What To Do in Rangat Island?

What To Do in Rangat Island?
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Rangat Island is situated in the Middle Andaman Islands, around 210 km from Port Blair. The exotic island is surrounded by picturesque beaches and dense forests. Rangat is a home to natural beauty and splendid mangroves flourishing in the country. 

The awe-inspiring island has deep blue sea with crystal clear water and the cool and calming breeze will sweep the traveller off his feet. The 1070 sq,km island hosts a number of natural waterfalls which are ideal for long strolls and trekking. There are various things to do in Rangat Island like snorkeling and scuba diving. Rangat Island has breathtaking freshwater streams that quintessentially serve as natural swimming pools. There are beaches which have eco huts and groves that have a name assigned based on the locally occurring exotic plants.

To reach Rangat from Port Blair, you can travel by local ferry service which is available from Neil, Havelock, and Long Islands. Boats are available 5 days a week and buses can also be taken from Port Blair. It usually takes 5-6 hours to reach there.

Things to do in Rangat Island

After getting to know about this exotic island, you must be thinking about the various things to do in Rangat Island. Some of activities to do in Rangat Island are visiting Cuthbert Bay Beach where you can explore the nesting place of turtles, enjoy trekking at the Panchvati Hills, going for a beachcombing at Amkunj Beach, seeking thrilling adventure activities at Long Island and strolling through Dhani Nallah Mangrove Nature Walkway. You can also enjoy the panoramic view of Yerrata Jetty or check out volcanic rocks at Moricedera Beach.

Cuthbert Bay Beach

This beach is second to none in comparison to scenic landscapes and daunting surroundings. Cutbert Bay Beach is 18 km away from Rangat Island. This multifaceted beach is Rangat’s natural gem. The exotic beach offers some spectacular views of the crystal clear horizon and the mesmerizing sea. One of the things to do at Bay Beach is visiting the nestling place for turtles. From December to January, newborn turtles venture towards the beach and tourists come here to witness this spectacular view. The peaceful and calm beach is serene and is a must for travellers wanting an escape from the hustle and bustle of life. Some of the activities to perform at the Cuthbert Bay are staying at the Eco Hut and taking a stroll at the beach. There is also a wildlife sanctuary at the beach.

A Trip to Rangat Island: Panchvati Hills – Nature’s Abode

Panchvati Hills is epitome of beauty with breathtaking falls around it. These hills are perfect examples of nature in its finest forms. The prime attraction of the place is the waterfall that seems to fall from the skies to the stones of the hill. It creates an electrifying atmosphere. Trekking in Panchvati Hills is quite popular among tourists. One thing not to do in Rangat is trekking during the rainy season as the path is very slippery. You can also choose to dip in the fresh waters of the waterfall and enjoy the fast stream flow. Panchavati Hills is a photographer’s paradise as there are lush greenery, beaches, and gorgeous waterfalls. Also there are various agricultural lands that can be explored. 

Travelling to Rangat Island: Amkunj Beach – The Serene Beach

One of the things to do in Rangat Island is visiting the famous Amkunj Beach. It is so beautiful that it will take away the travellers’ breath at first sight. Amkunj Beach is 8 kms away from Rangat and is located on the outskirts of the island. The beach is enriched with vibrant and vivid colours of the sky and the sea imparts freshness to the whole atmosphere. White sands and sea waves breaking at the shore are bound to enchant you. For those who love taking a stroll at the beach, the place is a must visit. Amkunj beach has unique benches and dustbins made from trees uprooted in tsunami. This place is the best example of serene beauty. One of the things to check out at Rangat Island is the rocky beach and watch tower of Amkunj Beach. Some of the other things to do in Amkunj Beach are sunbathing and enjoying the sunset and sunrise scenary. There are a bunch of water sports going around like snorkeling for sports enthusiasts. Bird watching is another activity to enjoy at Amkunj Beach.

Venturing in Rangat Island: Long Island – Paradise on Earth

For travellers wanting to explore the unexplored, Long Island is the perfect tourist destination. One of the things to do in Rangat Island for a traveller is visiting this fulfilled place. Long Island has a small area of 20 sq.km. It takes around 1 hour from Rangat Island to reach Long Island by a boat. It is a must see place for off-beat travellers. The island looks like paradise on Earth as it is less frequented by travellers. The place has quietness in its atmosphere and a calming effect on tourists. The island has rocky terrain with white sand beaches and lush green forests. For adventure nerds, there is a small forest to travel around. The island was home to Kitply now abandoned which has allowed the flora and fauna to grow. There is a pristine tropical island that has mangroves around it. Some of the activities to do in Long Beach Island are snorkeling and scuba diving at the beautiful beach, taking a stroll to Lalaji beach, relaxing at Merk Bay Beach, and taking a trip to Guitar Island. 

Places to explore in Andaman: Dhani Nallah Mangrove Nature Walkway

For those who enjoy nature walks one of the things to do in Rangat Island is checking out the Dhani Nallah Mangrove Nature Walkway. It is a natural walkway located 20 kms from Rangat nearby Andaman Trunk Road. The walkway has a mesmerizing beauty and ravishing serene. The walkway made of wood has zig zags pathways. It is the most beautiful place and a major attraction for nature lovers. The place looks magical during sunset, sunrise and under moonlight. One can watch turtles on the sandy beach. The walkway is unique and one of its kind. Various activities to do near Dhani Nallah Mangrove Nature Walkway are going for a trek to Moorys Dare or taking a stroll through the Yerrata Creek and Mangrove Park.