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About Mayabunder Island

Sprawled over a land area of 37.69 hectares, the Mayabunder Island, home to some absolutely mesmerising beaches is an offbeat holiday destination for tourists wanting to drown themselves into nature’s grandeur. Mayabunder is an uncommercial destination for an organic, technology-free experience, where exploring natural life is the key. Drown yourself into the beauty of nature with a visit to Mayabunder Island Andaman Island. Bewitching sights, shores dotted with mangroves, shallow waters, volcanic sand, sea turtle nesting grounds and spectacular cultural characteristics like the German jetty, this captivating Island promises its visitors a heavenly and memorable experience.


  • The serene Mayabunder Island is situated in the northern part of the Middle Andaman Island.
  • It is connected with Port Blair by the Andaman trunk road.
  • Approximately 242 km away from Port Blair by road and 136 km away by ferry, Mayabunder Island is accessible as it connects to the mainland.
  • Lack of tourism infrastructure may be one of the reasons Mayabunder is lesser-known amongst tourists. Still, with breath-taking visuals and an undisturbed ecosystem, this Island is a perfect escapade for nature lovers.


  • Home to former Burmese tribes, this enchanting Island is an agglomeration of ethnicities. With a population of around 3000 people in the main village, the people of Mayabunder believe in leading a simple life, away from the mundane and urbanised world.
  • Almost no internet and telecom services on the Island reflects how people residing here take comfort in nature. Tourists looking to be face to face with delightfully charming nature will love this Island.
  • A blend of cultures is evident the moment one steps into this naturally splendid Island with inhabitants from erstwhile Burma, East Pakistan and ex-convicts from the era of British ruled India.

Major Tourist Highlights

Avis Island

  • A tiny yet alluring island filled with coconut plantations makes Avis Island Mayabunder, a warm and cosy spot to spend a sunny day picnicking.
  • It is located around 20 mins boat ride away by Mayabunder jetty.
  • The clear water of the Island provides a breath-taking view of the corals and marine life.
  • The magnificent scenery is a photographer’s paradise, and this is a must-visit place in Mayabunder.
  1. German Jetty
  2. The remains of a jetty built by a German engineer during the second world war is a major tourist spot here.

Karmatang beach

  • Nicknamed the turtle’s paradise, Karmatang beach is the main beach of Mayabunder and is one of the most visually attractive places of Mayabunder.
  • Boat rides, water sports and witnessing a turtle nestling farm, this serene beach offers various enjoyable things to do coupled with a tranquil view.

Ray Hill

  • Trekking, riding an elephant, enjoying a picnic, water sports, the eco-village of Ray hill is a plastic-free area with pristine waters. It is a must place to visit in Mayabunder Island Andaman island.

Interview Island

  • Home to elephants and some wonderful flora and fauna, Interview Island at Mayabunder Island Andaman Island is the perfect trekking destination.
  • The Interview Island Wildlife Sanctuary is home to rare and exotic species, and the colourful wildlife is attractive and inviting.

Best time to visit Mayabunder Island

  • Mayabunder’s weather is pleasant and perfect for underwater activities, water sports, sightseeing and trekking from October to May and this is the best time to visit the Island.
  • Monsoons are harsh especially for outsiders, and hence a visit to the Island during monsoons should be completely avoided.

How to reach Mayabunder Island

To reach any Island located in Andaman, one has to first reach Port Blair either by air or by sea. After which several options are available.

Bus from Port Blair

One of the most economical ways of reaching Mayabunder Island is taking a bus from Port Blair.  There are government-operated buses which are non- air-conditioned and cheap. Private sector buses are also available from Port Blair, which can be both air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned. The journey takes around 10 hours from Port Blair to Mayabunder.

Direct Government ferry from Port Blair

This is available only once a week via Diglipur and requires proper planning.

A combination of ferry and bus

A ferry from Port Blair to Rangat and take a bus from Rangat to Mayabunder. This is an uncertain mode of transport, and thus one should be careful while relying on this option.

Private Cab

Another option is to hire a private cab from Port Blair to Mayabunder and use the same hired vehicle for sightseeing in the Island.

Importance of staying at a good hotel during a vacation

  • Depending upon the priority of your visit- exploring wildlife, enjoying the tranquillity of beaches or enjoying water sports, the hotel must be close to wildlife, beaches or shores to ensure you make the most of your time.
  • Staying at a good Mayabunder hotel enhances the overall experience and leaves you energised and refreshed.
  • The place should provide comfortable accommodation, medical facilities, food, your advisory, children friendly and should be hygienic.

Sea N Sand Hotel in Mayabunder Island


Sea N Sand offers an amazing view of the seashore from its huge windows along with spacious AC rooms and an attached bathroom. With a beautiful view of sunsets from the top floor, this hotel is the best place to stay in of all the Mayabunder hotels. It also boasts of a multi-cuisine restaurant.


The hotel is located on the main road, a km away from the centre of Mayabunder. The bus stop and the main market is at walking distance from the hotel. The location of Sea N Sand is ideal and hence popular among people visiting the Island.

Tariff rates

The room rates in Sea N sand start from Rs.750/- for a double bed non-AC room and go upto Rs.1700/- for a triple bed AC room. An extra mattress cost Rs. 200/-

Confirming the rates is advised before booking as the rates may undergo a change from time to time.

Other details regarding the rooms

  1. A room can be occupied by maximum three adults only
  2. Breakfast will be provided to all our customers
  3. Check-in time is 10 a.m and check-out time is 8 a.m. Early check-ins and late check-outs need to be discussed with the hotel and if guaranteed will be charged one night’s room rent.
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