nature people have started using this as a romantic getaway. The Amkunj Beach at Rangat Island Andaman Islands has an old-school greyish appearance that transcends time. This is one of the more frequented beaches of Andaman and people have used this spot for snorkeling and scuba diving. However, the presence of large submerged boulders makes these activities a dangerous one.

Cuthbert Bay Beach

The Cuthbert Bay Beach at Rangat Island Andaman Island is a place that should be talked about more in the grand equation of beaches but unfortunately isn’t. it lets you see the world from a different point of view and makes you realize how insignificant the worldly problems are in the grand scheme of things. The enormity of the skyline and the sea merging together enables you to question the standard of aesthetics that we set for ourselves.

Another impetus of stepping foot onto the beach is to witness the wonderful mirace of creation. During the early months of the year and the last three months of the year, the place becomes a safe haven for turtles laying eggs. The sight of small turtles paddling their way towards the water is sure to lift up your spirits if you are that kind.

Activities in Cuthbert Bay Beach

Apart from basking in the glory of nature and breathing in fresh air there are other things that you can do as well on the beach. You can tag along with your family for a fun time on the shoreline with some old-fashioned volleyball action. You can carry your camera to capture the essence of nature at its peak glory. Sometimes just a simple act of walking along the shoreline is enough to clear your head. You can also make a swift visit to the much talked about eco-hut.

Many people have resorted to the risk of snorkeling or scuba diving but because of the presence of latent submerged boulders, that wouldn’t be the wisest of things to do. There are other beaches where you can attempt these thing, like the Long Island near Rangat Island Andaman Islands. The other thing that you can do is, to observe life generate from scratch when the Olive Ridley turtles hatch into fully grown creatures.

Experience at Cuthbert Bay Beach

Visitors have often talked about the fact that beach remains open all throughout the day and how much freedom it gives them to schedule their visit. The length of the beach is perfect for someone contemplating a long walk as you can cover the entire length of the beach in one and a half hours. Some people have complained about how people are charged when they want to witness the nesting sites of turtles. In spite of this one grievance people have often complimented the culture of preservation of the beach. The beach is a part of a huge wildlife sanctuary and promotes the use of bins and discourages trashing of the place.

How to visit Cuthbert Bay Beach

Rangat is 170kms away from Portblair by sea and 90kms away from Portblair by land. Once you reach the Rangat Bazaar, you can go towards the jetty and then once you have availed the jetty, travel towards Mayabunder. Cuthbert Bay beach is 20kms away from Rangat Bazaar. One can also travel to Mayabunder and Diglipur from here.

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