Water Sports in Andaman

Andaman sea welcomes it visitors in its net of wonders and offers wings when they desire for a kite. It opens up the treasure of its water sports amidst the gradient gleaming sand scattered in lengths to meet the widely stretched, unfathomable shiny turquoise sea as its waves carelessly dribble onto the sand. The beauteous canvas of the Andaman owes its exciting colours from the geographical and vegetation variety. If Andaman Islands is metaphorically described as an art, then its water sports is the blue crayon from the palette- One can never get enough of them at all.

Andaman opens the options of a variety of water sports to provide stem-winding experience of the oodles of the water world. The myriads of water sports will fill in your lungs with tranquillity and idyllic ardour to embrace every escapade in the trip of Andaman.

Port Blair

The capital of Andaman and Nicobar Islands mesmerizes its visitors with its variety of water sports activity, making it a hub of visitors who travel to other destinations of Andamans via Port Blair. This city offers a treat a combo package of adventures and fun at one place. There are mainly three beaches at Port Blair, namely: Carbyn’s Cove Beach, Wandoor Beach, and Mundapahar Beach near Chidiya Taapu (Island).

Carbyn’s Cove Beach

This beach is considered to be one of the cleanest beaches of Andamans. The crystal clear water thrills the heart and leaves a profound impact of the human soul. Undoubtedly, this beach offers a lot of water sports activity including jet skis, scuba diving, speed boat riding, parasailing. The scuba diving activity can be enthralling as it encounters natural and alive corals near the Snake Island. Parasailing is another core water activity preferred here. The nerve-wracking experience produces joy of excitement while riding along the bumps on the sea and hopping, bouncing and flying in the air, giving the feel of being on the top of the world. To witness the rushing experience of the gigantic sea, one would like to go sea karting for a tantalising experience. The splash and squelch of the waves turning the blue waters white as you ride swiftly onto the surface of the sea should not be missed on your visit to Andamans.

Wandoor Beach

This location captures blue waters as far as the eyesight can see. With an astonishing weather, this beach suited best for swimming, until September 2019 when it was declared prohibited for swimming purposes by the forest department. Nevertheless, it still stands as a fascinated location or the tourists who seek to experience tranquillity in the arms of nature.

Chidiya Tapu and Mundapahar Beach

The Chidiya Tapu, as per its name suggests, is an island that stands famous for the variety of bird species residing at this place. Alongside, Mundapahar Beach is a place that offers a breath taking sunset view, which can be witnessed while sitting on the beach or in open huts built to embrace the pause of nature’s beauty.  Along with this it offers a spell bounding scuba diving experience, covering beautiful coral reefs. Like the Wandoor Beach, this beach also prohibits swimming as per the orders of forest department.

Havelock Island – Swaraj Dweep

The Island is situated between Peel Island and Neil Island and belongs to the Ritchie’s Archipelago.Considered as the USP of Andaman, this site has all the wow factor to tickle your excitement and please your heart. Full of white sand yet deprived of urban density, this island brings your one step closer to your interaction with nature. It is synonymous to water sports in the ground of Andaman as it is renowned to have many unravelling sites which are magnificent. Nobody would like to miss the ferry of this island because of the tropical forests with various kinds of trees and green long land strips meeting the playful shores. It has many water sports under its banner which can be listed as:  

1) Scuba Diving

Paying guest visit to the life that exists beneath the cerulean waters and golden sands can be enriched by Scuba Diving in the ultramarine blue sea of Andamans. There are varied islands where it can be experienced at its most. Elephant beach is the best considered choice to make the fullest of scuba diving.

The various sites to be explored in this Island for scuba diving can be listed as:

a) Lighthouse- A Night to Explore

Lighthouse invites all the PADI/SSI certified divers to capture the night of their dreams in the real version of Disney world where you may not actually find the Little Mermaid but can surely greet her friends. Colossal corals, Humpback Parrotfish, Octopus, Fusiliers, Lobsters, and Lionfish can be witnessed in your underwater visit of 6-18 meters depth. All such USPs makes lighthouse rank as one of the best places for scuba diving in Andaman.

b) Aquarium- The Heaven Underneath

This place caters the wishes of the beginners as it introduces them to the most basic yet the enchanting views amongst all the other sites with a depth of 10-12 meters. It is located in the southwest of Havelock which experience soft currents and are easily predicted. This site has a vibrant amalgamation of hard corals strewn, ravishing reefs along with a flamboyant schools of fish which makes it pretty to the eyes and calming to the soul. 

c) Mac Point- Hang out with the Dugongs

Topping the list of the best places for scuba diving in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Mac Point is known to be the lay field of Dugongs which is a Sirenian tusked mammal, usually found in Australia and Eastern Africa. it has a normal depth of 10-14 meters which is easy for the visitors to trod. This site consists of hard corals making it an extremely eyeful site of marvel.

d) Barracuda City – Greet The Sea Turtles

Listed as one of the unexplored sites, it showers you with the delight of greeting the sea turtles. It bring you close towards the majestic and exotic world of marine life which includes harlequin corals, myriads of species of fishes like Blue spotted stingrays, Coral fish, and Surgeonfish. Since it has a depth of 25-30 meters hence, it is assumed suitable for the Intermediate and expert divers.

e) Seduction Point- Staghorn Corals’ Rocks

Napoleons, along with other marine organisms have found their exultant place in theseshallow iridescent waters, embellishing around the huge rock home. This site includes an effervescent diversity of bounteous of hard staghorn corals which is a major site of attraction and pull factor for the tourists. The intermediate and expert divers are recommended to be a part of this diving as its depth is 6- 18 meters which delivers hard-hitting experience.

f) Turtle Bay- Town of the Turtles

The dawdling, lawnmowers of the sea– the turtles, shall entice your souls and skip your heartbeats to infinity which shall be backed up by the ravishing rays andmagnificent corals lying settled in the sea floor covered with sparkling sand. Since it isn’t too deep, so if is safe for the amateur diver to take part in a worthy encounter with organisms resting down their homes.

g) The Wall- Gigantic Walled-World

With a gargantuan rock base stretching a depth of 56 metres, the Wall stands testimony to the inimitable sight for the viewers. It has soft corals and opulent marine life which is captivating and breath-taking. Owing to its depth, it allows certified divers to be a part of the enthralling experience underwater. 

h) Pilot-Reef – Charismatic Canyon

This site is distanced to length with a long strip of canyon which goes deep down as long as 26 metres. The canyon provides a residence to a fairly good amount of rigid corals, accompanied with some splendid school of fishes like Leopard and Whitenip Sharks. This is also a reason for restrictions of beginner and intermediate divers as this site poses a threat and is prone to risk.

i) Minerva Lidge-Soothing Waters

Consisting of hard corals in crystal clear water, this site gives you a tremendous manifestation of incredible aquatic lifeformslike reef fish, schools of snappers, fusiliers and surgeon fish, unicorn fish, trevally, barracuda sashaying and giant grouper which is why this place is recommended for experienced and certified divers even though with a mere depth of 14-18 meters.

j) Johnny’s Gorge- Shark Shelter

The ferocious, giant yet shy white-tip reef sharks are the homies of this site; the only reason for intriguing and fascinating for the divers around the world. Along with them, there are troops of rays which mooch through the waters, creating a sight of splendid spectrum. The subterranean circular reef is the centre of attraction with gleaming gorgonians and vibrant soft corals which engage the divers towards them. The human eyes can witness the most boisterous and pleasant show of all times in the depths of 20-34 metres by taking a panoramic view of the lives of silver jacks, tuna and barracuda dispersed all around.

k) Whitehouse Rock- Mall of Marine Lives:

With all the hastily movements of a range of sea fans, trevally, turtles, tuna and barracuda swishing past your sides, you are welcomed in the mall of the marine lives. Every sight leads to a treasure hunt of some or the other fish which can be astonishing as you lose out the sight of one to explore the other. You can be lucky enough to get a glance of graceful fusiliers and snappers coming your way. The topography of this site depicts a circular reef with pinnacles fascinating and intriguing for the intermediate and expert divers in the depth of 8-50 meter of waters. 

l) Dixon’s Pinnacles-The Cleaning Station

This site displays a testimonial and exemplary example of reefs in fine fettle, with a picture of awe-inspiring exquisiteness of schools of small vivid surgeon fish, bat fish, glass fish, banner fish and the rare glance of angel fish. The site marks the presence of three deep pinnacles which are covered with yellow soft corals, where aquatic bodies like giant trevally and barracuda lies on the top of it, while napoleon wrasse along with bengal and paddle tail snappers. Since, it has myriad of fishes with the depth of 16-35 meters, therefore it is sincerely recommended for the advanced divers.

m) Jackson’s Bar- For the Brave Hearts

Are you the one with a dauntless heartwith an expertise who can go up to any end to placate your inquisitiveness? If yes, then this place should be on the top of your to-do list while visiting Andaman. This site is located at an inimitable location, constantly hit by strong perpendicular currents making it an expedition for all the challenging souls. The deep reef lying on the sands give a terrific view of Kuhls sting rays flying through the open waters stretched at lengths crossing by your sight. Its topography witnesses a flat, rocky shelf owing a display of exquisite range of magnificent corals sliding to the sea floor and amalgamating with the golden sand. One can find bengal snappers, barracudas, Andaman sweetlips, sharks and tuna in the depths of 25-35 meters. 

n) Broken Ledge- The Aquatic Pizza Slice

This site holds every physical characteristics which can be related to the pizza slice shred off from an enormous pizza. The deep reef contains mini ravines, crevices and canyons which are extremely charming. Along with it, black-white banded sea kraits follow the lead, together converting their flights as a thing of beauty. Also, Broken Ledge provides shelter to some very renowned reef creatures like lion fish, shoals of snappers, Moorish idols, napoleon wrasse and gigantic groupers, white tip reef sharks, manta rays, marble rays, dog-tooth, yellow fin tunas and diverse categories of turtles. With an explicitly enormous variety of marine animals and a depth of 16-24 metres come enormous threat which is why it is allowed for advanced and expert divers.

o) S.S Inchkett- Weird Wreck

Give your life some chills and thrills by diving in a sunken shipwreck. This artificial site provides a home to ample and variety of fishes and corals with a melting colours and vibrant views of amalgamation of corals and shining incandescent rust of the wreck. The inside waters observe the existence of Nudibranchs, lobsters, reef fishes, scorpion fish, snappers, ghost pipe fish and shrimp and the rare resident Giant puffer fish which makes it a shooting location. The weird and wonderful thing out of all the things is the broken toilet covered with mosses and surrounded by fishes which gives peculiar vibes.  With a depth of 5-22 metres, this site is made available of intermediate and advanced divers with proper safety measures.

p) M4- School of Rays

The seafloor is sand bedded with Sting rays, leopard rays and marble rays of depth up to 15 meters. With the sights of leopard groupers, fusiliers and octopuses, these rocky surfaces and reefs is a treat to the eyes. Also, the excitement of the divers is doubled witnessing the frolicsome harlequin sweetlips and dynamic Dancing shrimp. In addition to this, divers claim to spot dugong here out of all the diving sites in Havelock. Since it has a depth of 8 -14 meters, it is advisable for beginners to dive taking the necessary precautions.

q) Red Pillar- Red Lighthouse

This site marks the presence of red lighthouse which is its USP, giving shelter to tons of fishes, crocodiles and variety of corals and reefs. The Barrel Sponges are no smaller than a giant cupboard which is a wonderful view to observe and relish the moments of the tour. This site also witnesses some intriguing sunken scooter and bicycle which amazes the divers for whom it’s an all new experience. Since, this site is located just off the neighbouring Peel Island within the channel, so it is prone to strong current which can be controlled with necessary measures. Beginner divers are allowed to extract the most out of their diving experience in the depth of 5-12 metres. 

r) The Slope- The Eerie Waters

This site has shallow slope which is astoundingly mesmerising for all categories of divers. It is deeper than 20 meters and connects with the Wall, providing an eccentrically beautiful view. The waters displays hoard of eerie`, flowing along the surface smoothly and swiftly, depicting a glimpse of the oceans of the heaven. To mention, this divers’ delight is a home to many cleaning stations, along with a number of families of fishes like reef fishes, snappers, fusiliers, crocodile fish, whip coral, shrimp, sea stars, shrimps and wrasse creating a spell bound attraction. 

s) MV Mars- Mars of the Marine World

The story of this site isn’t much older; the small wooden cargo vessel that sank due to a storm in April, 2006 which led to its foundation. Likewise, this wreck too does not give a clear sight and causes visibility issues, making it even more fascinating to explore. The wreck stands upright, giving a shelter to schools of fishes of cardinal fish, parrot fish, batfish, sweetlips, reef fish, fusiliers, sea horses, crocodile fish and trigger fish. To discover the beauty of an extended dive, one has to dodge the wreck rapidly and make it a win. It is recommended to all the divers, from the beginners to the experts as encountering beauty is not bounded by your experience.

t) Nemo Reef- New Comers Playground

This site is considered to be the best site for all the newbies who wish to practice diving along with exploring the creatures of the majestic marine world and embrace its beauty. With 2-16 metres deep, it is bound to be synonymous to swimming pool, owing to its clear water and little currents conditions which is incredibly heart-warming for the beginners.  The organisms that  exist in this bowl of beauty are Damsel fish, giant and hump head parrot fish, reef fish, frog fish, octopus, squid, moray eel, scorpion fish and many more. With the availability of mangroves, this location creates a mesmerising environment that can be photographed in memories and lenses. 

u) Purple Haze- Puzzled Heaven

Below the ground, there exists a land of perplexing yet pleasant view- the Purple Haze. It encompasses all the worldly delight which may stop you to leave and convince you to make it your home.  Out-lining the reef, the red gorgonians and purple soft coral creates a soothing effect in the eyes of the divers while they witness a great show of oceanic acrobat presented by shoals of fusiliers.  There could be no better felling than to look for an octopus amidst all the creatures, while silently observing the capitulating eyes of peacock mantis shrimp. Dock for a nudibranchs and photographers, this lovely place introduces you to fluorescent anemones and large pelagics. It is 4-11 metres deep, suitable for beginners along with sand banks to enjoy the aroma fun-filled with adventure in veins.

2) Swimming

Radhanagar Beach is considered the best beach in Asia as per the Time Magazine. This site is a scenic beauty which proves out to be a reason for water play.  It provides a great sight to swim and float in the water while you lose yourselves in the exotic beauty of the beach. With all the resting arrangements after a good and long swim, this place relaxes you to your core under the shade of tropical trees. 

3) Other Water Sports

The Elephant beach provides you with best option to Snorkel, jet ski, kayaking and enjoy glass bottom boards because this island can be bereft of elephants but surely have the elixir to surprise you with innumerable water sports activities. These water sports portrays  an art of the water lovers who wish to embrace each moments of their tour which shall exists safe in the damp mist of the golden sand, shining and reflecting by the sun rays and creating crystal like image.

North Bay Coral Island

This Island is situated near Port Blair, isolated from the rest of the groups yet comparatively captivating in nature. Being relatively smaller than the other islands do not outgrow the overwhelming vibes it attracts for its travellers. Although it restricts sightseeing options but open ups the water sports adventures amidst the jungles complimented by the shimmering shore. The oceanic clear water is breath-taking, offered along with the mesmerising combination of white sand that amalgamates with the covers of the lush green forest. Ironically the smaller the island is, the more number of water sports it entertains for the enthusiasts. This site is renowned to have healthy corals settlements, sheltering a dozen of fish species, exclusively belonging here. Are you aware that this site is featured behind the Rs 20 Note? No doubt, this island is praised throughout the country for its majestic aroma. This locations piles up the enormous coral belts under the 2 km radius near the isle boasting its enigma.

Scuba Diving

Scuba Divingin the shallow waters of this site has been a dream for many. The moderate underwater currents cannot hinder the spectacular joy by observing the enigmatic fish culture. The sea reflects the clear sky in it ultra clean blue water, owing to full visibility of the world lying beneath. The expert divers shares their most amazing experience to enjoy the scuba diving to its most.

Dolphin Glass Bottom Boat

If your wish to explore the sea without getting wet, then probably you should try this out. Once you rode the Dolphin Glass Bottom Boat, you shall see yourself drifting and swishing while cutting the air as you fly in the waves of sea that drives you crazy. You can have all the water surround but you won’t be able to get enough of the splashy vibes under the shining sun.

Semi Submarine

Semi Submarine is miniature of the underwater submarine experience for the ones who wishes to observe the marine life through the other side of the glass window, sitting inside the submarine. They ride you to the best coral belts which could be admired for all day long without going out of words. It is a sport activity available for all ages, and most enjoyable with family with whom you can gaze at the majestic marine mammals.


This site gives an immensely amazing place to snorkel with its shallow shoreline. It takes you closer to the sea view full of colourful corals and incredibly enticing creatures. Hours and hours can be spent to enjoy this water sport, fulfilling the desires of playing underwater.  

Neil Island – Shaheed Dweep

Known as the vegetable bowl of Andaman, Neil Island portrays a plethora of biodiversity in terms of tropical forests along with white sand beaches. The coral reefs found here are truly an awe of beauty. The roadways share a lush green view of banana plantations, paddy fields and other agricultural greenery as one travels to reach their destinations. Since it’s comparatively smaller than the other islands, so it has an advantage to be ferried by rented bikes or cycles for a deep and enchanting exploration. It bring you closer to the natural aura as the hotels and resorts are known to be located near the beaches or in the jungles. Interestingly, this island is under rated by the tourists even though this island stands as an epitome of magnificence. 

The island has a lot of points of attractions, which includes beaches named after the characters of the Indian mythology Ramayana like Bharatpur Beach, Laxmanpur Beach, Sitapur Bridge, Ramnagar Beach and Natural Bridge which are all covered in the 3 Point Tour along with sunrise inSitapur Beach. These locations give you variety of options of water sports to choose from like scuba diving, snorkelling, jet skiing, and glass bottom boat ride.

Bharatpur Beach

It is located near the Neil Island Jetty, which captivates the visitors with its cyan coloured, clear and bravura sea sight. The beach is a home to rich and vibrant coral reefs which can be encountered whole glass bottom boat. One can take the rides into commercial boats or hire a personal boat as the shoreline offers variety of options to embrace the destination. The USP of this beach is that it is the only beach in Neil Island where various water sports is made available to the tourists. This beach offers other water sports like scuba diving, jet skiing, snorkelling, game fishing etc. which can be enjoyed with family and peers. 

Laxmanpur Beach

With an abundance of white shell sand with shallow water, this beach due to shallow waters can be a good option for snorkelling. The visitors also embrace swimming and sun bathing along with a splendid view of ornament fish, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, and star fish at this spot.The natural rock and coral formation is the fascinating point of this beach. The beach is known to be preferred for witnessing sunset with a picture-perfect view of the turquoise sea reflecting the lush green vegetation of the beach. 

Sitapur Beach

Mainly preferred for giving a start to the tour of Neil Island, this beach starts your day with a pleasant sunset, turning the sky horizon into the shades of orange and yellow and gently fusing with the blue sky. Though this beach does not offer any water sports but do not strike off from the travel list as its picturesque view consisting view of dual curved bays and small caves cannot be resisted while you travel in Andaman. The natural vegetation and limestone formations separates it from the attractions offered by the other beaches of Neil Island.  

Ramnagar Beach

This beach stands for its coral reefs, white sand shore along the various species of trees which is awe striking to the visitors. A tremendous site to opt for snorkelling as tides add up to the experience of the water sport. The wavy sea, which is a home to ample school of fishes bring out the best of snorkelling. 

Natural Rock Formation

The local renowned Howrah Bridge is a sight of magnificence and marvel. It is naturally formed by the incessant water flow beneath the large rocks, making it a thing of wonder standing testimonial to eternal beauty since ages. This spot can be visited during low tides when the retreating sea shoves off the dead corals, removing the risk of slipping while walking on the surface.

The various scuba diving sights available in Neil Island are:

a) Busy Burro- Busy Old Monk

It is located in the channel between Havelock and Neil Island, giving a marvellous view of the natural rectangular plateau. These waters experience mild to strong currents during the spring tide. With a depth of 15-21 metres, it is recommendable for beginners to intermediate level divers.  It is a garden of various species of fishes- hunting trevally, tunas, multi-coloured fishes, reef fishes, napoleon wrasse, lobsters, octopus, shrimps and nudibranchs where the divers can breathe in the awe of ocean nature.  The unsightly creatures like rays, garden eels and flounders are the most noticeable and fascinating stuff, intensified by the existence of macro critters such as juvenile ghost pipefish and sea slugs in the illuminating land of gorgonians and barrel sponges.

b)Bus Stop- The One Stop Diving Destination

This location is the meeting point of reef fish and all the diving experiences at one place. It is a power packed spot of depth of 14 to 30 metres for all the enthusiastic intermediate divers who wish to explore the varied depths and flamboyant lives of the sea. The sandy surface consists of rocked patches scattered where reef extends in all the directions along the mooring line. It also has a small plateau that slopes downwards as it goes deeper, giving a sight of wonder. Along with it, the shallows of this location guides you towards the peripheral reefs available on the Neil Island. The creatures that can be witnessed hers can be garden eels, blue spotted stingrays, rampant varieties of Andaman reef fish. 

c) Junction- The Café of Creatures

Owing to its soft, pulsating coral, this site depicts a spectacular show of rock formation. It has a depth of 28-34 metres with continuously strong currents, which is why this site is recommended to the advanced divers for safety purposes. The chain of rocky mounds along with the majestic marine life makes this site effervescently comforting. The visitors can catch the sight of scarce macro creatures, lobsters and rays along the clefts, lionfish, eagle rays, mantas, banded sea kraits, napoleon wrasse, marble ray accompanied by the batfish which escorts the divers into the site. 

d) Manta Point/ Robin’s Bay- Home of the Fringing Reef

This location of a depth of 5-18 metres is a take away sight for the wonderful fringing reef that leads towards the Havelock shallows. The stag horn evolves at this sight, giving a view of its developing stages that turn out to be idiosyncratically beautiful. Along with it, table coral also witnessed its existence after the tsunami of 2004, which shaped the natural outgrowths in an amazing way. This site beholds the sight of spotted rays, eagle rays, torpedo rays, devil rays, mantas, and hoard of other marine animals like lobsters, octopus, eels, shrimps and nudibranchs. It is available for beginners and intermediate divers.

e) Margerita’s Mischief- The Garden of Sea Grass

Popular for the sea grass adored by dugongs, this location is an awestruck beauty located between Havelock and Neil Island. One can notice the long chain of mounds that extends at a length, covered by the sea grass. The under waters present you with a bunch of aquatic creatures like dugongs, pipe fish, mantis shrimp, reef fish, nudibranchs, hosts of eels, octopus, lobsters, shrimps which overwhelms your senses with catchy colours and textures engraved in every living and non-living being. It has depth of 15-21 metres because of which is allowed for beginners and intermediate level divers.

f) Nursery- The Playschool of the Marines

This place introduces the visitors to the diversified existence of the marine creatures of Andaman right from the smallest reef to the giant octopuses. The sloping topography makes it fit for both, snorkelers and divers to ferry the site and delight its glorious view. It is considered a superb site to meet and greet the dugongs due to the ample availability of sea grass preferred by them. With a depth of 5- 14 metres, this sight is open for beginners and intermediate level diver and snorkelers. 

g) Rockys- The Town of the Twin Reefs

Larger than Busy Burro, this site has twin reefs which can be counted as its centre of attraction for tourists. It is situated in the channel between Havelock and Neil Island, made up mainly of rocky and surging surface with an imperfectly perfect sight of beauty. The edge of the first reef out of the twin reef makes a cave like formation, backed by the swifts and turns of glass fishes hypnotising the divers in the spell bound charm. Like other sites, this site too have abundant marine animals like reef fish, napoleon wrasse, lobsters, nudibranchs, etc. it has a depth of 15-21 metres which allows beginner and intermediate divers to dive in and give themselves an aquatic treat.

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