Water Sports at Rangat Island

Water Sports At Rangat Island

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands have long been known for being a tropical paradise. From the palm-lined, white-sand beaches, mangroves to the lush rain forests, the picturesque beauty of the island have always been a wonder. The islands have been a contender of every traveler’s bucket list, housing an incredible ensemble of flora and fauna amidst the backdrop of bright tropical skies and scenic horizons.

While the islands have become a hotspot for great tourist attractions, there is still more to unravel from the Indian archipelago. One such hidden gem being the Rangat Island.


Rangat is a small town in the middle Andaman. Situated approximately 180 km from Port Blair, this island holds a huge array of stunning beaches, turtle nesting gardens, evergreen waterfalls, and a diverse mangrove ecosystem under its wings. It has all the aesthetic beauty of nature bundled up inside. In recent years it has immensely grown in the prospective of an ideal eco-friendly tourist destination proving to be suitable for travelers of all ages.

The town is well connected by sea and road routes. You can reach the island via Port Blair. There are several facilities available for the means of transport, the most economical being taking a bus. Other option includes a private cab or taking a ferry boat route. The island offers several accommodations.

Once you reach Rangat, the island is your oyster. Although this town’s population is small, the amazing cultural diversity and layers of traditions blend together. The people here belong to a variety of linguistic groups predominantly Bengali and Tamil. There are many cuisines available on the island at local small eateries and dhabbas.

Key Attractions:

Now for your wanderlust needs, Rangat offers a lush variety of sightseeing spots well equipped with tourist activities. The key attractions of Rangat island include Cuthbert Bay beach, Panchvati hills Amkunj beach, Dhaninallah Mangrove nature walkway, Moorys dare, to name a few. You can be one with nature here.

Top beaches in Rangat Island

Picture this; you are sitting on a beautiful beach away from the chitter-chatter of the world, away from your hectic job, your deadlines, amidst the rustling sounds of the trees with ocean waves flowing and the motion bringing you in a daze. Sounds like a wonderful dream.

Well, all this becomes a reality, thanks to the beautiful beaches of Rangat Island.

Cuthbert Bay beach

Located near Port Blair, this beach serves as the topmost tourist attraction spots in Rangat. Famous for its golden sandy beaches, the beach is also a settling ground for turtles and is a haven of turtle nesting. The whole shoreline can be sighted for baby turtles paddling from December to January. The beach also includes a wildlife sanctuary and an eco-hut for increasing the interaction with wildlife.

Amkunj beach

The beach is located at a distance of 8km from Rangat. While all other beaches provide a taste of marine life, the unique rocky shoreline of the Amkunj beach is perfect for a lazy late evening stroll. This beach serves as the best spot for enjoying sunrises and sunsets.

Moricedera Beach

Located at a distance of about 12 km from Amkunj beach, this is an excellent picnic and rest spot for your leisure activities. The uniqueness of the beach is attributed to the volcanic rock formation overlooking the sea.

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