FAQ’s for Baratang Island

Frequently Asked Questions about Baratang Island

  1. Where is Baratang Island located?

Ans. Baratang Island is a part of the Andaman Islands and is located 150 km (93 miles) north of Port Blair.  It is among the main islands of the Great Andaman Chain, which is a closely set archipelago in the Bay of Bengal.

  1. What is the Administrative district of Baratang Island?

Ans. The Baratang Island comes under the North and Middle Andaman administrative district.

  1. How big is Baratang Island?

Ans.  The Baratang Island is spread over an expanse of 242.6 square kilometres (93.7 sq mi).

  1. What are the neighboring attractions of  Baratang Island?

Ans. The Baratang Island has South Andaman to its southern side, and the Middle Andaman to its north. The islands coming under the Ritchie’s Archipelago lie 14 kilometres (8.7 mi) to the east of this island.  The Port Blair and Baratang Island distance is around 45 kilometres (28 mi). This capital of the Indian Union Territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands lies near to the southern tip of Baratang Island.

  1. Can one reach Baratang Island through a flight?

Ans. One cannot directly reach Baratang Island through a flight.  The nearest airport to the Baratang Island is the Veer Savarkar International Airport of the Port Blair city. This airport is situated at a distance of around 104 km from the Baratang Island.  Frequent flights from Indian metro cities land at this airport.

  1. Does Baratang Island have another name?

Ans. Yes. Baratang Island is also called Ranchiwalas Island due to its history.

  1. What is the history of Baratang Island?

Ans. Political upheaval was experienced in the city of Ranchi sometime near the 19th century. A number of locals subsequently sought refuge by opting to convert themselves to Christianity with the missionaries’ assistance. After realizing the prospects of the forests present at the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, the British sent these converts to the Baratang Island in order to cultivate crops. These Ranchi laborers went on to settle down at Baratang Island and created a brand new life for themselves.

  1. What are the key attractions of Baratang Island?

Ans.  The popular sightseeing spots in Baratang Island include beaches, mangrove creeks, limestone caves, as well as mud volcanoes.

  1. What would be the ideal span for a holiday trip to Baratang Island?

Ans. The Baratang Island is considered to be a perfect one-day trip destination, especially for the ones who come for a long holiday tour at the Andaman Islands.  People can typically stay at the Baratang Island for a couple of days in order to explore its virgin beaches, enjoy bird watching opportunities, get a chance to witness the rural way of life prevalent in the region, as well as try out a host of authentic Indian dishes.

  1. Why must holiday goers visit Baratang island?

Ans. Making Baratang Island tour bookings and visiting this holiday destination would be a perfect idea for a nature explorer or a wildlife fan. This island is filled with an abundance of nature’s untouched beauty, which differentiates it from the more commercialized regions of the Andaman Islands.

  1. How to reach Baratang Island from Port Blair?

Ans. The easiest way to reach the Baratang island from Port Blair would be to hire a private car or to a private AC bus ( in case of Baratang Island group tours). Taking a government bus from Port Blair would be the most prudent option for the ones looking for a more reasonably priced travel method. Two-wheelers are not allowed to go all the way to Baratang Island. The vacationers shall have to travel through the ‘Andaman Trunk Road’ (ATR), and subsequently, take a ferry to Baratang Island. It takes around four hours to reach Baratang Island from Port Blair.

  1. What are the methods of commuting within the Baratang islands?

Ans. Here are some of the ways through which the vacationers may commute within Baratang islands:

  • Private Jeeps: As of 2016, these jeeps charged around Rs 100 per person or Rs 400 per vehicle to the vacationers to major sightseeing spots in the Baratang Island like the Mud Volcano from the Baratang Jetty.
  • Government Bus: While these buses can take the vacationers to the diverse attractions, it is vital to ask about their exact timing beforehand, as they only give only a few rides per day
  • Private Cars: While this is the most expensive option to commute within the Baratang island, it also is the most convenient one.
  1. What are the best places to see in Baratang Island?
  2. Ans.  The Baratang Island features a plethora of glorious natural sights, as well as diverse wildlife. Some of the best places to see at Baratang Island include:
    1. The Limestone Caves that are characterized by their distinctive stalactites, stalagmites, and rock formations.
    1. The famous Mud Volcano of Baratang Island. It in fact is the only mud volcano in India.
    1. The pristine beach of the Baratang island. Its beach is typically not very crowded, and hence the vacationers can even get the chance to enjoy a relaxing swim there, all by themselves.
  3. What are the top things to do at Baratang Island?

Ans.  The Baratang Island is characterized by its gorgeous natural sights, and hence going on hikes or treks here would be a great idea for the travelers. They can also get some interesting bird watching opportunities here. Going on boat rides through the mangrove-fringed creeks and canals of the Baratang Island is another experience that can prove to be extremely exciting for the travelers. The Limestone Caves, Limestone Caves and Parrot Island are some of the top highlights that one must check out when exploring the sightseeing spots in Baratang Island.

  1. Is there any good place to eat out on Baratang Island?

Ans. Yes. There are multiple restaurants at Baratang Island where the vacationers can enjoy delectable delicacies. There are a few food stalls and small eateries are dotted around the Nilambur jetty here as well and tend to largely serve South-Indian and Bengali dishes. Common snacks, refreshments and tea would be available on almost every corner of the Baratang Island.

  1. Are there any good hotels in Baratang Island?

Ans. Yes. There are multiple hotels and resorts in Baratang Island where the vacationers may book their stay in.

  1. What are the emergency contacts for Baratang Island?

Ans. The emergency numbers for the Baratang Island are Baratang Hospital: 03192-279533, as well as the Baratang police station: 03192-279503.