Where to stay Mayabunder Island

Where to stay Mayabunder Island
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Mayabunder is a serene island, with an agglomeration of ethnicities inhabiting its spellbinding terrain. There are innumerable places to visit in Mayabunder. The fascinating landscape, with splendid beaches, where the shores are generously dotted with mangroves, is a captivating experience. Volcanic sand, grey and glistening, stretches across the shores, providing a sight to behold, one that never fades away from memory. Shallow waters, brimming with peace and tranquility, accompany the blissful beaches, enabling revelers to enjoy the harmonious setting. 

An archipelago, Mayabunder tourism has plenty of secluded islands to plan grand escapades into undisturbed ecosystems, teeming with the riches of nature. In these joyful wildernesses, are opportunities to enjoy breathtaking visuals; the free-spirited can snorkel in the inviting waters and experience the grandeur of a thriving marine ecosystem. 


Located in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands, at a distance of 242 km from the capital city of Port Blair, Mayabunder is accessible from Port Blair via the Andaman Trunk Road. For those who love ferry rides, can reach Mayabunder by ferrying over a distance of 136 km from Port Blair. Of places to visit in Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Mayabunder is amongst the finest. 

Part of the administrative district of North & Middle Andaman’s Mayabunder Tehsil, the Mayabunder village, comes under the jurisdiction of a gram panchayat. Spread across an area of 37.69 hectares, the sparsely populated village of just over two thousand people, has only about 800 odd houses. 

This scenic tourist destination also has an anthropological aspect to it. How to reach Mayabunder is never an issue given the excellent connectivity by air and ocean from Mainland India. 

When it comes to sightseeing Spots at Mayabander Island Andaman Islands, there are innumerable destinations. Avis Island Mayabander Island Andaman Islands is bestowed with coconut plantations. Karmatanag Beach at Mayabander Island Andaman Islands is for lovers of mangrove-lined beaches. German Jetty Mayabander Island is a Second World War jetty made by the Germans. There are many other places to explore and revel in!


A largesse of greenery provides simplistic comforts, unaffected by the materialistic possessions of the urbanized world. Simple living and happy faces notwithstanding, the general tone and tenor of this place is about finding oneself amidst the lap of nature. Inhabited for centuries by assimilation of cultures, the distinct flavors of the culture prevailing in Mayabunder is evident from the moment one arrives here. Inhabited by people from erstwhile Burma, East Pakistan, and ex-convicts from the era of British-ruled India, the current population is generously bestowed with a unique, blended culture. 

Sometimes referred to as little Myanmar, the Karens, who are native to this region, have made these mesmerizing environs their home. A small community of people, chiefly involved in agricultural activities, their 90-year history in these islands is on display courtesy of their unique lifestyle.

Amidst the beckoning bounties of a paradisiacal place lay hidden small pockets of villages, snuggled and cocooned in tall flora, where sunlight is milder than the mildest dewdrop. In these idyllic settings is brewed a culture that embraces various faiths, co-existing in harmony, and carrying forward the legacy of unity in diversity. 


  • Ray HillsRay hills Mayabander Island is ideal for trekking, water sports, picnicking, elephant rides, and frolicking family getaways. An eco-village, the mangrove creeks, and pristine rivers are perfect spots to enjoy relaxing moments. A plastic-free area, this protected treasure trove of nature, is maintained by the Plantation Development Corporation Ltd.

  • Austin X – Adventure sports and photography enthusiasts can have a whale of a time here. Filled with wildlife, it is common to see deer walking with abandon and freedom here. Trekking trails are galore here, some of them challenging ones – fit for those seeking thrilling sightseeing foot expeditions.

  • Karmatang Beach – One of the sought-after vistas in Mayabunder, notable activities to do here are boat rides and water sports. Also, a turtle nesting area, witness a huge sprawling turtle population, gently investing their time in creating off-springs. Enjoy the scenic views on offer from the shore; lap into the delights of the shallow waters.

  • Avis Island AustinX Beach at Mayabander Island Andaman Islands is unlike no other. Coconut trees, crystal clear waters, and golden sands are distinguishing characteristics of this place. Beachcombing and picnicking in the coconut plantations are activities to engage in. Filling one’s senses with the smells and sounds of a pristine place can have a divine effect.

  • Interview Island – Elephants and amazement of flora and fauna await when visiting Interview Island at Mayabander Island Andaman Islands. Untamed elephants trumpeting in glory, running amok with freedom in the dense jungle, are sights to capture when trekking at Interview Island Mayabander Island Andaman Islands

Importance of choosing the perfect place to stay during a vacation

Mayabunder has multitudes of avenues for relaxation. Each of these places is filled with naturalistic treasure troves of flora and fauna. Depending on the type of activities one wants to focus on, a place of stay can be chosen. 

  • If elephant rides, jungle safaris, trekking, jungle camping, bonfires are something that is a top priority, then choosing a place to stay closer to the wildlife helps. Especially when going on early morning jungle safaris.
  • For those who like beach visits, being close to the shore, enjoying activities such as snorkeling in the shallow waters, can choose a place closer to the beach.
  • A perfect place is one that not only has excellent accommodation facilities but tour advisory, training, food, medical facilities, etc. 
  • The place of stay has to be children-friendly. The ambiance should be clean, relaxing, and non-intrusive. 

Elements to look for in a perfect hotel

Some of the factors to consider before choosing a hotel are as follow:

  • Location
  • Amenities/facilities
  • Accessibility
  • Value for money
  • Testimonials/reviews of the hotel

List of the best hotels and resorts to stay

  • Sea N Sand

Sea N Sand is one of the most beautiful places to stay with warm and hospitable owners and spacious rooms.  The hotel can also help you out with planning your visit to nearby attractions like German Jetty, Karmatang Beach, etc.

  • Blue Bird Resort

The resort, situated near Mangrove Park, is also very close to German Jetty. It offers aesthetically designed rooms with all modern amenities.

  • Hotel Ashna

The place offers exquisitely designed rooms.  The stay is also insured with Acko, so you do not have to stress about anything.  The place is close to Rampur beach and also has a bar.

  • RG Hotel

RG Hotel boasts of hygienic and well-cleaned rooms with ample space to keep your belongings and even walk around.  The place is also wheelchair friendly.

  • Hotel Landfall

You have the option of visiting beaches and old forts, which are located in close vicinity.  The rooms are tastefully decorated with wooden storage space, a dressing table, and a clean and well-maintained washroom.

Most Hotels & Resorts at Mayabander Island Andaman Islands are economically priced. They are ideally located – which means getting to most places of interest from any of these hotels is possible. 

Mayabunder is an ideal place to plan a vacation, either on a personal sightseeing tour of Mayabander Island or with family. Considering the numerous things to do, see, and experience here, it is an excellent place for enjoying a hard-earned vacation! How to reach/go Mayabander Island Andaman islands is never a problem given the excellent connectivity between Mainland India and Port Blair.