All You Need To Know About Planning A Vacation In Mayabunder

Mayabunder is the headquarters of North and Middle Andaman District. A small town located in the northern part of Middle Andaman, it can be a preferred place for those looking for an exciting adventure as well as exploration. In this article, we present you the detailed information on Mayabunder as a destination of attraction. 

This undercover destination is located 242 kilometers by road and 136 kilometers by ferry from Port Blair. It falls between Diglipur and Rangat. Its villages are scarcely populated with people majorly speaking Bengali, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. Mayabunder is mostly visited by those tourists who are looking for something rare. Still not commercialised completely, the place is still growing as a tourist destination. Thus, it has limited infrastructures and less frequent connectivity with Port Blair. The town is less explored due to less information about the place and lesser-known ways of its accessibility. It is only visited by travellers, not tourists. We hope you understand that!

Through this article, we will help you in exploring every corner possible of this unexplored destination so that you can get to know what you should expect from this untouched gem of Andaman Island. 

What to expect while visiting Mayabunder?

Home to a few beautiful and scenic beaches, Mayabunder is also known for seasonal turtle nesting grounds and mangrove-lined tidal creeks. It is also the second biggest harbor after Port Blair where the mainland passenger ships takea halt. If you want to visit some of the Virgin Islands nearby like Avis Island, Coco Island and Interview Island, then this place is the starting point. 

A trip to explore the natural marvels of Mayabunder means a trip to the outskirts of Andaman Island- near to the organic life and far from the busy and crowded life. The place is extremely soothing and pleasant. There is no connectivity to the internet, which is a blessing in disguise! Here, you will be completely detached from the contemporary world. You will be able to focus on making the most of your beach time. All you would do is relax, capture the moments inside your eyes and of course, thank yourself to explore this paradise before moving ahead. 

What to see in Mayabunder?

  • Rampur Beach- It is a small yet gorgeous beach that offers lovely views of a mangrove forest to the visitors.
  • Karmatang Beach- Considered as the most stunning beach of Mayabunder, it is twenty kilometers away from the town. A shimmering stretch of white sand and crystal clear waters, it is a turtle nesting ground for Olive Ridley Turtles and Andaman Green Turtles.
  • German Jetty- Entering the premises of the APWD Guest House located in Mayabunder will take you to a popular attraction known as the German Jetty. The place boasts of an open sea, waves crashing on the huge rocks towards the shore and lush greenery all around. The sound of crashing waves amid such a breathtaking setup is like soothing music for nature lovers.
  • Avis Island- Located about a twenty-minute boat ride far from Mayabunder jetty, this is a pristine and untouched island. The coconut plantation further enhances the beauty of this tiny island. It is surrounded by resting clear waters and has a small beach as well. It is not habited and closed for tourists. So, special permission from the forest department has to be taken for a day visit to this isolated island.

Other places promising splendid beauty in Mayabunder include Ray Hills, Austin X and Interview Island.

Which activities to do in Mayabunder?

Apart from observing seasonal turtle nesting, you can go for boat rides, viewing elephants and trekking in this town. 

Where to stay in Mayabunder?

Being a very remote destination just like any other island in the North and Middle Andaman Island, you should not look for any luxurious stay. Still growing to gain popularity, Mayabunder has minimum tourist flow at present. The limited number of accommodations available here has limited amenities. So you should not expect services like television in rooms, room service, wifi connection, etc. while staying here. The hotel properties in Mayabunder are very basic, hygienic, and a few provide sea view. Some of the best places to stay here are mentioned below:

  • Blue Bird Resort
  • Hotel Aashna
  • RG Hotel
  • Hotel Landfall
  • Sea and Sand 
  • APWD Guest House 

Make sure you have pre-bookings in Mayabunder. Otherwise, there may be on-spot issues in searching and getting a good place to stay in. Therefore, making reservations from a local tour operating company is highly recommended. Andaman Island Travels is the most reliable name on the whole island as it is committed to customise holiday packages as per its clients’ requirements. Save yourself from the hassle of booking every little thing and trust its experienced staff to design your vacation offering you more than what you can imagine!

Where to eat in Mayabunder?

The local folks of Mayabunder run small food stalls, dhabas or canteens. The eateries are nearby the tourist spots and the main market area. The best restaurants are as follows:

  • Hotel Sea and Sand
  • Carlo Restaurant & Bar
  • Hotel Payal Garden & Bar
  • JM Baxi Resort & Restaurant

How to reach Mayabunder?

The origin to start your journey to Mayabunder via any mode of transport is the capital of Andaman Island- Port Blair. Reaching there is quite easy. You can opt for any mode as per your comfort and budget.

  • By bus- Direct government-operated buses and buses run by the private sector
  • By government ferry- Direct ferry from Port Blair and combination of ferry and bus
  • By private cab

What is the best time to visit Mayabunder?

The best time to visit is from October to March. The temperature is comparatively cool during this time.

So, what do you think? Do you want to include this untouched gem in your Andaman Island travel itinerary? If yes, then we would suggest you to make all your reservations through Andaman Island Travels as its experts will sketch the perfect vacation based on your interests.

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