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Royal restaurant in Rangat Island

Overview of Rangat Island


Middle Andaman has in store for us the late discovery of Rangat Islands in its treasure trove. Situated in what seems like the middle of nowhere, the island has impressive geographical coverage of 1070 sq km. In spite of being found out to be a tourist attraction only recently, the island is pretty well connected to important places like Port Blair through bus and ferries, so if you are wondering how to reach the place, you shouldn’t worry anymore.


One of the islands apart from Baratang that puts Middle Andaman on the map is Rangat – a hotbed of linguistic diversity. Mostly populated by people from Tamil Nadu and Kerala, the island speaks more than one language. People here are extremely industrious and earn their daily bread either by fishing or cultivation. The institutions of this place have won hearts in their attempt to preserve the environment and promote eco-tourism.

Major Tourist Highlights

Rangat has acted as a transitional spot for hardcore travellers. People generally wait for a day or two before moving on to other places like Mayabunder. However, if you got a day or two of time and want to go for a Sightseeing tour of Rangat Island, these are the places that you can visit.

Amkunj Beach

  • Rumoured to be the place where earth and sky meet in a never-ending hue of blue
  • The beach is environment friendly as waste bins and benches are made from dried out tree trunks
  • If you are up for sunbathing, this is the place to be

Long Island

  • A prime example of how nature thrives when left alone to itself. This place got more beautiful when surrounding industries were shut down.
  • Things that you can do here, apart from spending some peaceful time at Merk Bay Beach in North Passage Island near Long Island Andaman Islands include Scuba diving and Snorkeling at Long Island Andaman Island.

Cuthbert Bay Beach

  • The diversity of species at this place makes this the greatest exhibition of nature on this island.
  • If you are out there in the first or the last quarter of the year, you might chance upon turtles and their nesting places.
  • The Cuthbert Bay Beach at Rangat Island Andaman boasts the presence of eco-huts for tourists. 

Dhaninallah Mangrove Nature Walkway

  • A peculiar wooden walkway erected with the flora around you, this place is sure to attract a true nature lover.
  • The most enchanting and enigmatic experience is reserved for people who choose to walk under the moonlight.
  • The beach to which the walkway leads like other beaches of the place are hospitable places for turtles.

Panchavati Hills

  • A place of delight for people who are into photography or people who have a penchant for aesthetics
  • This is a place that reeks with South Indian culture because of the inhabitants of the place.
  • This place is one of those places where the enigmatic beauty of a waterfall intrigues travellers.

Reasons to visit Rangat Island

If you are up for a trip but don’t want to visit the same old places frequented by everyone, Rangat should be your pick. If you’re picky about food, the multiculturalism of Rangat will help you avoid a nightmare. Also, given it had only been formed in 2006, Rangat might be your weekend getaway for solitude and contemplation

Major cuisines of Rangat Island

Any island which is a part of the Andaman group is a hub for the best quality seafood that includes deep-sea fish and prawn. Rangat specifically is a modern vacationing spot with cuisines from all over the world available in quaint eateries. Regional food is available as well. Fruits and fruit juices are something the tourists fancy as well.

Tips for finding the perfect restaurant at Rangat Island

People these days usually have their itinerary chalked out months ahead of their trip and use travel-specific websites to figure out where they want to eat. Some people are, however, ready to go with the flow and take in suggestions from their friends or locals. One restaurant is common to everyone’s suggestion and Royal Restaurant in Rangat Island is that place.

Royal Restaurant in Rangat Island

It is primarily a Chinese restaurant and is situated at Rangat Bazar, near the local Syndicate Bank branch.

The best dishes

  • You can try their Chinese rice variations in the form of mixed fried rice and noodles
  • The place has as many vegan options as there are non-veg options
  • Their chilly paneer is famous among visitors
  • Apart from this, they have Indian dishes as well which they make with the same efficaciousness


  • If you aren’t solely into the appearance of a hotel, then you are in for a treat. The place has a homely interior
  • The cutlery they use varies from normal steel to fancy wooden plates which are normally used to serve tiramisu
  • Their sanitary standards are pretty decent given the crowd that it entertains


  • Even though you have to wait, the food they serve is top-notch and hot
  • The attendants are extremely professional and are open to cooking your dish in a custom made manner
  • Their customers have often said that their atmosphere is very conducive for family dining and with kids


It has been a pretty enjoyable experience for a lot of people. A lot have talked about the hotel in glowing terms. People seeking to slip out for a casual meal after having visited the Moorys Dare(Trekking) can frequent places such as these to get their favourite Chinese dishes at cut-price deals. Even among the locals, this place is a huge hit. Their rates are pretty standardized, given other restaurants and their exorbitant charges. 

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