Travel Guide for Diglipur Island

Diglipur: A Complete Guide to Explore the Hidden Gem in North Andaman

A quirky little town, Diglipur is situated on the northernmost tip of the island chain. It is off the tourist trail probably because of its remoteness from the rest of the Andaman Islands. You can reach this place via road (Andaman Trunk Road) or by a ten-hour voyage through ships. If you want to witness the ingenuous version of the Andaman Islands which is a serene parallel world mostly unnoticed, then you have to visit Diglipur to fulfill your travel dream. It is a small town with lodges, vegetable and fish market, temple, bakeries, and a water stream swarmed with hyacinth. Travellers are an unusual sight here, which is a good thing if you don’t like crowds.   

Sightseeing Spots in Diglipur

Andaman Island is so much more than only sea and sand. If you want to witness impressive natural attractions, then you should spend time in Diglipur. The surrounding sights are amazingly beautiful as well. Have a look at what you can explore in and around Diglipur. 

Ram Nagar Beach

This beach is a long stretch of palm trees fringed by mangrove forests on both sides. The bay doesn’t have the typical light blue turquoise colors because the grayish volcanic sand makes the sea look darker. The place is not good for snorkeling owing to the murky waters but is a perfect spot for swimming. It is considered to be the best around the town. 

The beach is a nesting ground for Olive Ridley turtles. Therefore, the beach closes at 5 pm and no one is allowed to walk on the sand afterward. You can also see an artificial hatchery set up there. The turtle nesting season is between December and March, and you can see eggs being laid by sea turtles and released into the water. The beach is being developed into an eco-friendly picnic place for visitors by the forest department. 

Lamiya Bay Beach

The gorgeous Lamiya Bay Beach is at the foothills of the highest peak in the Island- Saddle Peak. The beauty of the dazzling beach is further accentuated by the polished pebbles that are laid down on the shoreline. The beach is visited mostly by either honeymooners or nature lovers as it is a highly photographic beach with shrubs and trees displaying contrast. To savor the beauty of sun, sand and shade on a sunny and bright day, there are beautiful eco-friendly huts and watchtowers on the shoreline for the tourists. 

Alfred Caves

Diglipur is home to more than 41 unexplored caves. Alfred Caves were one of them, named after the scientist who discovered them. These are limestone caves and are completely secluded due to the dense jungle. These are unique and thus, difficult to reach. A trek to these caves is not meant for someone who is faint-hearted as one has to do strenuous trekking for about an hour through narrow jungle trails. October to April is the best time to visit the caves. Avoid the rainy season completely as the paths are slippery and extremely unsafe.

Jal Tikry

Shyamnagar village in Diglipur beholds something very rare. Trekking through its dense forests will make you witness a unique scientific phenomenon called the mud volcanoes, which are locally known as Jal Tikry. These are active for years and some of them have been dormant for quite some time. Considered as one of the rarest occurrences across the whole world, you should include this place in your travel bucket list for sure.  

Ross & Smith Islands

ross & smith island diglipur

The majestic twin islands of Ross and Smith are the most stunning attraction in North Island. The islands are connected by a thin fifty-meter long sand bar. During high tide, this white silky sandy bar descends inside the sea, whereas it surfaces up again during low tide. On the one side, you can do swimming and on the other side, you can enjoy snorkeling. The warm water is crystal clear that offers good visibility. These untamed virgin beaches are the most picture-perfect ones in Andaman Island. 

If you have got more time in hand, then you can also explore Kalipur Beach and Saddle Peak National Park. Both of them are perfect for nature lovers.  

Places to stay in Diglipur

There are four-five guesthouses in Diglipur nearby the main market and stadium. They have all the basic necessities only. Thus, you should not expect luxurious amenities here. If you are looking for high-end resorts, then you can stay in Kalipur, which is twenty kilometers away from Diglipur. Cheap bamboo huts are also offered by them. The properties get crowded during peak season. So you should make sure to get your stay pre-booked from a local tour operator. Andaman Island Travels is a reliable name when it comes to making all the bookings anywhere in Andamans. Its experienced operators will take care of all your reservations exactly as per your requirements.     

Some of the best places to stay in Diglipur are as follows:

  • Turtle Resort
  • Pristine Beach Resort
  • Saddle Peak View Resort
  • Titlee Guest House
  • APWD Guest House

Restaurants in Diglipur

As the place is not a tourist hub, restaurants are not in abundance here. But bakeries are surplus here. Some of the best restaurants and food outlets in Diglipur are mentioned below:

  • Anu Bar & Restaurant
  • Hira Restaurant
  • Dolphin Restaurant
  • The Hangout Restro
  • Foodies

Diglipur is like a cosmopolitan town where people from all over India live. It would be a strange feeling to have a conversation with locals from Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, and even Bihar at the same time and at the same place. There is diversity in unity as well because of the underlying shared beliefs that unite all of them in harmony. Far from mainland India, Diglipur is a great place to experience nature at its best. Such an offbeat destination should be on every nature enthusiast’s travel bucket list because once you reach there, the rewards would be beyond your imagination.

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