Water Sports in Andaman

Water Sports at Andaman Islands

Andaman sea welcomes it visitors in its net of wonders and offers wings when they desire for a kite. It opens up the treasure of its water sports amidst the gradient gleaming sand scattered in lengths to meet the widely stretched, unfathomable shiny turquoise sea as its waves carelessly dribble onto the sand. The beauteous canvas of the Andaman owes its exciting colours from the geographical and vegetation variety. If Andaman Islands is metaphorically described as an art, then its water sports is the blue crayon from the palette- One can never get enough of them at all.

Andaman opens the options of a variety of water sports to provide stem-winding experience of the oodles of the water world. The myriads of water sports will fill in your lungs with tranquillity and idyllic ardour to embrace every escapade in the trip of Andaman.

Port Blair:

The capital of Andaman and Nicobar Islands mesmerizes its visitors with its variety of water sports activity, making it a hub of visitors who travel to other destinations of Andamans via Port Blair. This city offers a treat a combo package of adventures and fun at one place. There are mainly three beaches at Port Blair, namely: Carbyn’s Cove Beach, Wandoor Beach, and Mundapahar Beach near Chidiya Taapu (Island).

Carbyn’s Cove Beach- This beach is considered to be one of the cleanest beaches of Andamans. The crystal clear water thrills the heart and leaves a profound impact of the human soul. Undoubtedly, this beach offers a lot of water sports activity including jet skis, scuba diving, speed boat riding, parasailing. The scuba diving activity can be enthralling as it encounters natural and alive corals near the Snake Island. Parasailing is another core water activity preferred here. The nerve-wracking experience produces joy of excitement while riding along the bumps on the sea and hopping, bouncing and flying in the air, giving the feel of being on the top of the world. To witness the rushing experience of the gigantic sea, one would like to go sea karting for a tantalising experience. The splash and squelch of the waves turning the blue waters white as you ride swiftly onto the surface of the sea should not be missed on your visit to Andamans.

Wandoor Beach- This location captures blue waters as far as the eyesight can see. With an astonishing weather, this beach suited best for swimming, until September 2019 when it was declared prohibited for swimming purposes by the forest department. Nevertheless, it still stands as a fascinated location or the tourists who seek to experience tranquillity in the arms of nature.

Chidiya Tapu and Mundapahar Beach: The Chidiya Tapu, as per its name suggests, is an island that stands famous for the variety of bird species residing at this place. Alongside, Mundapahar Beach is a place that offers a breath taking sunset view, which can be witnessed while sitting on the beach or in open huts built to embrace the pause of nature’s beauty.  Along with this it offers a spell bounding scuba diving experience, covering beautiful coral reefs. Like the Wandoor Beach, this beach also prohibits swimming as per the orders of forest department.

Havelock Island – Swaraj Dweep:

The Island is situated between Peel Island and Neil Island and belongs to the Ritchie’s Archipelago.Considered as the USP of Andaman, this site has all the wow factor to tickle your excitement and please your heart. Full of white sand yet deprived of urban density, this island brings your one step closer to your interaction with nature. It is synonymous to water sports in the ground of Andaman as it is renowned to have many unravelling sites which are magnificent. Nobody would like to miss the ferry of this island because of the tropical forests with various kinds of trees and green long land strips meeting the playful shores. It has many water sports under its banner which can be listed as: 

1) Scuba Diving: Paying guest visit to the life that exists beneath the cerulean waters and golden sands can be enriched by Scuba Diving in the ultramarine blue sea of Andamans. There are varied islands where it can be experienced at its most. Elephant beach is the best considered choice to make the fullest of scuba diving.

The various sites to be explored in this Island for scuba diving can be listed as:

a) Lighthouse- A Night to Explore: Lighthouse invites all the PADI/SSI certified divers to capture the night of their dreams in the real version of Disney world where you may not actually find the Little Mermaid but can surely greet her friends. Colossal corals, Humpback Parrotfish, Octopus, Fusiliers, Lobsters, and Lionfish can be witnessed in your underwater visit of 6-18 meters depth. All such USPs makes lighthouse rank as one of the best places for scuba diving in Andaman

b) Aquarium- The Heaven Underneath: This place caters the wishes of the beginners as it introduces them to the most basic yet the enchanting views amongst all the other sites with a depth of 10-12 meters. It is located in the southwest of Havelock which experience soft currents and are easily predicted. This site has a vibrant amalgamation of hard corals strewn, ravishing reefs along with a flamboyant schools of fish which makes it pretty to the eyes and calming to the soul .

c) Mac Point- Hang out with the Dugongs:

Topping the list of the best places for scuba diving in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Mac Point is known to be the lay field of Dugongs which is a Sirenian tusked mammal, usually found in Australia and Eastern Africa. it has a normal depth of 10-14 meters which is easy for the visitors to trod. This site consists of hard corals making it an extremely eyeful site of marvel.

d) Barracuda City – Greet The Sea Turtles:

Listed as one of the unexplored sites, it showers you with the delight of greeting the sea turtles. It bring you close towards the majestic and exotic world of marine life which includes harlequin corals, myriads of species of fishes like Blue spotted stingrays, Coral fish, and Surgeonfish. Since it has a depth of 25-30 meters hence, it is assumed suitable for the Intermediate and expert divers.

e) Seduction Point- Staghorn Corals’ Rocks:

Napoleons, along with other marine organisms have found their exultant place in theseshallow iridescent waters, embellishing around the huge rock home. This site includes an effervescent diversity of bounteous of hard staghorn corals which is a major site of attraction and pull factor for the tourists. The intermediate and expert divers are recommended to be a part of this diving as its depth is 6- 18 meters which delivers hard-hitting experience.

f) Turtle Bay- Town of the Turtles:

The dawdling, lawnmowers of the sea– the turtles, shall entice your souls and skip your heartbeats to infinity which shall be backed up by the ravishing rays andmagnificent corals lying settled in the sea floor covered with sparkling sand. Since it isn’t too deep, so if is safe for the amateur diver to take part in a worthy encounter with organisms resting down their homes.