Lalajibay View

Lalaji Bay View in Rangat Island

Overview of Rangat Island


The Rangat Island is located within the territorial jurisdiction of Middle Andaman along with other islands such as Diglipur and Mayabunder. There are a lot of tehsils and revenue districts in Rangat even though it was given the accreditation of tourist spot in 2006. If you are wondering how to reach Rangat, you can use the jetty or speedboat from Port Blair or take the land route and travel by bus or privately owned cabs.


Rangat is a kaleidoscope of cultures, blending smoothly yet each culture managing to leave its imprint on places and people. Since people are from different cultures they are very respectful and not anthropocentric at all. People over here have educated themselves with the ills and benefits of ecological conservation and have since then resorted to eco-tourism and other initiatives that provides a much need impetus to our biodiversity. The Dhaninallah Mangrove Nature Walkway is one such initiative to educate people about the beauty and benefits of a mangrove.


The population of Rangat is an extremely diverse because people over are were erstwhile residents of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. There is the Bengali speaking community from West Bengal as well. People who have settled in Rangat have taken to different modes of livelihood. Some fish while others are invested in farm production of vegetables and fruits. People here are very welcoming which is why if you decide to spend time with the fishing population there to learn more about their techniques, they will be more than happy to take you under their tutelage. People have also resorted to hospitality services to ensure that you have a pleasant stay

Reasons to visit Rangat Island

Rangat is tailor-made for the soul of an adventurer. With unexplored spaces available you can go for a sojourn and not realize how hours have passed and yet you won’t be tired. Rangat is a photographer’s delight for the mind-bending colors of the scene. Different communities mean different food and that is why you will never run out of choices with regard to cuisine. As it is a new tourist spot, there are high chances that this place can be your budget vacation, especially if you are young.

Beaches in Rangat Island

People have for long stopped counting the number of pristine and embellished beaches present in Rangat. There’s the Raman Bagheecha beach where couple go for weekend getaways. There is the Amkunj Beach at Rangat Island Andaman Islands known for its vintage appearance. There is also the Cuthbert Bay Beach which has become the nesting spot for Olive Turtles and there is of course the Lalaji Bay Beach which is filled with a lot of life form and scenic beauty.

Lalaji Bay Beach

A cog in the machinery of Long Island, the Lalaji Bay Beach is one of the most picturesque beaches of Middle Andaman and visitors often have a wonderful experience when they reach on a ferry from the Yerrata jetty. The duration of the trip from Yerrata is marginally around one and a half hours and the sojourn is one that will stay with you for years.

Once you are in Long Island there is another boat ride that will take you to Lalaji Bay Beach. The beach has always been a special attraction for people who have a penchant for crystal clear waters. The lush green mangrove trees on the shoreline make this place look like a picture on a calendar. Also if you are lucky you just might have a chance to see dolphins going about their usual way.

Activities in Lalaji Bay Beach

The beach has a lot to offer. For people who are all-action you can engage in Scuba Diving & Snorkelling at Long Island Andaman Islands. The quieter kind can sit for as long as they want for some quality time and contemplation on the shore without having to do anything. This place is a perfect place to unwind and relax. People who want to walk, can either walk along the coastline or they can take a trekking trip to explore the unaccounted wilderness of the mangrove forest.

If you are lucky you will come across dolphins prancing on calm waters. If you want to do anything besides watching the waves crash onto the shore. There are nearby locations as well where you can visit. There are places like Cellular Jail and Corbyn’s Cove and there is also a museum of anthropology that you can drop by. There are private places like Blue Planet which hosts a lot of sporting activities based on water. They provide people with ecologically sustainable huts and if you can take a trip to Havelock from Long Island, you will never run out of things to do


People have come back with only good things to say about Long island. People have a special appreciation for the restaurants around that place. The Excel Dining Restaurant is one such place that not only provides customers with great food but also a mesmeric beauty of the coastline from its interiors. There are places like the Red Snapper which has won hearts for its assortment of local seafood based delicacies. Apart from restaurants people have always had a mouthful to say about the engaging nature of the beach and how one never runs out of things to do. Most people have shot their most beautiful photographs here as a result of which the place accompanies you back to your home.

How to visit Lalaji Bay Beach

The preferred time to set foot on this place is between October and March when your enjoyable hours are not interrupted by humidity and the scorching sun. Even though the beach is linked with Rangat jetty, it is situated at a distance of about 89 kilometers from Port Blair. To avoid long queues of sea trips and to save time people usually reach Rangat on a bus after which they take the ferry to reach the place.

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