Guitar Island

Guitar Island in Rangat Island


Affiliated to the Middle Andaman group of islands, Rangat was established in 2006 as a tourist center after the establishment of Baratang. It is situated at a distance of 200 kms from the capital city of Port Blair. If you are curious about how to reach the place, then you can avail the jetty service from Port Blair or the private speedboats. You can also avail the bus service which takes around 5-6 hours to reach. There are cabs for your convenience as well.


The level of awareness about things that are problematic in the world might shock you here. People have realized that even though tourism as an industry exists they cannot abuse it. This led to the growing cry for eco-tourism in Rangat. There are eco-huts and Mangrove Nature walkway that have been built to inculcate in people the understanding of finer things in life. Since people are from different social backgrounds the level of respect for boundaries is immense.


Even though most people are unaware, the demography of Rangat is pretty heterogeneous. There are people who have shifted from Tamil Nadu and Kerala and there are people who have taken off from West Bengal. People are pretty hardworking there and they earn their livelihood either in the capacity of a fisherman or as a cultivator of farm produce. Other people anticipating the establishment of a tourism spot have opened eateries and hospitality initiatives. They are a welcoming bunch and often travelers out of their curiosity have asked the fishermen and the cultivators their trade secrets and have not been let down.

Reasons to visit Rangat Island

Not visiting Rangat Island right now would be a foolish thing especially because the business in the place hasn’t taken off yet. This means you get top-notch services at really cut-price deals. Also given its natural beauty, there is no need for further advertisement. If one doesn’t want to visit Rangat despite its aesthetic it’s that person’s loss. There is no shortage when it comes to food choices because Rangat offers concoctions of your favorite seafood along with commonplace dishes that one might like. Language won’t be a problem either because there are people from all over India residing there.

Beaches in Rangat Island

There are so many beaches both accounted and unaccounted in Rangat island that quantifying them is a useless exercise. There is the Raman Bagheecha Beach which has been earmarked by couples for their romantic getaways. There is the Amkunj Beach at Rangat Island Andaman Islands, known for its stone cold appearance and vintage feel. There is the Cuthbert Bay beach famous for turtle nesting spots during the beginning and the end of the year and obviously there is the Lalaji Bay beach which is a comprehensive vacationing spot for people of all ages. The assortment of beaches entail, that every person is sure to find his favourite from this wide array.

Guitar Island

One of the very less frequented islands of Andaman, this island is in the shape of a guitar. If you take a Trip to Guitar Island from Long Island Andaman Islands, you are sure to be flabbergasted by the hauntingly beautiful environment.

During the times of a low tide, the island gets connected to other islands around it. There is a similarly shaped island opposite the guitar island and it is named as the small guitar island. The island is left alone to its own fate and that is one of the reasons as to why it is so beautiful. Any natural landscape without human interference is bound to bloom.

Activities in Guitar island

There won’t be anyone to police you, such is the isolated nature of the place. You can wear whatever you are comfortable with, carry a book or a speaker and let yourself go. With nature gallivanting and prancing around you, visit the island before the sun reaches its zenith and expose yourself to the bounty of nature. The tranquilizing ambience will rid you of your troubles while you are surrounded by it. The Guitar island is quintessentially for people who want to go off the radar or for people seeking direction in life.

Experience at Guitar island

The magical experience begins from the dunghi ride from Long Island and stays with you till you breathe. The guitar island speaks to the soul like an ascetic, with a sedating murmur of wind and rustling of leaves and the break of waves. People have often stayed back for unaccounted hours or have wandered aimlessly. The amount of freedom and beauty or rather the combination of it in unparalleled in any other place. Avid readers have often taken a corner or a shade and enjoyed perusing through a decent piece of fiction and forgotten the cares and worries of the world.

How to visit Guitar island

The island can be reached from Havelock and as well as Long Island. The island is 163kms away from the capital of Port Blair. One can choose either bus or a ferry to reach the place. After reaching Rangat from Port Blair on a bus you can take another bus to the Yerrata jetty. The jetty will carry you to Long Island near Rangat Island Andaman Islands, from where you can reach Guitar Island on a small boat called the dunghi.

From Havelock Island you ought to take a government run ferry that operates on every alternate day. The ferry starts at Port Blair and takes a small stop at Havelock. On reaching the guitar island a three-minute walk is sure to take you closer to the vanilla sands of the beach.

There are no accommodations if you are looking for one so one needs to stay at Long Island. There are however decent restaurants around. The Blue Planet will offer you different seafood based cuisines but if you have a soft corner for north Indian food then Laxmi Hotel should be the go to place. There is a place called the Corner bar which sells sodas and drinks.

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