Panchvati Hills

Overview of the Rangat Island


Sprawled over a large territory, Rangat Island is a territorial subdivision of the Middle Andaman island. Situated at about 210kms away from the capital city of Port Blair, the island was given a distinction of a tourist spot in 2006. This led to Middle Andaman becoming a wholesome vacation spot with Baratang and Diglipur added to the list. If you want to know how to reach the place you can always look it up but Port Blair offers jetty and speedboat services. There are government run buses and privately driven cabs as well.


The culture of the island is a living breathing example of how heterogeneity functions successfully. The people camped in this island hail from all over the country but the dominant communities are those that hail from Tamil Nadu and Kerala and West Bengal. It stands as a testament to the vision of the ideal India because of its multiculturalism. People are environmentally educated which is why there is a great impetus to eco-tourism in this island.


As mentioned earlier, the people who hail from different communities have taken to different professions to support themselves. Some are engaged in fishing, some are engaged in agriculture while others have resorted to opening eateries and hospitality services. They are warm and welcoming and belonging to different backgrounds make them respectful of cultures of visitors as well. In an effort to inculcate the virtues of ecological balance they have initiated several projects which include the Dhaninallah Mangrove nature walkway (seasonal Turtle Breadding ) at Rangat Island Andaman Islands

Reasons to visit Rangat Island

Most people look for new spots within the country to explore and Rangat being a new find can your new place to be. The strange thing about Rangat is that you can be there with your family or with your partner and you wouldn’t run out of things to do. There are enormous virgin beaches where you can spend some time with your loved one or you can undertake a Sightseeing Tour of Rangat Island with your family.

Beaches in Rangat Island

Rangat houses the subcontinent’s most exquisite beaches and majority haven’t been even properly made popular yet. Don’t expect them to be very well connected with Port Blair because these are virgin beaches, however most of them are ethereal, enchanting and imbued with vitality. The Raman Bagheecha Beach is blessed with picturesque surroundings, and its removed nature from the bustle has seen this being used this as a couples’ getaway. The Amkunj Beach at Rangat Island Andaman Islands has vintage, monochrome outlook that transcends time. This is one of the more populated beaches of Andaman and it has been used for a long time for snorkeling and scuba diving. The latent presence of large submerged boulders makes these undertakings a risky one.

Panchavati Hills

The Panchvati hills at Rangat Island Andaman Islands can be a life changing experience for any traveler. A place where time stands still and water moves like poetry and is yet another treasure on the quaint island of Rangat. So enthralling is its beauty that it has garnered international fame for being hauntingly beautiful. The place is always brimming with life, freshness and tourists from all over the world. The thing that is the essence of the place is the waterfall which is a thing of beauty. It rises to a gargantuan height and then falls sharply on the stony edges of the pit. The colors and complexion of the place is accentuated by the activities such as fishing and agriculture. Over the years it has become a settlement for people from Tamil Nadu. There are guides all over the place lest you should want one for a better understanding of the place.

Activities in Panchavati Hills

You can easily pass an entire day in the locality and you wouldn’t even realize how time ambles in that place. You can choose to engage in trekking activities in order to get a better view of the greenery surrounding you. You can ask the locals to let you fish with them and often they are more than welcome to include you in their process. You can try your hand at some photography and the scene won’t disappoint even an amateur camera user.

In case you want to take a taste of the water there make sure you carry an extra set of clothes or you can just float around the exquisite water and engage in water sports with your fellow travelers. The local farms can be another short trip that you might want to take and the locals will show you how their farm produce is organic and superior. Buying local products as objects of remembrance is yet another thing that you can do. There are restaurants around as well if you feel like stopping for a bite.

Experience  at Panchavati Hills

People have often said that places like these are not for daredevils. If you want to engage in scuba diving and snorkeling, you can visit Long Island near Rangat Island Andaman Islands. Whenever people have visited the hills they have enjoyed the peace and calm and have brought wondrous reviews of the place back with them. They believe that one should just soak in the vibe of certain places. People have come back with beautiful memories in the form of photograph and memoirs.

How to visit Panchavati Hills

Situated about 200kms away from the capital city of Port Blair, Panchavati Hills can be accessed in a number of ways. You can take a jetty or a speedboat from Port Blair to Rangat after which you can avail road transport easily. You can also take a private cab if you have the resources with you. The spot is open throughout and generally there are no charges that are levied on entry.

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