Long Island

Long Island in Rangat Island

Overview of Rangat Island

  • Location

Rangat is a proud part of the ever changing landscape of middle Andaman island. Located at about 180kms away from the mainland of Port Blair, Rangat has managed to carve out an individual space for itself even by being an organic part of the island chain. The other portions of middle Andaman include Mayabunder and Diglipur. If you have questions about how to reach the place, then there are actually plenty of options available. Port Blair operates jetty services to Rangat apart from having private speedboat services. There are government scheduled buses and privately owned cars at your service as well.

  • Culture

Rangat is a place where culture blooms and thrives. People are from different ethnic, linguistic and religious backgrounds as a result of which there is equal weightage given to all sections of society. Each festival is celebrated with the same zest and vigor. There is always an undercurrent of celebration in the mood of the place. If India is to be represented on a smaller scale, then Rangat’s diversity is the best hope. Rangat is driving home the idea of an ecologically sound vacation where the integrity of the environment is given a priority.

  • People

As mentioned above people who have made Rangat their home hail from different states. The majority of Rangat demography is dominated by people from Tamil Nadu and Kerala and from the eastern state of West Bengal. They have adjusted to different professions since their arrival there and have gainfully employed themselves to make Rangat a new- age getaway. The dominant professions are those that of fishermen and cultivators, majority of whom are settled in Panchvati hills at Rangat Island Andaman Islands. Some others have taken to hospitality services.

Reasons to visit Rangat Island.

From an objective perspective, Rangat provides a wholesome vacationing idea where people of all ages can have fun. There are unexplored private beaches where you can spend quality time with your romantic partner and there are family vacationing spots which is as engaging for everyone. Food is never a conundrum here because you get all kinds of food from all parts of the world at really bargain deals. Since it is an up and coming vacationing spot, now is the time to utilize because once the businesses in Rangat boom it will be as expensive as other exotic places where you dream of going.

Beaches in Rangat Island

There are two beaches which are famous for polarizing reasons. The Raman Bagheecha beach is a paradise for couples with its exotic looking sand and emerald green waters. The Long Island beach is for everyone. It is for a family who wants to create memories and for adrenaline junkies who want to try their hand at snorkeling and scuba diving. It is also for people in love who would like to take a romantic walk with their partners along the coastline.

Long Island

The Long Island near Rangat Island Andaman Islands is one of the most exquisite beaches in Middle Andaman. People are often taken aback by the mesmeric beauty of the island because it looks so unassuming from the outside. Crammed into a puny geographical territory of twenty square kilometers, this island is a Pandora’s box with regard to the amount of picturesque spots present in it.

The juxtaposition of the emerald forests, the ochre beaches and the charcoal black terrains, this place will provide you with a soul-searching experience. The uneven topography also provides an all action experience for adrenaline junkies. Situated at about eighty kilometers away from Port Blair, the beauty and serenity comes at the cost of connectivity.

Activities in Long Island

Firstly, and most importantly bask yourself in the glory of nature. This is the best place for you to push your worries into oblivion and relax. Swimming is an obvious choice over here as you have the beautiful Lalaji Bay Beach with its glaring white sands and azure waters. With Scuba Diving & Snorkelling at Long Island Andaman Islands, being a safe option a lot of tourists have been attracted to the place. While you are there you might take a peek at the incredulous beauty of the corals on the shoreline.

With Moorys Dare you are sure to have some pain and fun if you are a trekking enthusiast. There are places to stay as well. There is a government run facility which lets you stay at a subsidized rate and there is the more lavish option of an accommodation called the Blue Planet as well. The shops nearby will let you taste deep sea fish and other specialized cuisines of the place.

Experience in Long Island

A lot of people have heaped praise on the spot because of the accessibility of the spot all-round the year.

People have come back with the soul of an adventurer after having discovered forest areas which were unaccounted for in the mapping of the place. People have come back with the soul of an adventurer after having discovered forest areas which were unaccounted for in the mapping of the place. People have grown into the idea of camping on the beach, however, one needs to take permission prior to the act. The presence of restaurants and eateries near the place have been received with open arms. There are as many as three decent eateries. People have taken a Trip to Guitar Island from Long Island Andaman Islands, and have enjoyed the freakish nature of the island.

How to visit Long Island

The primary means of transportation is either by walking or on ferries but the latter is the more enjoyable mode. If you are looking for auto rickshaws or cabs, then you will be thoroughly disappointed. Port Blair sends jetty to Long Island for about four times in a week and from Rangat you can reach Long Island by travelling from the Yerrata jetty. If you are in Chennai, there are ships that you can avail which takes approximately four days to reach Long Island.

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