Officially known as Swaraj Deep, Havelock Island is a part of Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Due to its pristine blue waters, white sand beaches, and scenic beauty; it will not be wrong to call Havelock as a paradise for travellers. Here one can indulge in water-based activities like kayaking, scuba, and snorkelling. One can simply lie lazy on any of its white sandy beaches and enjoy sun and breezy air.

Best Things to Do

Radhanagar Beach

It is one of the most famous beaches amongst tourists visiting Andamans. The beach is known for its clean and clear water and shiny white sand. Here one can capture mesmerising views of sunrise and sunset. One can even take a leisure walk along its long stretch. The water here is good enough to indulge in different water-sports like scuba and snorkelling.

Elephant Beach

Famous for its bright coral reefs, Elephant Beach is on every traveller’s itinerary. The water here allows visitors to enjoy sea creature like turtles, sea anemones, and different colourful fishes. Not to mention water activities like sea walk, kayaking, snorkelling, fishing, diving, and swimming can be enjoyed here. Clean shores and the surrounding natural beauty leave every traveller spellbound.

Kalapathar Beach

This less crowded and deserted beach is an ideal place to enjoy picnic with friends and family. Cook your own food, dance to the music while enjoying surroundings. Capture some beautiful views in your camera. Or simply enjoy your me-time and see the day pass-by.

Vijaynagar Beach

It is an ideal place to spend some quality time with your partner. The beach is quite popular amongst newly-weds seeking some space. The sunrise in particular cannot be missed at Vijayanagar Beach. Apart from this one can enjoy sunbath, swimming, & photography.

Reaching Havelock Island – The best way to reach the Havelock Island via sea route – using a ferry.

Best Time to Visit – Every season has its own charm in Havelock. However, the months starting from November to May are best to visit here. During these months the weather remains pleasant to enjoy and explore the region.

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