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The Andaman and Nicobar island is a famous tourist spot for many travel enthusiasts and vacationists. One of the renowned places to visit in Andaman is the Parrot island in Baratang island.

  • Location: Parrot island is approximately 30 km from Baratang Island and 130 km from Port Blair, Northern Andaman.
  • Culture: Parrot island manages to tell a story on its own about the beauty and unity of nature. The locals of Baratang are all friendly and are always happy to showcase and teach outsiders about their customs and local tradition and practices. The thick forest is naturally taken care of by the birds using their beaks as they nest and scrounge for food.
  • With guides and experts to get tours around the island and know more about the parrots and parakeets that settle on the island, Parrot island has a rich natural history and culture that attracts tourists from all over the globe.
  • Major tourist highlights: the Parrot island in Andaman islands is famous for its lush flora and fauna, which attracts tourists and nature lovers from all over the world.
  • Also, tourists can get to see and possibly interact with the infamous Jarawa tribe on the trip to parrot island. The Jawara tribe is one of the oldest tribal settlements to persist to this day without being touched by urbanization. This makes it a significant tourist highlight when visiting Parrot island in Baratang island.
  • The biggest highlight of the island is the reason where it receives its name- parrots. Parrot Island is home to thousands of parrots and parakeets that fly down to the island and settle in the lush mangrove forest. As soon as one reaches the island, they are met with the cackling and singing of different types of parakeets and parrots that have come to the island for the day, and their sound fills the forests and caves with their harmony.

Parrot Island in Baratang Island

  • How to get there: To reach Parrot island, people must first find themselves in Baratang island. Baratang island can be reached by waterways and is also accessible by road and is situated 100 km from Port Blair. After reaching Baratang island at the Nilambur jetty, you will have to proceed to take a fiber boat to Nayadera Jetty. From Nayadera Jetty, it is another short boat ride to Parrot island. Alternatively, one can also take a bus, car, or any wheeled vehicle on the NH233 to Diglipur from Port Blair, Baratang Island. From there, it is a 30-minute boat ride to Parrot island.
  • Wonderlust: When exploring the Baratang island sightseeing spots, coming across Parrot island is a riveting experience. The entirety of the island is a dense mangrove, where the parrots settle after their flight. During this time, the island hums to life, and the forest filled with the whistle and sound of thousands of birds singing.
  • According to the locals in Baratang island, each evening, only five parrots fly to the island to check the place. After inspecting, 10 minutes later, the rest of the parrots start to flock in and settle down in the forests till sunset.
  • One of the most exciting times to be at Parrot island is during sunset. This is the time when the parrots make their way back to their homes. Parrot Island is one of the places to visit in Baratang island with thousands of parrots flying off into the sunset.
  • Prominent attractions: some of the many reasons to visit Parrot islands in Andaman the attractions that the place has to offer nearby.:
    • Mud Volcanoes: located near the Parrot island are the infamous mud volcanoes of Baratang island. This is a famous tourist spot that almost everyone will eventually encounter while on their Parrot island sightseeing, Andaman island tours. These craters of bubbling mud are formed due to the natural decomposition and emission of natural gas from decaying organic matter. There are a total of 11 of these in Andaman. Out of them, eight are situated in Baratang island next to Parrot island.
    • Limestone caves: Roughly 50 minutes from the Baratang jetty, the Limestone caves are located near the mangrove forest of the Parrot Island. These magnificent caves are almost always a part of any booking Baratang island tour package, Andaman, and is a must when exploring the lush forest of the Parrot Island. The Limestone caves are adorned with stalactites and stalagmites, which were formed over thousands of years ago. This makes it a historical experience for those who are fans of geographical locations.
  • Water sports: When on Parrot island, tourists and vacationists can take part in scuba diving, jet-skiing, and snorkeling in the waters surrounding the island. These are some of the most sought after activities when touring Parrot island and elevates the thrill of adventure and fun. Tourists can also go diving in the shallows of the ocean and see the coral and aquatic plant life on the sea bed.
  • Birdwatching: A lot of bird lovers and bird watchers get naturally attracted to Parrot island on account of the vast aviator fauna that settles in the mangrove forests each evening. Watching the birds in their natural habitat while trekking through the earthy forest is one of the main attractions that parrot island has to offer.

Best time to visit:

The best time to make a trip to the parrot island in Andaman is during the peak seasons of winter. From the onset of winter to the beginning of summer or the months from November to February, it is the perfect time to enjoy and bask in the beauty that is parrot island. Although they may face small hindrances in the weather and water currents, people can visit the island throughout the year, which may not allow people to enjoy the island to its full potential. Summers at the island can reach between 25 to 32 degrees Celsius in temperature, and during the monsoon seasons (June to September), the island is met by constant overcast with a temperature between 25 to 30 degrees.

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