Dew Dale Resort

Dew Dale Resort in Baratang Island

A brief overview of Baratang Island –

  • Location – Filled with abundant nature’s bounty and wealth, Baratang Island occupies a strategic spot among the Andaman Islands. It is situated between Middle and South Andaman, at a distance of around 150 km from the capital city, Port Blair.

The untamed, scenic beauty of Baratang Island offers the ultimate spectacle for nature lovers, desiring a sense of adventure. Housing indigenous tribes and culture, it is rich in dense flora and attractive fauna.

Unlike other places in the Andaman archipelago, the top hotels in Baratang Island do not offer luxurious five-star facilities; the place is not a full-fledged tourist spot. Nevertheless, one can experience the rustic and rural charm of one of the most picturesque places in India.

  • Culture – A visit to Batarang Island occurs through Port Blair; the route passes the protected area for the indigenous Jarawa tribe. These are some of the most ancient tribes in the world. They are reclusive and refrain from maintaining any contact with the outside world.

On account of limited urban development, the culture of Batarang Island is dominated by its characteristic natural wonders. They are formed from ancient marine and coral deposits, which date back to the prehistoric age.

Therefore, Batarang Island can be regarded as the best place to stay in Andaman in order to experience one of the oldest actively existing civilizations in the world today.

  • Major tourist highlights – Batarang Island is home to some of the most exquisite natural and geological marvels today.
  • Mangroves – Travelling from Port Blair, one has to pass through a dense mangrove forest by boat, before arrival at Batarang Island. The boat enters an area surrounded by a canopy of mangroves. However, travelling in the safe areas is the key; saltwater crocodiles inhabit certain specific areas along the mangroves, which are to be avoided. Kindly note that hotels in Andaman are located far away from the mangrove forests.
  • Limestone caves – These date back to the prehistoric era. Cave exploration is a frequent tourist activity. Limestone deposits combine with coral and marine remains, constituting these caves. The stalactites and stalagmites form intricately interesting shapes, resulting in the main attraction here. This is a completely natural phenomenon, and visitors are left awestruck by the beauty and longevity of nature.
  • Mud volcanoes – This is the only home of the mud volcano in South Asia, located at a distance of around 6 kilometres from the resorts in Baratang Island. They are stated to have originated as a consequence of the 2004 tsunami in south-east Asia. There is no involvement of lava. However, these volcanoes are characterized by the spewing of hot molten liquid mud bubbles, containing hydrocarbon gases.
  • Parrot Island – This is an uninhabited part of Baratang Island that serves as the habitat for parrots and parakeets. It offers the most magnificent experience for nature lovers. It is surrounded by beaches and mangroves. A boat ride undertaken from Parrot Island provides the most glorious view of the sea.

Best time to visit Baratang Island –

The best places to stay at Baratang Island offer comfortable accommodation and travel access throughout the year. However, pleasant climate results in the most enjoyable travel experience. Therefore, the best months to visit are from November to February.

These months are identified by calm weather and a tepid sea, considering the Andaman Islands experience south-west monsoon. An ambient environment is offered for nature activities, such as hiking and trekking. The beauty and charm of Baratang Island can be best experienced during these months. Co nsequently, it is advisable to avoid travel during monsoon due to the occurrence of heavy rain and thunderstorm. Please keep in mind that room bookings in Baratang Island are carried out for a single-day visit rather than multiple days, due to lack of proper accommodation.

How to reach Baratang Island

Baratang Island is isolated in nature. Therefore, authorized entry to the place is obtained by boarding a local ferry.  After arrival in Port Blair, a local or private vehicle can be engaged for travel to the nearest jetty, Nilambur jetty. Ferry services are involved in helping in the transportation of tourists and vehicles to Baratang Island. The travel time by ferry is approximately 15 minutes.In case a road trip is preferred, private buses can be engaged from Mohanpura Best Terminal in Port Blair, travelling all the way till the hotels booked in Baratang Island. Additionally, for those desirous of viewing the en-route scenic beauty, private vehicles take an elongated route to reach the jetty. Subsequently, the ferry ride can be taken as normal.

Importance of staying at a good hotel during a vacation –

During a vacation, accommodation is a direct reflection of the associated “enjoyment factor.” In fact, it showcases the travellers’ sense of awareness and the culture-specific to that place.

Smaller hotels and other entities offer a distinct experience compared to larger hotels. If one desires to experience the local culture at Baratang Island, hotels with booked rooms provide a unique and appropriate platform. Socialization and cultural events are highly encouraged in such situations. The development of the area, as well as the travel time, affect the finances for a trip. Most importantly, a good hotel should allow for effective rest and recreation to neutralize the effects of travel exhaustion.

Dew Dale Resort in Baratang Island


This resort is located strategically from Port Blair airport in terms of accessibility. It proves to be useful for travelling individuals from all walks. This is a 2-star hotel, which seeks to ensure a comfortable stay for guests.

This is one of the foremost hotels in Baratang Island. Facilities offered include luggage storage, valet parking, car park, room service, and garden for recreation. Each room contains a television, telephone, mineral water, balcony, and an attached washroom.

With respect to food availability, an outdoor restaurant serves a variety of global cuisines. Additionally, guests are provided with a taxi service, on-call doctor, laundry, airport shuttle, etc. Simply put, if a hotel room is required to be booked in Baratang Island, look no further than Dew Dale Resort.

Location –

Dew Dale Resort is located in Sundergarh village, Baratang Island, Middle Andaman. It is positioned along the main highway in the island. The idea behind its establishment is to promote the tourism sector. Accordingly, it lies in close proximity to various tourist spots, such as limestone caves (6.5 km), mud volcano (6.8 km), etc. This resort is located in the midst of the green forest cover. Therefore, it allows visitors to avoid the hustle and bustle of urban life.

Please note that Baratang Island has not undergone development; therefore, the Dew Dale resort accepts the responsibility for empowering the rural tourism industry, thus providing employment to the local population.

Tariff rates

The rate of stay in the hotel room is Rs. 1990 per person per night, and 100% advance payment is required. Children above the age of 6 years are regarded as adults as per the hotel policy. Also, pets are not permitted to reside in the resort. If booking online, kindly confirm the prices and the availability of complimentary meals with the resort before making a purchase. In the event of a power failure affecting the functioning of the air conditioning, geyser, etc., bookings of room in Dew Dale Resort shall not be refunded. Additionally, if a guest checks-in but chooses not to use the room, there shall be no refund.

How to book rooms –

Resort rooms can be booked online. However, kindly confirm the antecedents of the website before initiating the process of purchase. Please verify the amenities available in the room before confirming the booking, for instance, air conditioning, double bed, etc. In the online procedure, please provide the check-in and check-out dates. This will enable the resort to reserve rooms for a specific time period. The check-in time starts from 9 am, and the check-out time is until 8 pm.

As per rules of booking in Dew Dale Resort, please note that check-in and check-out performed outside the designated time slot will result in additional charges.

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