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Overview of Rangat Island

Picturesque, serene, and carefully conserved, Rangat Islands, Andaman, is often overlooked by tourists for better-known islands. This is the perfect spot for a vacation if you want to escape the holiday rush, even during the season. There are several sightseeing spots at Rangat Islands, Andaman and Nicobar. The Cuthbert Bay Beach, Amkunj Beach, and Long Island Beach at Andaman and Nicobar Islands would be some examples, and these are just the tip of the iceberg. It is also known for its waterfalls, its turtle nesting beaches, and its vast hills. There are various you can find to do on this island, like visiting Amkunj beach, Dhanninallah Beach, and the Dhaninallah Mangrove Walkway. You can spend your day soaking in the greenery or swimming and sunbathing on these beaches.


Rangat Islands is located in the middle Andaman Islands. It is 210 km from Port Blair and 70 km south of Mayabunder. Rangat Islands is well connected by road and sea. It has an area of about 1070 It is mostly used as a pit stop or a transit point when traveling from North Andamans to Port Blair, or when getting from the North to South Andaman Islands.  This island is connected to many major islands by sea and road and is very close to islands like Mayabunder, Long Island, or Diglipur.


Rangat Islands adheres to the people who live there. The population largely consists of Bengalis and South Indians, resulting in a rich fusion of these two diverse cultures.

The people on this island belong to various linguistic groups, so the population is not just limited to these two cultures. Just like Mayabunder, Rangat Islands is involved in eco-conservation, which can be witnessed by the turtles nesting.

inhabitants of the Rangat Islands consist of Bengalis and South Indians. They are mainly engaged in fishing and cultivation, these being the two main occupations on this island. They are friendly and will gladly help you around the island when you need it.

Importance of choosing the perfect hotel for a holiday at Rangat Islands, Andaman

Since Rangat Islands are not as crowded with tourists as some of the other islands on the Andaman are, it is clear that it has not been promoted to a great extent. As a direct result, it lacks the usual luxurious resorts and facilities that go hand in hand with the Andaman and Nicobar Island experience.

However, it still has good housing experiences to offer, only if you have adequate information about hotel facilities.

Importance of staying at a good hotel during a vacation

Making sure you have selected the right hotel for your purpose, could be what uplifts your vacation, or sets a damper on it. It is important to make sure that your chosen hotel offers everything you need, be it hygiene standards or breakfast in bed. It is important to keep in mind that this will be the place that you start your day from and end with. This will be the place you come back to after a day’s worth of adventure. Therefore, set your standards, and make sure your choice of accommodation adheres to it. There are several hotels and resorts at Rangat Islands, Andaman.

Hotel Avis in Rangat Islands


Hotel Avis has been described as an abode of peace, charm, and quiet.

The rooms are large and clean. They also offer spacious eco hots, so you have to try this, as it is not a very common concept. It is cozy and comfortable, and the rooms are clean and attractive. Food can be ordered to your room if in-room dining is you prefer. Interestingly, rooms are named after islands in the Andamans. There are also several bars and hotels available nearby, so one can access these easily when the need arises.

The staff working here are said to be attentive, and as this is not a very big hotel, you can be assured that you will be getting quick and personalized services. They are also on call 24*7. Also:

  • They have both ac and non-ac rooms
  • All rooms have an en-suite bathroom and a tv
  • Tours/ticket assistance
  • 24 hour hot and cold water

It is important to enquire about all room varieties and facilities before you book a room.


This cozy nook is situated in the main city of Rangat, Andaman. It is conveniently located, when it comes to exploring areas in the Middle Andaman, as this hotel is close to those places. It is also very close to very scenic beaches and mountains, so if adventure sports like trekking or diving is what you have in mind, this hotel will make this more accessible for you.

Tariff Rates

You can always contact the hotel authorities or go to their official website and look at their various facilities and pricing that are said to be fair.

How to book rooms

You can book rooms via the official website. You can also call and enquire, and also book in the process. You can also book through various intermediaries.

All in all, Rangat Islands are worth a visit. This couples with making sure you select the right place to stay will ensure that you spend a smooth and pleasant couple of days on this island.

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