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Ray Hills, Mayabunder

The Mayabunder Island – A general overview 

The Mayabunder Island is a small, homely island in Middle Andaman, predominantly known for its natural beauty, and culturally diverse community. There’s not much people know about this island, which is surrounded by other such towns like Ray Hill, Interview Island, Austin X and more. Mayabunder has various tourist spots like mangrove forests, turtle nesting grounds; it also has activities like elephant viewing and elephant riding as well. The overall experience at Mayabunder Island is quite authentic with the scenic beaches and an authentic holiday in the middle of nature, and not commercial establishments.


Mayabunder Island, Andaman Islands is a century-old island located in Middle Andaman, which was settled by the Burmese Hill Tribe Karen. Surrounded by the glaring ocean, Mayabunder Island is a culturally diverse island which is located within majestic farmland of rice paddies. 300 km from the biggest port, Port Blair, there are several transport facilities by bus, cars, ferry, boats, and even air travel are available to get to Mayabunder, which is the second-largest port. Mayabunder County has 42 villages.


Located between Dilgipur and Rangat, Mayabunder is home to several villages, scattered along the way within tall, beautiful mangroves. Hindi, Tamil, Bengali and Telugu are the most spoken languages in the Mayabunder, which adds to its rich, cultural heritage. Its Burmese heritage and historical past make it stand out from the rest in terms of the sightseeing experiences in Mayabunder. Its rich history and community harmony play a significant role in the extremely welcoming hospitality of the people of the town. The simplicity of life here in Mayabunder beats all the materialistic services and destinations you can find in your travels anywhere. Even with numerous Hotels & Resorts at Mayabunder Island, Andaman Islands, many native households take in guests. They can give you the best authentic experience of life at Mayabunder! 

Major tourist highlights

Mostly preferred by tourists looking to get away from the harsh urban realities to have an off-beat experience, Mayabunder Island is a growing tourist destination for its unique, one-of-a-kind experience. There are numerous places to visit in Mayabunder; some may even require you to travel by more than one mode of transport. Still, the end result and the beauty of the destinations is definitely worth all the effort. Some of these places include:

Karmatang Beach

Karmatang Beach at Mayabunder Island, Andaman Islands, isone of the most peaceful beaches at Mayabunder Island. It is guaranteed to give one excellent relaxing experience. From swimming to picnics and other family activities, there is a lot to do here in this scenic yet quiet beach. Boat rides, turtle watching, and other activities are also famous here.

Interview Island

Interview Island at Mayabunder Island, located in a deep forest area, is a place with an abundance of nature. Treks and Safari rides are the best ways to experience this island in its glory.  

Avis Island

The coconut island of the group of islands, Avis Island in Mayabunder Island, Andaman Islands, is one of the most exotic places in Mayabunder. The golden sand beaches and beautiful oceanic waters of this island are home to hundreds of tall and majestic coconut trees, making it a picture-perfect destination. 

Austin X

Filled with opportunities for trekking, sightseeing, wildlife watching, and everything nature enthusiasts would love. With animals having their own time and space here, it is evident that the photographic opportunities are the highest. Austin X Beach at Mayabunder Island, Andaman Islands, is a place for all the wildlife and nature lovers who want to get away from urban life and reconnect with nature. 

Ray Hills at Mayabunder

Ray Hill in Mayabunder Island is one of the villages of the Mayabunder County. An eco-village maintained by the Andaman Forest and Plantation Development Corporation, it is an ideal place for trekking, adventure sports, picnics, elephant rides, and so forth. Some of the facilities in Ray Hills include eco-guesthouses, wilderness trails, rock climbing, and more. Completely environmentally friendly and plastic-free, Ray Hills is a destination where one can just relax, go about with activities, and have exciting adventures – all while helping conserve the environment!

How to get to Ray Hills

A fifteen-minute drive of the Mayabunder Pier, Ray Hills, Mayabunder is connected by a massive series of pristine waterways. It is 245 km from Port Blair, via the Andaman Trunk Road, if travelled by road. The distance and time to travel between the islands vary upon the time of day, mode of transport and costs of the mode of transport as well.

Experience at Ray Hills

One of the most wholesome experiences at Ray Hills is to have a picnic. With its beautiful, scenic and eco-friendly look, the picnics here are very peaceful and fun for families and friends, alike. Riding elephants in Ray Hills, Mayabunder is another experience that the island is known for. The people of Mayabunder are extremely friendly with elephants, and the activity of riding elephants and elephant viewing is a prominent one. Trekking along the greenery in the island maintained by the Forest Department has proven to be another experience that is hard to miss, and attracts a lot of tourists as well. The guides in Ray Hills are very experienced and ensure that you have the best time as tourists in the eco-friendly island.

Prominent attractions

There are several places and spots that tourists must visit to have all-round experience in Mayabunder Island. An eco-friendly town like this definitely has a lot of places that might pique a tourist’s interest. Some prominent attractions in Ray Hills also include some places in parts of Mayabunder which are just a drive away. They include:

  • Austin X
  • Forest Museum
  • Mangrove Creeks
  • Anmol Driftwood Museum
  • Zonal Anthropological Museum
  • Karmatang Beach
  • Avis Island
  • Pokhadhara Adventure Sports Complex

Best time to visit Ray Hills

The best time to visit Mayabunder Island is ideally in the summer when you can enjoy the beautiful scenes at the beaches, the waves in the ocean, and the warm yet windy nature of the islands. It is advised that you not visit the island in the monsoon season as your experience will be minimal, with the waves in the oceans being uncontrollable and unfavourable for one to swim in. 

The winter season can sometimes prove to be a pleasant time to travel here with the chilly winds and cold weather all across the towns. In terms of elephant viewing, irrespective of the weather and climate, this is an experience that will always prove to be fruitful.

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