Sight Seeing Spots at Mayabunder Island

Sightseeing Spots in Mayabunder Island

Overview of Mayabunder Island


A tiny isle nestled amongst the Middle Andaman Islands, spanning for only 1348 sq. km,Mayabunder remains one of the top attractions the Andamans have to offer.

If you’re musing about how to reach Mayabunder Island, then you’re at the right place. Mayabunder is connected to Port Blair through roads with one or two ferry rides in between.

About 250 km away from port Blair, it will take you about 8 to 9 hours to reach Mayabunder. If you prefer the serenity of the sea, it can be reached in more or less the same time via boats or ships.


A century ago, Mayabunder was settled by the migrating tribes from Myanmar (then known as Burma). The hill tribe Karen from Burma brought along their culture and traditions from southeast Asia to the isle.

Sprinkled along the coast are rice fields, and remnants of thesettlements and wood logging camp. The cuisine is also derived from the culture of the various settlers, that once called this place their home.


The fantastic cultural diversity of the Mayabunder Islands and unmatched exotic sights that will leave you breathless are thanks to the integration ofdifferent civilizations.

It truly has a heritage deeply rooted in traditions and culture. The Burmese tribes, colonial prisoners, and settlers from India and Bangladesh (including east-Pakistan) have all contributed equally to the legacy of the place.

Reasons to visit Mayabunder Island

So why should you add Mayabunder Island to your bucket list? If the eccentric cultural fusion isn’t enough to convince you to go here, the untouched beaches with volcanic sand and pristine blue waters should pull you in.

The secluded snorkelling spots and hiking trails lure in travellers looking to spend some alone time communing with nature.It is definitely worthwhile to go on a sightseeing tour of Mayabunder Island.

AsMayabunder is kind of secluded and quiet, government-funded PWD guest houses, private guesthouses and lodgings, low budget hotels, and resorts such as the Hawksbill Nest are your best options on the island.

Since the locals only speak in Bengali or Hindi, the staff at the hotels & resorts at Mayabunder Islanddo help the tourists in getting around the island.

The major sightseeing spots at Mayabunder Island are:

Ray Hills

Known for being an eco-village, Ray hills Mayabunder Islandis a rustic treasure trove. On the unparalleled hiking trails, you can breathe in the pure air and heal your soul.

If you’re looking for cliffs to go rock climbing, Ray Hills offers that as well. The guesthouses situated on the coastline present views that are just breath-taking.

You can observe the majestic wild elephants strolling through the dense jungles. Although, it is also possible to go on an elephant ride through the mangrove forests.

It is advisable to make a booking before you arrive at the place.

Austin X

The colonial monuments and ruins, amidst the green backdrop of the thickets of trees, are worthy of being featured on the postcards.

Austin X Beach at Mayabunder Island is home to radiant and vibrant corals as well. This makes it the destination in Mayabunder to go diving for pearls and sea walking.

Also worth visiting are the fragrant orange orchards here. Advanced hikers and adventure sports enthusiasts are also in for a treat when visiting Austin X.

Karmatang Beach

Karmatanag Beach at Mayabunder Island is merely a half an hour away from the main city. But the beach itself is a sight to behold.

Especially if you’re visiting during turtle nesting season, you might get to witness nature in action.

There is also a well-maintained park around, which is ideal for families looking for a picnic spot.

Avis Island

Another little nook for photography enthusiasts, Avis Island, Mayabunder Island, is surrounded with vivid blue ocean waves and primeval sandy beaches.

Avis (or Aves) Island can be visited after you have attained consent from the authorities. But trust us, it is worth the hassle.

The beach is practically uninhabited, which makes it perfect for a romantic escapade or a group get-together, away from the crowd.

The picturesque island is littered with coconut plantations.So, if you wish to spend some quiet time on a hammock with a new book, Avis Island is the place you should be at.

Interview Island

Interview Island at Mayabunder Island is right at the boundary of the North and Middle Andaman Islands. It is renowned for its Wildlife Sanctuary, which was established way back in 1985.

Now, this largest Andaman sanctuary is home to Asiatic wild elephants along with some other exotic wildlife. The marshlands and evergreen jungles are suitable for a hike, which is why visitors recommend trekking at Interview Island, Mayabunder Island.

Austen strait, which is right next to Interview Island, is apt for a dinghy boat ride. It’s also the home to large saltwater crocodiles, so be extra careful when you’re out there!

German Jetty

German Jetty Mayabunder Island is on the APWD Guesthouse grounds. Bordered by lush green forests, it might have one of the best lookout points on Mayabunder island.

The place is an old settler harbour and was named as the ‘German jetty’ during the second world war.

Rampur beach

Located just 25 to 30 minutes away from the Danapur junction in Mayabunder, Rampur beach is framed with a thriving mangrove forest. It is right off the side of the road and next to the Rampur village.

Pokhadera Beach

A lesser-known beach near the Mayabunder dock, it is also home to some lively coral reefs. Prior permission is required before you plan your trip to this beach as it is a part of the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park.

Once you get here, though, you should definitely go for a swim!

Museums Mayabunder

The forest museum houses an atypical collection of indigenous flora and fauna from the Andaman Islands. The nearby food stalls also provide mouth-watering southeast Asian cuisine.

On the other hand, the private Anmol Driftwood museum and the Wood museum close to the DFO office is just the right place for travellers that don’t mind a little history lesson.

As a bonus, you also get to enjoy the excellent craftsmanship and miniature pieces fashioned out of wood.

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