Geography of Mayabunder Island

Geography of Mayabunder Island

Introduction to Mayabunder Island

Mayabunder is a major tourist centre and is part of the breath taking Andaman islands. This island is the perfect tourist destination for tourists who want to live with nature and love beaches.

The island offers a host of amenities, historical sites, trekking trails and other water sports like jet-skiing, snorkelling and other adventures that will keep you busy and entertained. Mayabunder is a place you come to for peace, quiet and meditation.

This is a preferred place for visitors who want to have some sun and fun and loosen up on the expansive beaches with white sand and shimmering waves. As per 2001 figure, this island had a population of approximately 24000 inhabitants.

Where is Mayabunder Island located?

Mayabunder is a town in the northern part of Middle Andaman island. The area is sparsely populated and consists of a few villages. The locals speak Bengali, Hindi, Tamil and Telegu these places offer offbeat experiences to tourists, adventure and sport 

Overview of the Andaman Islands

The palm-lined beautiful Andaman Islands are jewels in the Bay of Bengal. The island is still untouched by modernization and boasts of virgin beaches.

The islands have swaying palm trees, mangroves and tropical rain forests. The waters surrounding the islands have jaw-dropping coral reefs that support marine life like sharks, stingrays and a whole lot of other exotic species of fishes. Some parts are Inhabited by tribes that are still primitive and are hostile to any outsiders.

These areas are strictly off-limits for anyone. Visitors are not permitted to visit islands that are habitats of the islander, Among the tribes the Sentinelese are considered as very aggressive towards outsiders.

Port Blair is the capital of the Andaman Islands. In the mid-20th century, the British abandoned their administration Headquarters on Ross island after the earthquake hit the area.  The British authorities imprisoned Indian freedom fighters during the freedom struggle. It is Port Blair and is now a national memorial for the freedom fighters

The history of Andamans is mostly of colonisation. The islands were used as a penal colony from 1858 up to 1945. The British had possession of these islands and built a prison complex to house Indian freedom fighters. However, the Japanese captured these islands during the second world war. These islands were later taken over by the government of India and designated it as a Union territory with a governor as an administrator.

Andaman offers a host of activities and adventure sports which include :

  • Glass boat ride and Dolphin watching
  • Sea walking in North Bay island
  • Scuba diving in Havelock island
  • Mangrove kayaking experience
  • Trekking with a tour guide
  • Snorkelling

Geography of the Andaman Islands

The Andamans are a picturesque group of islands surrounded by white sand beaches and shimmering ocean. It is situated in the Indian Archipelago in the Bay of Bengal. Andaman comprises of 572 islands out of which only 37 islands are habitable.  Only a few islands are open to tourists. The ingenious people live in remote islands, and entry is restricted

Tourists require permission which is available at the immigration desk at the point of entry. The permit is valid for touring south Andaman, Middle Andaman, Little Andaman, Neil Island, Havelock Island, Long Island, Diglipur, Baratang, North Passage, Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park and some other areas and islands designated by the authorities. It also covers day halts at South Cinque Island, Ross Island, Narcondum Island, Interview Island, Brother Island, Sister Island and Barren Island. 

These permissions are valid for 30 days. However, it can be extended for 15 days.

Andaman has different types of accommodation to suit different pockets. It also has plenty of restaurants, café and other eating outlets that offer a wide range of cuisines to cater to every palate.

Geography of  MayabunderIsland

Mayabunder is located in the northern part of middle Andamans. It is 242 km by road and 136 km by ferry from Port Blair. The most frequent question by tourist is how to reach Mayabander Island Andaman Islands, which is in the middle of an ocean. The island is accessible by regular air service, boat and air charter service. The air services are from Chennai Bengaluru and Kolkata. The entry point is the Port Blair jetty or the airport.

Sightseeing Spots at Mayabander Island includes the following:

  • Avis Island Mayabander Island Andaman Islands
  • Karmatanag Beach at Mayabander Island Andaman Islands
  • German Jetty Mayabander Island
  • Ray hills Mayabander Island
  • AustinX Beach at Mayabander Island Andaman Islands
  • Interview Island at Mayabander Island Andaman Islands

Tour operators conduct sightseeing tours of Mayabander Island. Many packages are available to suit the tourist needs.

Why should you visit Mayabunder Island?

What makes MayabunderIsland a “must-see” tourist destination. Here are some of the reasons that will convince you to come to Mayabunder

Mayabunder Island Andaman Islands enjoy a warm tropical climate with sunshine most of the year. Tourists prefer to come here between December and April to avoid the torrential rains between May and October. During the tourist seasons, a lot of cultural events are held at different locations in the islands.

The locals in this place are friendly, and most of them have a fairly good knowledge of spoken English, so communicating with the locals won’t be a hassle.

The islands celebrate quite a few events,and tourists are encouraged to join in the fun and merriment. One of the main events is the “Island Tourism Festival” which is usually held in January. Local dancers and musicians perform for the tourist while the food stalls and fairground rides entertain the tourists.

Another major event is the Hindu festival “Diwali – the Festival of Lights” that is celebrated with the houses lit with coloured lights that creates a magical atmosphere.

It has the best water activities in India, which include banana boats, glass-bottom boat and much more. If you are a land person, you can go on one of the several trekking tours or go on a safari. There are several activities for the children as well.

There is no shortageof hotels and resorts at Mayabander Island Andaman Islands. Accommodation is available for all types of tourists. There are hostels and dorms for backpack tourists, budget travellers as well as students. Upmarket starred hotels are also available all over the islands.

Visit this pristine island and have a memorable holiday with your family or friends.

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