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Overview of Rangat Island

Rangat islands are home to a variety of untouched beaches, turtle breeding grounds, waterfalls, and a unique Mangrove eco-system. There are a variety of things that can be done here, whether you are here for a long trip or just stopping for a day before moving on to your next destination.

Whether you’re looking to spend a few days in solitude and relax, or want to live it up a little and get a bit of an adrenaline rush, Rangat Island, Andamans, is the place for you.

If you are looking for quiet time, Rangat Islands offers a variety of activities that you could do. To begin with the obvious, you could spend hours lounging on their beaches, while taking timely breaks to fill up on the seafood they have abundantly available there. These beaches are pristine because of their strict cleanliness policies stemming from their conservation efforts. They are also rarely crowded, and this place misses out the usual holiday rush that the other islands witness.

You could also take a stroll up the Panchvati Hills, known for its beautiful waterfall that trickles down. Or visit the Dhaninallah Mangrove Nature Walkway, to visit turtles nesting during the season.

If looking for more active experiences, you could always partake in the many water sport activities offered here like banana boat rides, snorkeling, etc.


This quaint island is located in the Middle Andaman, covering a total of 1070 It is about 210 km from Port Blair and 70 km from the south of Mayabunder. Rangat Island is a pit stop when traveling to and from Port Blair and North Andaman Islands.


The culture of this island is varied. However, it mostly adheres to the majority population living here, which happens to be Bengalis and South Indians. The food and language, therefore, is mostly Bengali and South Indian. The occupation of the people living on this island is farming and fishing.


The people on this island are also said to be friendly. They do not face a flurry of tourists and are quite excited when they do come across one. They will also gladly show you around the island and give you helpful information that only an insider would know.

Importance of choosing the perfect hotel for a holiday at Rangat Island

Rangat Islands is not an evolved urban island. This is a rural community that also offers you the same wildlife and beach experiences that the other islands on Andamans do.

However, it is still developing on the tourist front. They do not offer very posh hotels. Therefore, it is important to select a worthy hotel ahead of time. You should have adequate information about the hotels with good facilities and reviews.

Importance of staying in a good hotel during a vacation

Regardless of what is on your agenda when you’re vacationing in a particular spot, your hotel is what you will come back to at the end of your day of adventure. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the hotel you are staying at is on par with your standards. Selecting an inadequate hotel will hamper your visit. You may have preferences when it comes to room service, or you may want to eat several meals at the hotel, therefore, making in-room dining a must. These are important factors to be considered when choosing to stay at a hotel.

Hotel Priya International in Rangat Islands


Of all the hotels in Rangat Islands, Hotel Priya International has the most facilities. It is a hotel well suited for both leisurely as well as work travel. It is also built-in an ideal location, right in the middle of Rangat. This happens to be one of the city’s most popular locales. This is an important factor, as this makes the lively city all the more accessible. The city’s main destination, the ones not missed out on, is also close to this hotel.

This hotel has consistently good reviews, which is a tough achievement for any five-star hotel or otherwise. Guests are made to feel very comfortable here, as this hotel serves the best services and amenities. Facilities are:

  • 24- hour room servicing
  • 24-hour security
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Taxi service
  • Ticket service
  • 19 beautifully appointed guest rooms
  • Plasma screen televisions
  • Additional bathroom
  • Additional toilet
  • Plasma screen televisions
  • Additional bathroom
  • Additional toilet
  • 23m square/ 248 ft square
  • City view
  • Shower
  • 2 single beds
  • 1 double bed
  • 3 single beds
  • Check-in time is 12 pm
  • Check-out time is 8 am
  • Children can stay for free if no extra bedding is needed(infants)
  • Children from 2-6 years can also stay for free if not extra bedding is required
  • Children older than 7 years will be considered adults
  • Extra bedding will be dependent on the room chosen

They also have a host of recreational facilities.


This hotel is located in the main city – Rangat.  The distance from the city center is 0.5 km, and the airport is at a distance of 97.35 km. The nearest airport is Veer Sarkar International Airport (IXZ).

Tariff rates

You can visit their official website or give them a call to know about the latest tariffs. There are also various intermediaries that you could contact when booking.

How to book rooms

As mentioned above, you could call the office of Andaman Island Travel to book rooms. Hotel Priya International is a good choice when looking for a place to stay in Rangat islands. They have good facilities and are conveniently located near popular tourist spots.

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