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Hotels Laxmi Villa in Rangat Island

Sun-kissed pristine beaches, emerald waters as far as the eye can see and the diffusion of nature’s greenery with every breath, Rangat islands has the best that Andaman has to offer, all wrapped around in a picturesque setting that more than catches the eye; it traps your senses!

Lose yourself in the Mangrove nature walkway, seek the thrills of water sports, or feel the warmth of sunbathing at serene beaches. Rangat island has delectations for everyone to sink in, rejoice, and entrench themselves in the Andaman euphoria with a true eco-tourism experience!

Overview of Rangat Island


Rangat Island is located in the middle and south Andaman islands,  with an approximate area of about 1070 sq. km. It is reachable by road from Port Blair with a distance of 200 km and by sea, about 50 nautical miles. Well connected with roads leading up and to it, Rangat Island can be reached from Mayabunder, which is about 70 km.


The main occupation of the locals here is fishing and cultivation. Being a tourist attraction, the culture around the island is captivating. There are many getaways for tourists here, ranging from nature walks, beaches, waterfalls, forests, and the opportunity to live in the serenity of a village life amongst the vitality of nature.

One can find themselves experiencing the rich eco-culture of Rangat island while enjoying a quaint cup of tea with numerous roadside vendors all along the Andaman trunk road.


The inhabitants of Rangat island are from diverse linguistic groups, though mostly comprising of Bengalis and Tamil. Being a tourist destination, people there are friendly and courteous with an altruistic sense of being the host to travelers coming in from different parts of the globe.

8 best places to visit in Rangat Island

Rangat Islands offer an exquisite experience of the rich bio-diversity that the Andaman islands are renowned for. From Sightseeing Spots at Rangat, the Andaman Islandsto taking a walk down the spice cultivation fields, tourists will find themselves entrapped in emancipating rapture.

Here are some of the best places to visit  in Rangat Island:

Cuthbert Bay Beach

A major tourist attraction is the Cuthbert Bay Beach. It is a long coastline famous for turtle nesting during the winter months of January and December. Visitors can lounge back and witness the turquoise ocean, and pristine sand beach, while visiting Cuthbert Bay Beach turtle nesting at Rangat Island.

Panchvati Hills

On the outskirts of the city, lies a stretch of rocky hills with gentle waterfalls, making the Panchvati Hills amongst top sightseeing spots in Rangat Island

Amkunj Beach

Another fabled seashore with wide-open beaches, travelers can enjoy a sunbathe on sofa-like sit-outs, eco huts, or take a dip into the enchanting sea while visiting Amkunj Bay Beach at Rangat, Andaman Island.

Long Island (Lalaji Bay beach, Guitar beach)

Off the south-east coast of Andaman lies a village and several beaches. One of those is the globally renowned Lalaji Bay Beach. This place is a camping-haven along with the numerous offerings of Scuba Diving and Snorkelling at Long Island Andaman Islands.

North Passage Island (Merk Bay Beach)

An evergreen setting divulging on it’s a less vibrant variety of Emerald seas, Merk Bay Beach in North Passage Island near Long Island, Andaman is nature’s retreat in all its magnificence, with corals, shallow white beaches suitable for snorkeling and a chance to witness playful dolphins as a true reflection of the eclectic island habitats. 

Dhaninallah Beach

One of the longest walkways of its kind in India, Dhaninallah Beach is much acclaimed for its famous turtle nesting grounds with scenic views of greenery in Dhaninallah Mangrove nature walkway at Rangat Island, Andaman.

Importance of choosing the perfect hotel for a holiday at Rangat

Choosing the perfect hotel for a memorable stay is as important as choosing the destination.


With all its diverse offerings, Rangat Island has many attractions to visit, which is why the location of your stay matters. Do you want to end an eventful day with the constant harmony of waves, or do you want an experience in the city’s very heart with the locals and all facilities nearby? Lodging into a hotel with all major attractions nearby saves precious time during a holiday. Conversely, living in a secluded natural beach paradise, takes you away from all the bustle of downtown if relaxation is your holiday objective.


Depending on the services one seeks and the duration of stay, pricing is an all-important factor when you take a trip to the islands. The price of accommodation should fit into your overall budget so that you can truly enjoy all the fascinations of Rangat Island.

Importance of staying at a good hotel during a vacation

Apart from the location and pricing, tourists also need to factor in amenities offered by a hotel. If you’re going to spend time at your hotel, it is beneficial to have facilities like swimming pools, internet access, etc.

Similarly, the hospitality of the hotel staff matters too. A well-mannered and courteous hotel staff can ensure a hassle-free and friendly stay. It is ideal to look for reviews of a hotel by previous customers. After all, your stay experience during a vacation is the essence of holidays.

Hotel Laxmi Villa in Rangat Island is one such accommodation that offers travelers a comfortable retreat after an exhausting day of faring around the bountiful islands.

Hotel Laxmi Villa Resort in Rangat Island

Hotel Laxmi Villa is a 3-star accommodation in  Sabari,  just by the Great Andaman Trunk Road. Travelers can enjoy a leisurely stay here with the menu at Hotel Laxmi Villa offering delicacies like continental breakfast to guests.

Features of Hotel Laxmi Villa at Rangat

Hotel Laxmi Villa has many facilities in place to make for a memorable vacation. They have internet access along with air-conditioned triple rooms with two variants. Car parking is available, and a travel desk is in place to assist tourists with planning their day-to-day schedule at Rangat Island.

Location of Hotel Laxmi Villa at Rangat Island

Sabari is located in Rangat island in the North and Middle Andaman islands. It is about 3km from the sub-district Rangat and 78 km from Mayabunder. Hotel Laxmi Villa is easily accessible with public and private transports. All famous sight-seeing places in Rangat lie close to Sabari. Tourists putting up here can enjoy a secluded stay with all major attractions nearby. The Veer Savarkar International Airport lies close as well.

Additionally, Hotel Laxmi Villa has a car rental service that can be availed through the travel desk for the convenience of tourists.

Tariff rates

Hotel Laxmi Villa in Rangat island provides economical stay options to its tourists. One may avail of all the amenities at the hotel with room rents ranging from Rs. 1500-2000/- for triple rooms, depending upon the season of arrival. All facilities like Wi-Fi and continental breakfasts are included in this price.

How to book rooms in Hotel Laxmi Villa

Booking at Hotel Laxmi Villa booking in Rangat Island can be done online or by contacting the help desk number of Andaman Island Travels, and all the necessary details regarding room availability and tariff can be resolved here.

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