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Baratang Island – Traveller’s Paradise

For the travellers whose hearts are swayed by the impressive limestone caves, fascinating mud volcanoes and dense mangroves, then Baratang Island is for you. This beautiful island is situated between South and Middle Andaman to the north of the capital city of Andaman & Nicobar Islands. It is at a distance of about 100 kms from Port Blair. Baratang Island is a hidden gem of the Anadaman islands. This wonderful island is a paradise for all the photographers and nature lovers out there.

Places to Explore in Baratang Island

This place is suitable not only for nature lovers but also for the adventure enthusiasts. There are various activities like mangrove boat rides, scuba diving & trekking that are bound to add thrill to your trip. The very famous limestone caves have awe-inspiring stalactites, stalagmites & glamorous rock formations. For the bird watchers, there is a parrot island where you can relax all day long. The sunset of the parrot island is a must-see. During the sunset, the sky is painted with hues of red, orange & yellow and there are thousands of colourful parrots returning to their nests. It is a sight to behold.

Also, there is a mud volcano where you can satisfy the scientist in you by exploring the marvellous work of nature, the bubbling puddle of the mud volcano. You can also take a trip in the lifeline of Andaman Island i.e the small but adorable ferries between Nilambur Jetty & Baratang. At a distance of about 9 km from Nilambur Jetty, there is a serene Baludera beach. The beach has a curved sand bay with mangrove trees lining the beach. The place is a perfect place to cool down after a long day’s travel. The beach is the best place to witness sunset & sunrise.

Local Community

If we talk about the local people here, they are basically from Kerala & Tamil Nadu. The actual habitants of this place is the tribal group called Jarawa Tribe. Meeting or contacting with the tribal people is not allowed. Now, after knowing about the exotic place, you might be interested in reaching this exotic island.

How to reach Baratang Island?

There are various ways by which you can reach Baratang Island. You can travel to Baratang Island from Port Blair by a government or a private bus or by a government ferry service. You can also choose private AC cabs.

Eating out at Baratang Island

After all the travelling, one is bound to feel hungry. There are some small food stalls, eateries and other dining spots in Baratang Island which are apt for refreshments & light snacks. For lunch & dinner you can dine at Dew Dale Restaurant in Baratang Island.

Famous cuisine of Andaman/ Baratang island

As mentioned earlier, the local habitants of the place are from Tamil Nadu & Kerala so the main cuisine of Baratung is basically from South India. The top cuisines of Andaman are Dosas, Idlis, Uttapam, Vadas and Banana Chips. Some other food available are Kaapi, Biryani and seafood as well. Other famous dishes to try are Vegetarian Chilli Curry & Amritsari Kulcha.

Tips to find the perfect restaurant

Wherever you go there are plenty of eating spots available in Baratang Island but to enjoy your trips to the fullest, you must choose the perfect restaurant. Some tips for choosing best restaurant are:-

  • Research: Research all the available restaurants options before visiting any place. This will help you know about all the places to eat in a particular area or town. It will also help you in getting to know about local dishes.
  • Read reviews: You can also choose to read online reviews for a restaurant. But choose an accurate website to find the reviews.
  • Do targeted research: You can search like Top places to dine in Baratang Island. This will help you in finding more information about the best restaurants.
  • Ask locals: Well, the best thing to do is to ask the locals who frequent a particular place often. They can tell you the best about a particular restaurant & the foods they serve.
  • Ask at the place of accommodation: Well, it is a great idea to ask the opinion of the hotels or the place where you are staying. They tend to know the best places to eat in a particular area.

There are various restaurants in Baratang Island. One of the best restaurants in Baratang Island is Dew Dale Resturant.

Dew Dale restaurant in Andaman Island

About the restaurant

The restaurant & resort of Dew Dale is located in the backdrop of a rural setting. You can hear the sounds of nature and it is extremely quiet & peaceful to go out with the family. The resort cum restaurant is located near the Sundargarh Village on Baratang Island. The resort in itself is very beautiful and is situated on a small hill.

Food served at Dew Dale dine-in

The food here is mouth watering. The Baratang Island restaurant menu basically has South Indian cuisines like Idli, Sambhar, Chilli Dal & Rice. There is also a range of options available on the menu. Sea food is also available. There are various local dishes available for the traveller to choose from. The menu changes according to the seasons.

The menu had a fresh, organic touch in its food options. There are a range of freshly prepared delicacies and a bar to relax. There is also a coffee shop available where the restaurant brews freshly prepared coffee.

Friendly Staff at the eatery

In addition to the nice meal, there are delightful staff available at the restaurant. It has the right combination of efficiency and friendliness. The staff is very thoughtful of the guests and can arrange food on special requests. They are also very kind & courteous to the guests

Environment at food parlor

The lush greenery, calm environment and sunset view from the restaurant is too good to miss. The restaurant has pastel colours on the wall with matching furniture. It gives an aura of calmness to the travellers. There is light music of the bird chirping in the background. Thus making it an ideal spot for dining.

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