Countless intellectuals and philosophers have given us elegant quotes around the journey being often more beautiful/important/memorable than the ultimate destination. If you are a traveller at heart, my would agree, as we do. As Port Blair is the capital, it receives travellers from all around the world and becomes the starting point for any/all kinds of travel in Andamans. In other words, Port Blair is the gateway to exploring the Andaman archipelago. Port Blair is well-connected to all major cities of India, and the Veer Savarkar International airport is approximately at a distance of 5 kilometres from the citycentre.

Far from the mainland India, Diglipur Island lies roughly 298kilometres via road and 100 nautical miles (180 kilometres) via sea from Port Blair. To experience Diglipur at its best, plan your visit during winters and the post-monsoon months, i.e., September to February as the weather remains pleasant.Travellers have the luxury to choose their preferred mode of transportation.

  • How to Reach Port Blair By Road

    How to Reach Port Blair By Road

    The journey of almost 13 hours traversing through the tropical rain forest of Andaman is prevalent amid the thrill-seekers, and those drawn towards flora and idyllic life of these islands. Andaman Trunk road runs north from Port Blair to Diglipur island through a coveted jungle while spanning three creeks and the Jarawatribal province on the way. The route is coastal for the majority ofthe journey, and the ferries connect the islands by dropping the vehicle on other shores. An adventure in itself, the road trip from Port Blair to Dilgipur, given the number of hours it takes to arrive at the final destination, is also quiteexhilarating.

    Daily buses between Port Blair and Diglipur run in the morning. Buses depart from the centre ofthe city, Aberdeen Bazaar, and there’s a ticket booking office opposite the police stand. The most preferred one departs around 4:30 AM. It is advisable to purchase the tickets well ahead of time to avoid any last-minute hassle. These buses are the cheapest mode of transport to reachDiglipur.

  • How to Reach Port Blair By Sea

    How to Reach Port Blair By Sea

    While planning a getaway to Diglipur, one can also take the journey of almost 8-9 hours sailingvia ferry from Port Blair to Diglipur. The island is attainable by boat/ferry from Port Blair & Mayabunder. take nearly 10 hours. Overnight cruises are also a delightful and more comfortable mode of sailing the waters.

    The ferry departs from Phoenix Bay Jetty, Port Blair, halts at Rangat and eventually reaches Diglipur. Like other modes of public transport, the travel time here depends upon the number of passengers boarding and deboardingat each stop. There are direct ship services available three to four times every week from Phoenix Bay to Aerial Bay. Diglipur is roughly 9 kilometres from Aerial Bay. The ticket bookings are usually open a day or two prior to the departure and might prove rigid for travellers with less time on hand. One can buy tickets at the administration block by the Dolphin roundabout in Port Blair, and the return ticket from Diglipuritself.

  • How to Reach Port Blair By Air />

    How to Reach Port Blair By Air

    Nothing beats helicopters when it comes to experiencing the thrill of a lifetime. Without a shred of doubt, they are the most agile and convenient mode of transport, as compared to the former alternatives. The journey offers breath-taking aerial panoramic glimpses of the islands and is worth emptying your pockets a little more. There are luggage restrictions, and it is advisable to travel lighter. If it sounds too good to be true, here is a catch. The seats are limited, and often full so one must check the tourism information centre regarding the fare, timings and availability of seats. We recommend travellers to book their tickets days in advance to ensure their smooth and hassle-free ride above theocean.

    Getting a seat in one of the choppers is not an easy task for private visitors or travellers as the service is already in huge demand owing to its speed and reasonable price.

Then, the priority list hosts government officials, VIPs and medical cases first. With luck, patience and time to spare, travellers find themselves at the bottom of the priority list. Though it is highly unlikely, yet it is possible and worth trying for sure. As of December 2019, the one-way cost to fly from Port Blair to Diglipur is INR5250 . Most of the travellers arrive at Andamans to explore the most popular and easily reachable Havelock and Neil islands. Perhaps the best-kept secret of Andaman, Diglipur demands visitors to go beyond their comfort zones, and begin the journey from southern Andamans to thenorthern province of the archipelago. Inhabitants of Andamans, irrespective of where they live and what they do, contribute to the cause of ecotourism enthusiastically. It’s their effort and diligence that has led to Diglipur earning the fame of being one of the ultimate eco-friendly destinations.

Diglipur, a small hamlet in North Andamans, hums with a sense of liveliness. This town is a waystation for farther travel getaways like the Ross and Smith Islands, Kalipur and Lamiya Bay and the Saddle Peak National Park. Consequently, this town provides a plethora of ventures; making it a tranquil and adventuresome escapade amongst the calm waters and mud volcanoes. Drive, sail or ride to see sights of spectacular islands, beaches, creeks, virgin shorelines, lush jungles and muchmore.

Anthropological Museum

Cellular Jail

Chatham Saw Mill

Chidiyatapu Beach

Corbyn’s Cove

Fishries Musem

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Mount Harriet

North Bay Island

Ross Island

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Samudrika Naval Musem

Viper Island

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