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Overview of Rangat Island


Andaman Islands’ latest attraction for tourists comes in the form of Rangat Island. A territorial subdivision of Middle Andaman, just like Baratang, the island has an extent of 1070sq.kms. Curiously enough this island, despite tourism here is a recent phenomenon is very well connected to the traditional tourist centres of Mayabunder and Port Blair. If you are wondering how to reach this place, you might avail the jetty or the speedboat services from Port Blair, or you can board public transport like buses. 


The residence of diverse ethnic and linguistic communities have left an imprint in the culture of Rangat. This island is home to people from Kerala and Tamil Nadu and West Bengal besides people from other states. These communities have settled in the Panchavati Hills area, and they function as fishermen and cultivators. There is a prevailing mood for sustainable development on the island, which is why the authorities promote eco-tourism.

Major tourist Highlights

If you are out on a rendezvous and want a detailed list of the most picturesque, here are the things that you can explore at length.

Yerata Mangrove park & Yerrata creek

  • Located at a distance of 8km and has flora and fauna in abundance.
  • The forest department has maintained a mangrove interpretation panel to create awareness about mangroves and the species it houses.
  • There is also a watchtower that has been built to provide a bird’s eye view of forests all around.

Guitar Island

  • You can take a Trip to Guitar Island from Long Island Andaman Islands on a dunghi.
  • It is the least frequented and one of the most beautiful islands.
  • You can be a witness to nature at its peak glory. There will be crabs all around on the beach, and you can hear birds chirping in the morning.

Dhaninallah Mangrove Nature Walkway

  • A sort of a wooden bridge that has been hung and is assumed to be the longest in India.
  • A walk on it on a moonlit night is sure to test the most stoic of people.
  • The walkway leads directly to a beach where one can be privy to seasonal nesting spots for turtles.

Panchavati Hills

  • One of the most populated spots of Rangat, this is inhabited by people from Tamil Nadu and Kerala.
  • The presence of a waterfall there makes the place a very memorable and enchanting visit.
  • For the best experience, you must visit this place after sundown. There are farming fields around the place.

Amkunj Beach

  • If you are into photography of any kind, this is one place that should be on your itinerary.
  • The beach becomes a nesting ground in the beginning and at the end of the year for turtles of a different kind.
  • Most people visit this place to either sunbathe or hang out with their family.

Long Island

  • Has become one of the most visited spots by people who are into Scuba diving and Snorkeling at Long Island Andaman Island.
  • One can also take a trip to Merk Bay Beach in North Passage Island near Long Island Andaman Islands for some alone time.

These are the best Sightseeing Spots at Rangat Island Andaman Islands that you can explore at length.

Reasons to visit Rangat Island

Rangat has a lot in store for different kind of travellers. For people whose spirits are dampened by monotony, this place will be a soothing change of pace. The lodgings and food services are tailors made for people who want an exotic vacation at a budget price. This place is also a photographer’s delight, as there are hordes of spots to let your camera do its magic.

Major Cuisines of Rangat Island

Rangat houses an assortment of the most delicious of seafood that includes crabs, prawns and deep-sea fishes. Apart from this, you can get any food that you want because they cater to tourists from all over the world.

Tips for finding the perfect restaurant in Rangat Island

Some travellers today don’t care what they are eating as long as they get to eat. With Rangat, you need not worry because the island offers you a plethora of choices in terms of where you can eat. One such option that you can consider is Sai Kripa Restaurant in Rangat Island.

Sai Kripa Restaurant in Rangat Island

The restaurant is located at a very convenient location which is just on the roadside of the Andaman trunk road and is primarily a fast food joint

The best Dishes

  • Given it is a fast food joint expect spicy rolls and great Chinese cuisine
  • Apart from fast food items, you can also order traditional breakfast items.
  • Beverages are also available


  • The restaurant is a modest-looking structure with quaint interiors.
  • Their kitchen is well kept, and while their cutlery may not be shiny and expensive, they make it up with their quality food.
  • Their seating arrangement makes the interior look very spacious.


  • They offer dine-in facilities as well as takeaway facilities.
  • The waiters are very charming, and they know how to sell their dishes well.
  • They have a nice follow-up service because most waiters don’t care what you want to order next.
  • Most people have commented on how committed the chef and the staff are.


A lot of people wrote rave reviews of the place upon their visit. The atmosphere is casual and homely, and there is a sense of hospitality in each working staff. They listen to your demands when you ask them to cook your food in a certain way. If you are tired from wandering around North Passage Island (Merk Bay Beach),drop by this place to catch your breath and enjoy nice food. Even some other hotels have good things to say about this place which should give you more confidence.

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