Lamiya Bay Beach


One of the most distinguished beaches in Andaman- This beach has rolling hills and dense rainforest cover near the seashore compared to most of the palm-fringed beaches in the Andaman Sea. The landscape differs with the sighting of pebbles, sandy beaches, and sea rocks. A name associated with the quiet, clean, and exotic- Truly blessed by the enormous natural spectacle, this beach lies in Diglipur- a few kilometres ahead of ‘Kalipur beach’. It is the foothill for the highest point of the Andaman- known as “Saddle peak”. The highest peak in the Island, Saddle peak is adorned with the gorgeous Lamiya Bay Beach at the foothills. The dazzling beach has polished pebbles laid down on the shoreline which further accentuates the beauty of the beach.

The pebbled beach and the rock structures lying on the shore are itself the key factors that make Lamiya Bay an astounding beauty. The sunrise and sunset views from the beach have a lot of admirers. It is a wide and sandy beach that stretches along the sea and the rocks on the shore gives you a mesmerizing view. The quintessential sea enhanced by the polished stones on the shore attracts a huge number of tourists. A favourite amongst the honeymooners, it has turned into a most preferred photographic beach with shrubs and trees for contrast. Aesthetic eco-friendly huts and watchtowers have been set on the shoreline for the tourists to relish the beauty of sun, sand, and shade on a sunny and bright day.

How to reach

It takes close to 12 hours to reach Diglipur from Port Blair by road. There is a regular bus service to and from Port Blair and Diglipur ferrying locals and tourists. A further 25km from Diglipur Bazaar, Lamiya Beach is just 3km ahead of Kalipur Beach.


The pebbled beach and the rock structures lying on the shore are itself the key factors that make Lamiya Bay a bewildering sight. The sunrise and sunset views from the beach have a lot of admirers.

Wondering what to do on Lamiya Bay Beach?

  1. The Saddle Peak National Park which is rich in species of both flora and fauna, the Kalipur Beach which is a couple of kilometres away is also a quaint place to relax and watch the sunset for the day. Thus a day spent hopping beaches and experiencing the beach life traversed by a visit to the greens of the national park is an ideal way to explore this part of Andaman.
  2. Take a beach walk -You will be walking on clean sand and shiny pebbles. The shore-side is full of the rainforest. You can also find scattered sea rocks from this beach.
  3. Spot small turtles in the shallow water and on the beach sands. Despite being inhabited, There are many beach huts here, which is the best way to relax after sunbathing and beach walking. You can also find many watchtowers on this beachfront.
  4. Swimming and activities related to water are a few of the favourites amongst the tourist circle. Nature enthusiasts can keep themselves engaged walking across the beach and watching the placid waves lashing against the warmth of the sand. A favourite spot for any photography aficionados, they click an array of memorable images to their heart’s content. In general, it is a good place to unwind and let your hair down for a relaxing day beside the beach.

The beach is surrounded by greenery and the natural beauty is untouched by modernization which makes it a perfect place to explore if you are looking for a quaint destination. Moreover, the beach is equipped with proper stay options and restaurants. Anyone looking to resort to a beautiful place, away from the hustle-bustle of the city must plan a vacation to the Lamiya Bay Beach in Andaman.

Witness a magnificent sunset with the sky turning crimson and reflecting the last rays on the polished pebbles. The grandeur of the rocks on the shores adds to the astounding beauty of the beach making it an exotic pebbled beach lined with greens. Be one with nature as the trees sway to the rhythm of a gentle breeze singing a song that is unknown.

  • Getting There: The beach lies a few kilometres ahead of Kalipur beach and marks the foothill of Saddle Peak, the highest peak of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
  • What to do: Beach Hopping, Swimming, and spotting aquatic animals.
  • What not to miss: The pebbled beach and the rock structures lying on the shore
  • Best time to visit: The Beach is open for tourists throughout the year, but the months between October to May are suitable for exploring the Beach to one’s heart’s content and indulging in various beach activities. Thus the best time to visit Lamiya Bay Beach is from November to April when the sun is gentler and the warmth of the sandy beaches offers a conducive environment. During these months, the sky and the sea will be clear. You can do island hopping and travel via boat without any restriction from the local body or tourism board.
  • What to carry: Carry bottled water, sunglasses, cap/hat, flip flops, and swimwear to enjoy beach time. A camera to capture mesmerizing moments spent at the Beach, It is advisable to bring your own snorkeling gear or get them from rental hire in Diglipur Town or Kalipur Beach.
  • Essential Info:
    Medical Facilities in Lamiya Bay Beach- There is no medical facility near the beach, the closest medical facility is the G.B.P Hospital at Port Blair offering a team of super-specialized Doctors in the various departments.
    Timings- Lamiya Bay Beach can be visited anytime between Sunrise to sunset, thus 6 am to 5 pm is the best time to visit the Beach to experience the splendid beauty.
    Mobile Connectivity- Mobile connectivity in Lamiya Bay Beach might not be up to one’s expectation, thus keeping aside all the worldly attachments to enjoy the magnificence of the shoreline.
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