Interview Island

Interview Island in Mayabunder Island

A Brief Overview of Mayabunder Island

Located in the beautiful Island of Andaman & Nicobar, Mayabunder Island is home to gorgeous Mangrove creeks and blissful beaches with clear waters and volcanic sands awaiting to greet people. Serene and naturally enchanting, Mayubandar Island Andaman Island is an uncommercial and offbeat holiday destination, giving tourists a chance to soak into nature, disconnecting themselves completely from the outside world. Sprawled over an area of 37.69 hectares, enchanting sights, cultural characteristics like the German Jetty and an undisturbed ecosystem make this place a must-visit holiday destination. There are several good hotels and resorts at Mayabunder island that enhance the overall experience and make it even more memorable!


  • The mesmerising Island of Mayabunder is located in the northern part of Andaman island, around 242 km away from Port Blair and connected by the Andaman Trunk Road.
  • Although the Island is remotely located, it is accessible thanks to the connectivity with the mainland. Approximately 136 km away from Port Blair by air, if you are wondering how to reach Mayabunder, buses and ferries are available to reach the Island from Port Blair.
  • Government and private buses are available from Port Blair to reach Mayabunder, and this is a reliable option since the frequency of the ferry is only once a week.


  • The people of Mayabunder Island lead a simple life away from materialism and urbanisation. With almost no telecom and internet networks, the life in this Island is organic and raw.
  • Inhabitants from erstwhile Burma, East Pakistan and ex-convicts from the era of British ruled India provide a blend of cultures in this beautiful place.
  • The unique lifestyle of the Karens, natives to this region, reflects their 90-year-old history in this Island. The moment you step into this Island, jaw-dropping visuals and shores dotted with mangroves greet you.

Major Tourist Highlights

  • Karmatang Beach
  • An eco-friendly picnic spot to spend quality time with your loved ones on a sunny day, the Karmatang beach at Mayabunder Island, Andaman Islands boasts of bamboo play tree houses and tall green trees.
  • Nicknamed the turtle’s paradise since the beach is a turtle nesting ground, one can thoroughly enjoy swimming in the high tides and have a wonderful time.
  • Ray Hills
  • The eco-village of Ray hills is a plastic-free area that allows tourists to explore the forests and indulge in fun-filled activities like trekking and riding an elephant. You can also plan a picnic here to enjoy some peaceful moments.
  • It is located at a distance of around 20 minutes boat ride from Mayabunder jetty

Avis Island

  • Full of coconut plantations, the Avis island Mayabunder Island Andaman Islands is a beautiful destination to spend a sunny day picnic.
  • Around 20 minutes boat ride away from Mayabunder, this Island is scenic beauty with an enthralling beach. Photographers will definitely have a blast capturing the breath-taking visuals.
  • The clear and calm waters give you a peek of the undisturbed marine life. It is the place to be for having a peaceful time. Swimming isn’t advisable in the water here.

Austin X

  • Austin X island is known for its adventure sports- scuba diving, pearl hunting, snorkelling and deep-sea walking, there’s lots to do in the pristine water of AustinX beach at Mayabunder Island, Andaman Islands.
  • You can plan a cosy picnic to spend a day with your loved one in the lush mangrove dales of the Island. Photographers will have a time of their lives with wildlife and sightseeing here.

Interview Island in Mayabunder Island

Home to a host of rare and exotic species, Interview Island, is a beautiful sightseeing spot in Mayabunder. Attractive flora and fauna, colourful wildlife, clear waters that give a glimpse of the pretty marine life and witnessing elephants trumpeting in the thick forests while trekking, this Island is a fun-filled destination, especially for the ones who love having adventures. The Interview Island Sanctuary was formed in 1985 to protect 80-90 feral elephants brought to the Island from the mainland for timber works but subsequently abandoned.

How to get there?

  • This alluring Island is accessible from Mayabunder Island. You need first to reach Mayabunder from Port Blair and then go to Interview Island. While it is located around 20 km away from Mayabunder, it is 141 km away from Port Blair.
  • There is no road connectivity to and from Interview Island. One can take the ferry from Mayabunder for reaching this place. The ride takes around 3 hours.
  • A trip to interview Island is a one day plan as tourists are not allowed to stay there. Additionally, permission from the chief wildlife warden is required for visiting Interview Island at Mayabunder Island Andaman Islands.


  • The jungle trek along the Island is a once in a lifetime opportunity for adventure lovers. Amidst the wild elephants, the greenery and the balmy breeze is hidden a memorable and joyful experience.
  • For bird lovers, this place is heaven. You will love spotting the beautiful birds in the forests.
  • The colourful wildlife and gorgeous flora and fauna make for a fantastic place for photography.
  • The mesmerising scenic beauty will forever be engraved in your memory. This Island promises a raw experience, extremely close to nature.

Prominent Attractions

  • The wildlife sanctuary at interview island stretches over 99 square km and consists of rare animals and plants along with mangroves, marshlands and semi-evergreen forests. Spotted deer, three-striped palm squirrel, Andaman woodpecker, white-headed starling, there are lots of enticing animals and birds to spot here.
  • Enjoying your day trekking in the Island amidst eye-catching and colourful wildlife, especially elephants, cannot be missed. The pleasant greenery and the woody landscape is a treat to the eyes.

Best time to visit

Interview Island has a mild and soothing climate throughout the year. It can be visited at any time using ferries from Mayabunder, thanks to the comfortable climate. Evenings especially are pleasant at the Island. November to April is the best time to visit Mayabunder.

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