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RG Hotel in Mayabunder Island

A Brief Overview of Mayabunder Island

Creeks dotted with mangroves, enchanting beaches, turtle nesting grounds and shallow waters, Mayabunder Island at Andaman Island promises a delightful experience for every nature lover. The island is an offbeat destination, with little to almost no internet and telecom services, tourists wanting to soak themselves in nature’s grandeur and mesmerising sights will love this place. Covering an area of 37.69 hectares, Mayabunder island promises a memorable experience allowing tourists to find themselves amidst nature. The volcanic sand of the beaches combined with clear waters is a bewitching view to absorb; a view everyone should treat themselves with.


  • Situated in the northern part of Middle Andaman Island, the beautiful island of Mayabunder is connected with Port Blair via the Andaman trunk road.
  • Although remotely located, Mayubandar Island is accessible since it is connected to the mainland. Approximately 242 km away from Port Blair by road and 136 km away by air, buses and ferry are used to access the island.
  • An undisturbed ecosystem coupled with jaw-dropping visuals and a peaceful environment far away from the hustle of the famous tourist spots makes this an uncommercial yet must-visit escapade even without proper toursim infrastructure.


  • The spectacular island is an agglomeration of ethnicities and was once home to Burmese tribes. An exciting blend of cultures adorns this place with inhabitants from erstwhile Burma, East Pakistan ex-convicts from the era of British ruled India.
  • The main island is home to around 3000 people. Mayabunder’s lifestyle is characterised with simplicity and love for nature, with almost zero traces of materialistic desires and urbanisation.
  • Native to this region, the Karens are mainly involved in agriculture, and their unique lifestyle reflects their 90-year-old history in these islands.

Major Tourist Highlights

German Jetty

Built by a German engineer during the second world war, the remains of the German Jetty is a major tourist spot here.

Avis Island

The Avis island, Mayabunder is the perfect spot to spend a sunny day picnicking and absorbing the beauty of nature. This alluring island is full of coconut plantations and is around 20 mins away by Mayabunder jetty.

The clear waters put on display the mesmerising corals and marine life, a sight one cannot miss.

With a scenery worth capturing forever, thisplace is a must-visit in Mayabunder.

Karmatang beach

Karmatang beach, the main beach of Mayabunder is nicknamed the turtle’s paradise and rightly so! Apart from offering a bewitching view, one can witness a huge sprawling turtle population here.

Boat rides, water sports and a turtle nestling farm, this blissful beach is a must-visit place in Mayabunder with its peaceful setting and captivating scenery.

Interview Island

A perfect trekking destination, Interview Island’s colourful wildlife is enticing and eye-catching. Home to some rare and exotic hosts of species, elephants trumpeting in glory is a sight to watch.

Beautiful flora and fauna awaiting your arrival, Interview Island at Mayabunder Island Andaman is a beautiful place to get close to nature.

Ray Hill

A plastic-free area, the eco-village of Ray Hills with its pristine rivers is ideal for spending relaxing moments. Trekking, riding an elephant, enjoying a picnic, water sports, there’s lots to do here and becomes a place to visit in Mayabunder Island Andaman island.

Best time to visit Mayabunder Island

A good climate is vital to have a comfortable and memorable holiday. The period from October to May is the best time to visit Mayabunder as the island’s weather during this period is pleasant and relaxed. One can enjoy underwater activities, trekking, sight-seeing and water sports without any hassle at this time.

Monsoons are to be avoided to visit the island as they are harsh, especially for outsiders, who aren’t used to the cyclonic rainfall.

How to reach Mayabunder Island

The islands of Andaman are connected to Port Blair, and one has to first reach Port Blair by air or sea to go to Mayabunder. After reaching Port Blair, there are buses and ferries available.

Bus from Port Blair

An economical way of reaching Mayabunder Island Andaman Island is taking a bus from Port Blair. Government buses and private buses are available, and the journey takes around 10 hours. While government buses are non-air-conditioned hence cheap, the private sector offers both air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned buses.

Direct Government ferry

A direct ferry from Port Blair is offered to reach Mayabunder, however, this is available only once a week.

A combination of ferry and bus

Another option is to opt for a ferry from Port Blair to Rangat and take a bus from there to Mayabunder. However, this option is unreliable as there is uncertainty surrounding the frequency of the ferry and should be carefully considered.

Private Cab

One of the best ways to reach Mayabunder from Port Blair is hiring a private cab which came be further used to explore Mayabunder by road. This option may be slightly expensive, though.

Importance of staying at a good hotel during a vacation

  • Who doesn’t love enjoying a peaceful slumber after a tiring day of sight-seeing, trekking and watersports? A good, comfortable hotel is key to ensuring an unforgettable holiday trip. It enhances the overall experience and refreshes and comforts you after a tiring day.
  • The priority of your visit helps in deciding the hotel you should stay in. Exploring wildlife, enjoying the tranquillity of beaches or enjoying water sports- Depending on your interests, the hotel must be close to wildlife, beaches or shores to ensure you make the most of your time.
  • While hunting for a hotel, the comfort, medical facilities, food and hygiene should be considered.

RG Hotel in Mayabunder Island


Elegant rooms with comfortable beds and amazing windows, attached bathrooms with hot water to pamper yourself, RG Hotel is one of the best Mayabunder hotels to stay at.


The hotel is located on Church Road Rangat, near Rangat Police station in the middle Andaman Islands.

 Tariff rates

The room rates start from Rs.827/- and goes upto Rs. 4,359/- per night depending upon the type of room you select.

Other details regarding the rooms

  • One can check-in from noon till any time and the check out time is before 11 a.m
  • Wheelchair facility, a television set and power back up are provided to customers.
  • Continental breakfast is provided along with accommodation.
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