Hotel Payel Garden-Bar Mayabunder Island

Hotel Payel Garden & Bar in Mayabunder Island

A Brief Overview of Mayabunder Island

An uncommercial and offbeat holiday destination, Mayabunder Island Andaman Islands lets you find yourself amidst nature. Enchanting beaches with clear waters and a beautiful, undisturbed ecosystem, turtle nesting grounds, bewitching sceneries, this island offers an organic experience, with almost no connectivity to the outside world. Water sports, trekking, scuba diving, snorkelling- the beaches and islands in Mayabunder promise a memorable experience. Covering an area of 37.69 hectares the island allows you to get as close to nature as possible. Lack of tourism infrastructure is a reason why the spot isn’t very famous among tourists but the serene and calm island is an incredibly peaceful and beautiful destination. You can expect a refreshing and calm atmosphere waiting to greet you here!


  • Situated in the northern part of the Andaman & Nicobar Islands, the island is connected to the mainland, ensuring comfortable accessibility.
  • The island is around 242 km away from Port Blair by road and 136 km away by air. The Andaman Trunk Road connects Mayabunder and Port Blair.
  • Buses and ferries are available to reach the island.


  • The moment you step on the island, the blend of cultures is apparent. Home to former Burmese tribes, the island has around 3000 people living in the main village. This beautiful island is an agglomeration of ethnicities.
  • Inhabitants from erstwhile Burm, East Pakistan and ex-convicts from the era of British ruled India give this island a unique lifestyle. The people here live a simple life far away from materialism and urbanisation.
  • It’s almost like wrapping nature into a warm hug when you are in Mayabunder.

Major tourist highlights

Karmatang Beach

 This blissful beach also nicknamed the turtle’s paradise due to the turtle nesting grounds is a beautiful place to be in with its mesmerising scenery.

Boat ride, water sports and a sight that captures your heart, Karmatang beach in Mayabunder Island Andaman Islands is a must-visit.

Interview Island

Forests full of elephants trumpeting in glory and an absolutely gorgeous scenery with colourful wildlife makes Interview Island a perfect place for enjoying a forest trek. You have to go trekking in Interview Island to make the most of your time in Andaman Island.

The Interview Island Wildlife Sanctuary has a wide variety of animals, birds and plants, and this place is home to alluring flora and fauna.

Avis Island

The Avis Island’s scenic beauty will leave you enchanted, the coconut plantations a sight to watch. The clear water gives you a peek of its marine life, and this place is perfect for spending some relaxing and quality time with your loved ones.

Photographers will have a blast here thanks to the enthralling beauty of the island. Plan a trip to the Avis Island in Mayabunder Island Andaman Islands to enjoy a sunny day to the fullest.

German Jetty

The remains of a jetty built by a German engineer during world war two is a major tourist attraction in Mayabunder.

Austin X

If you are an adventurous person, Austin X Beach at Mayabunder Island AndamanIslands is for you! Scuba diving, pearl hunting, snorkelling and deep sea walking in the pristine waters of this beach is highly recommended.

A nice picnic in the greenery along with mesmerising sights and wildlife can also be enjoyed here.

Famous cuisine of Andaman/ Mayabunder island

Andaman island has a cuisine that reflects the blend of cultures of the people inhabiting the island.

Mouthwatering delicacies full of spices is what your taste buds can expect. The freshest and tastiest cuisine on a tropical island is undoubtedly fresh seafood, and Andaman Island is no different.

Seafood lovers will thoroughly enjoy the food here. A variety of fish, crab and prawns delicacies are delicious and cannot be missed.

Fish Curry, Amritsari Kulcha, Chilli curry, coconut prawn curry, tandoori fish, grilled lobsters are all famous dishes of Mayabunder Island Andaman Islands.

Tips to find the perfect restaurant

  • Apart from doing a little research online regarding the restaurants available in Mayabunder, asking the local people is also a good option. It’s always good to check whether the place you have planned will give you a feel of the culture and cuisine you are looking for.
  • If possible, it’s always advisable to go through the menu of the place before going there so that you know whether the local cuisine you so desperately want to taste is available or not.
  • Checking the ambience and the comfort is important, and so is the location and mood of the restaurant- you are on a trip you want to make memorable, so choosing a restaurant that you will forever remember is advisable.
  • Value for money and good service should also be considered, after all, you don’t want to waste your money on a small portion of a not-so-tasty meal. The decor and feel of the restaurant also matter, but if the food is mouthwatering, it’s okay to compromise slightly on them!

Hotel Payel Garden & Bar

The best dishes

You can enjoy scrumptious seafood at this restaurant and pair it with the best drink on the menu.


The decor is sober and warm, more like a regular restaurant but it does provide value for money.


Hotel Payel is a decent hotel offering a variety of tasty dishes for you to satisfy your hunger. While the restaurant isn’t too fancy or big, the service is fine.


The hotel is a simple restaurant that promises quality and delicious food with a comfortable ambience.

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