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Overview of Rangat Island


Located against the magnificent backdrop of Middle Andaman, the Rangat Island is a tourist spot that was formed in 2006 as companions to Baratang, Mayabunder and Diglipur. The island, despite its new status as a tourist spot has already managed to pick up great business and has established a lot tehsils and revenue districts as well. There are a large number of places to visit as well, like the Dhaninallah Mangrove nature walkway (seasonal Turtle Breeding) at Rangat Island Andaman Islands.

If you are curious about how to reach the place, then you have your work cut out by the government.

The capital city of Port Blair which is located at an approximate distance of 180kms operates public buses which take around 5-6 hours for you to reach. There is also the jetty service which drops you at Rangat Jetty and there is always the luxurious option of availing a speedboat.


The culture of Rangat island is a spectacle to behold to the outsiders’ eyes. There are people from so many diverse social strands that there is a certain amount of vitality to it. Their respect for other people’s culture or boundaries is striking, given they themselves are a heterogeneous bunch. Their concern for the environment and things related to it will put others to shame.

They are so well versed in this area that everything they do are oriented towards eco-tourism. They have also set up initiatives like Mangrove watch tower to engage people to witness beauty and the interpretation panel to disseminate information related to mangroves at the Mangrove Nature Walkway


As mentioned earlier people in this island were originally inhabitants of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and West Bengal. They arrival has led to appropriation of social roles such as fishing and cultivation. Other people have taken up setting up of eateries and restaurants. They are very warm and welcoming and they never shy away from intermingling with tourists if they are intrigued by the way in which they fish or farm. They are also very enthusiastic especially when it comes to setting up a drive for an environment friendly measure.

Importance of choosing the perfect hotel for a holiday at Rangat Island

Things could not get more aesthetic when you are at Rangat island. So it is of the utmost importance that you choose a hotel which reflects the culture and ethos of Rangat and is a microcosm of the aesthetics of places like Amkunj Beach at Rangat Island Andaman Islands. Secondly, there are a lot of new establishments coming up in Rangat with increasing business so it is important that you don’t end up in any random place that has the best advertisement. Rangat has places that is so removed that choosing a hotel entails a lot of considerations. Firstly, one needs to find a hotel that has a diversified cuisine and is well connected to modes of transport. Without that your dining and traveling expenses will increase. In many ways Hotel Ross and Smith fulfills the criteria

Importance of staying at a good hotel during a vacation

Imagine you have arrived at a hotel that has been hyped up so much that you already have mental images of it. Then you arrive at the place and see that things that should be complimentary are being charged, you have no other choice but to carry your own luggage, the elevator works when it wants and the room service is terrible. To top that, imagine being with your partner and being disturbed by housekeeping at ungodly hours. Also a few hotels don’t give off a pretty good vibe. A good hotel will make you feel like a guest there but a bad one will make you feel like customer.

Hotel Ross and Smith Resort in Rangat Island


  • Hotel Ross and Smith furnishes you with an air-conditioned residence during your stay.
  • There is of course free Wi-Fi made available so that you stay connected and entertained during your stay.
  • There is a front desk that is active all throughout the day meaning, you wouldn’t have to make more than one call to get your request across.
  • The rooms are well furnished and comes with a flat screen television, a premium wardrobe and a great washroom.
  • There are people employed just to make sure your language doesn’t become a problem which is a great initiative on their part.


The hotel is located at a very convenient location and is well connected to the rest of Rangat.

It is situated just by the side of the sweeping Andaman trunk road and has a lot of options around it when it comes to dining and shopping. The rangat bazar is very close to it and so is the bus terminus and if you want you can board any bus of your choice and make a visit to Panchvati hills at Rangat Island Andaman Islands.

Tariff Rates

The check-in time is at noon and one needs to check out between eight in the morning to noon. A deluxe room is pretty affordable as it comes at a bargain deal of two thousand rupees for a night. This price also includes free breakfast and free cancellation. However, if you want to add an extra bed they will charge you five hundred rupees per night.  

How to book rooms

You can log on to and check availability and book directly from the website with discounts on certain occasions or you can call them up without an intermediary and block your dates with them. There might be other websites as well which might be hosting information about Hotel Ross and Smith. They only accept cash payments so make sure you carry enough cash if you book the hotel on spot.

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